Police Report -- October 16, 2008

Published on Thu, Oct 16, 2008
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October 14: A mother called to report an 11-year-old in front of the Boys & Girls Club bit her 12-year-old son. The officers’ investigation showed the two kids were pushing and shoving until one child took the tussle too far and began munching on the victim. Both kids were advised to get an adult to help with their conflicts in the future. Mother of the victim declined to assist police in a referral and prosecution.

October 14: A business employee on 3rd Street found a backpack stashed in the bushes behind their building. The luggage was turned in at the police station for safekeeping and impounded. Officers would like to speak with the pack’s owner, as the only thing in the bag was a big pair of bolt cutters.

October 14: Officers found an open door and dome light illuminated in a car parked in a residential driveway late at night on Drayton Court. The car had been prowled, although no force was used to enter the vehicle. The owner was contacted and verified that nothing had been taken from the car. A suspect was later contacted by investigating officers in the area was identified. Police are investigating.

October 14: While on patrol an officer interrupted what appeared to be a car prowl in progress on Drayton Court. The suspect fled the area. With the help of patrol dog Yoschi a person leaving the area was identified. Officers are investigating.

October 13: A resident on Alder Street asked officers to check the area around his home late at night, after spotting a man walking through his unfenced backyard. Police and Border Patrol agents checked the area. The interloper was not located.

October 13: An officer was dispatched to the 2100 block of Peace Portal, on a trespass complaint of an individual sleeping under an outside stairway. Police located and interviewed the man: he explained that he was homeless, but did not want assistance. An officer asked him to leave the property and he did without incident.

October 13: An officer was dispatched to a residence on H Street on a second hand report that a person had possibly fallen there and ceased breathing. Police arrived to find the resident sitting happily in her kitchen enjoying a cup of coffee, a little perplexed about all the emergency lights outside. Police were not able to determine who had decided to call out the cavalry on her behalf.

October 13: Officers were dispatched to a report that an ex-boyfriend was pounding on the front door of a victims’ house on Runge Avenue. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to convince the man to leave, the 21-year-old was ultimately arrested for obstructing an officer. He was transported to the police station for processing.

October 12: An officer on patrol recognized the girl driving a passing vehicle as someone who was too young to have a driver’s permit. Police stopped the car on Peace Portal Drive, where the 18-year-old passenger explained that he was teaching his 15-year-old friend how to drive. They were both warned about how much trouble could have come of their short lesson. Officers transported the young lady home and waited as she explained to her parents what had happened. She then explained to the police she would almost have rather faced arrest and a judge than her folks. 

October 12: A resident who reported that she had been visiting the Blaine public library when someone took her wallet contacted police. No suspect was identified and the victim is not sure when the wallet was actually taken. It was later found lying on a sidewalk on Peace Portal with everything still inside except for $10 to $15 cash. It was returned to its owner.

October 11: A motorist saw a piece of luggage fly out of a passing black SUV on Portal Way in the county near Birch Bay Square. The bag was collected and was given to an officer at the Blaine police department. The officer attempted to locate the SUV, and instead encountered the bag’s owner at the bus stop at Birch Bay Square. The Jamaican exchange student explained she had been waiting for a bus when her bag containing her clothing and immigration documentation was stolen. Thanks to the alert passerby, officers were able to return the woman’s property. The thieving SUV was not located.

October 10: U.S. Customs and Border protection reported that a U.S. citizen been deported from Canada and released from the custody of Canadian mental health officials. Police officers spoke with the man and found cause to believe that he was a current danger to himself. He was taken into protective custody and taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

October 10: Blaine police stopped a motorist who was driving a vehicle that had its registration suspended. Officers discovered that the driver did not have a driver’s license in his possession, did not have proof of insurance, and had failed to transfer the ownership of the vehicle in addition to driving while his registration was suspended. The 20-year-old Blaine driver was arrested processed at the scene and released with several mandatory court dates and infractions.

October 9: The Blaine Library reported an ongoing problem with juveniles loitering outside and behind their building. The kids have been throwing apples from nearby trees, and running in and out of the front door, disrupting the library and its patrons. Many of the youngsters have been identified and will unfortunately lose their library service privilege if the problem continues. Library staff asked for extra police patrol in the area, and is asking the city to post signage to help deter future problems.