Police Report -- October 09, 2008

Published on Thu, Oct 9, 2008
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October 7: A person was stopped for a traffic violation. During the stop, an officer smelled what he recognized as the odor of marijuana. A subsequent investigation revealed that the driver was in possession of a moderate amount of marijuana and associated paraphernalia. The driver was arrested and released with a criminal citation after processing.

October 7: An anonymous caller reported having been chased by a pack of dogs on two occasions near Canada View and E Street. The owner of two of the dogs has been identified and the case is being forwarded to the Humane Society for investigation and prosecution if needed.

October 6: A vehicle presented for inspection at the Peace Arch port of entry was found to be reportedly stolen. The occupants were detained and Blaine police were called. They investigated and found that the rental car had actually been returned to the company after it was stolen. The rental company had leased the car out again without telling law enforcement about the recovery. The vehicle was removed from law enforcement databases and the motorists continued their journey.

October 5: A Blaine resident received a voicemail from Jimmy, who said he was just getting out of jail and planned to come visit. The resident was a little worried because he didn’t know anyone named Jimmy, and definitely didn’t want to be visited by anyone just being released from custody. He asked for extra patrol in his neighborhood.

October 5: A lady cornered two kids on D Street after catching them with her son’s stolen bicycle. Arriving police officers confirmed that the bike did not belong to the youths. Unfortunately, it did not belong to the eagle-eyed mom either. The youths admitted that they had found the look-alike bike in a ditch along Mitchell Street. They received a warning about taking the long way to the police station to turn in the found property. The correct owner later contacted police and recovered her son’s stolen bike.

October 5: A group renting the community center on G Street reported finding a shed at the facility had been burglarized. Someone had pried the lock off the shed’s door, damaging it beyond repair. The community center is being contacted to see if anything was taken.

October 4: Customs officers at Peace Arch port of entry found that a motorist there had no driver’s license, no insurance, and the car he was driving had a suspended vehicle registration. Blaine police arrived and cited the Renton man by summons for his many violations.

October 4: A Fourth Street resident called police for assistance, fearing his intoxicated girlfriend was going to try to drive. The young lady told officers she had no plans to drive and was going to bed. They made sure she was separated from her car keys for the evening.

October 3: Bellingham police requested assistance in locating a person who had violated a restraining order on several different occasions. Officers located the suspect on A Street in Blaine and arrested him based on Bellingham’s probable cause. The arrestee was transported to the jail and Bellingham police took custody of him.

October 3: Officers responded to a report of a collision of a vehicle and a child in a cross walk in front of the Blaine primary school on Boblett Street. Officers arrived and contacted the victim, driver and witnesses. It appeared that a 7-year-old boy had darted away from his older sister in to the street and ran into the side of a passing car. He was not visibly injured but North Whatcom Fire transported him to the hospital for evaluation. The case is pending.

October 2: The wife of a man who was heading to Blaine after saying that he wanted to commit suicide contacted officers. Officers located and spoke with the husband. He was considering hurting himself and agreed to go voluntarily to the hospital for evaluation. Police transported him to St. Joseph’s hospital.

October 2: Officers responded to an afternoon report of a truck horn honking in a residential area on Eighth Street. They found a truck driver was trying to get the attention of construction workers at customs so they would open the gate for him. The truck driver was delivering construction equipment. He received a warning for improper use of his horn.

October 2: The Blaine primary school called to request a welfare check on a child who has not been attending school. Officers contacted the student and parent. The parent will be contacting the school to explain the absence.

October 2: Business employees observed a man dumping garbage out of his car into their parking lot on H Street. When they asked him to clean up his mess he instead drove away. Police contacted the 49-year-old suspect at his home, where he admitted to the offense. He is being cited by summons for littering.

October 2: A business on Boblett Street near the truck route reported that overnight a vandal had thrown a rock through a large second floor glass window. The damage is estimated at about $150.

October 2: The high school reported catching a student writing graffiti on an exterior wall. School staff will remove the vandalism. The student was suspended from school.

October 2: A D Street resident returned home from work to discover that his house had been burglarized. Property including a flat screen TV was stolen. Officers processed the crime scene and are investigating.

October 1: A resident came to the police station to report that her purse was stolen from a downtown bar the previous evening. Several prescriptions and her identification were in the purse: it has not been recovered.

October 1: School officials reported that a large group of kids has been entering the campus in the evening to stage fights. Officers are investigating the fighting and the trespassing complaint.

October 1: A Birch Bay resident came in to file a report regarding a fraudulent check. The woman had been asked to cash a check by someone she trusted. Unfortunately she discovered the check had been stolen and was assigned to a closed account. Officers have identified the suspect and are investigating.

September 30: Officers were dispatched to a report that a pack of teenagers were yelling profanity and trying to intimidate people passing by on 6th Street. Officers arrived and canvassed the area but could not find the juveniles.

September 30: At the Peace Arch POE, customs officers found a woman was in possession of marihuana and cocaine drug paraphernalia. Blaine police were called and investigated. An officer cited the 22-year-old Renton resident by summons for possession of drug paraphernalia.