Police Report -- October 02, 2008

Published on Thu, Oct 2, 2008
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September 30: Officers responded to the Peace Arch Port of Entry after Canadian authorities intercepted a U.S. stolen car and its occupants. The two suspects had allegedly burglarized a home in Auburn about 1 a.m., stole a car from the victim and fled north with the property. They ran afoul of the Blaine border crossing about 5 a.m. and Blaine officers responded to arrest the pair. Auburn police were notified of the recovery and detention. Blaine officers and Customs officers assisted Auburn with the investigation and arrests.

September 30: A family on Garfield Street called to report that someone had entered their home through a window sometime on September 29 and stole several expensive items. Officers collected evidence at the scene and are investigating. Video games, an X-Box and Play Station console, a Dell laptop and other electronics were taken in the burglary.

September 30: Neighbors reported a disturbance in the 700 block of F Street. Officers arrived and found that a former apartment resident had knocked an entry door completely of its hinges and punched holes in the dry wall inside. The suspect fled prior to officer arrival. A watch for was posted and sheriff’s deputies on Enterprise Road detained the man later in the day. Blaine officers arrested and booked him into jail for the domestic violence related malicious mischief. Estimated damage to the home is $400. 

September 29: A person witnessed a shoplifting incident at an H Street store and called police. Three people were detained and one of them admitted to the shoplifting. The 20-year-old Blaine resident still had some of the stolen merchandise on him. He also had a warrant outstanding for his arrest. He was cited and released for the latest shoplift theft and then booked in to jail on the warrant.

September 29: A resident reported that their daughter’s $100 bicycle had been stolen from their yard on Mary Street sometime during the night. There are no suspects to the taking of the pink mountain bike with pegs on both wheels.

September 29: During routine patrol an officer learned that the registered owner of a car traveling on 6th Street was suspended from driving in Washington. Police contacted the motorist, confirmed the suspension and arrested the Birch Bay resident. She also had a warrant out of Arlington for another driving while suspended violation. She was booked into Whatcom County Jail for the warrant, issued a court date for the new DWLS charge, and a notice of infraction for driving without insurance.

September 29: A steward taking care of a church on G Street reported a thief or vandal had broken the lock off of a storage shed behind the sanctuary. A police officer responded to the scene. The church advised nothing was stolen and the shed’s lock hasp would need new screws. Several garages and tool sheds in the neighborhood have suffered recent thefts.

September 28: Officers responded to an aid call on 4th Street where a person was suffering respiratory distress. Medics initiated CPR and the person was transported to hospital.

September 28: An employee at a business on Boblett Street reported the theft of a $50 bill and two lottery tickets. The employee could not identify the suspect, who was believed to have been an earlier customer. Case closed pending further information. 

September 27: An officer contacted a pedestrian on State Route 543. The walker explained she had been denied entry in to the United States at the Pacific Highway Port of Entry a short time earlier and was returned to Canada. While waiting for a bus at Canadian Customs, she got hungry, so decided to hike into Blaine to grab something to eat. U.S. Border Patrol agents arrived soon after and determined there was no munchie exemption to her inadmissibility.

September 27: A resident on 12th Street reported the theft of a large Honda outboard boat motor from the garage at his home. 

September 26: An officer contacted two people peering into a closed business and asked Border Patrol agents for assistance. The subjects were determined to be in the U.S. illegally and were taken into custody by the agents.

September 26: A resident reported that a TV was stolen from her apartment on Adelia Street. The case is under investigation.

September 26: Middle school officials called a student’s parent and the police when a 13-year-old arrived on the campus too intoxicated to attend morning classes. A report on incident was forwarded to juvenile authorities for review and prosecution. The student was released to upset grandparents. 

September 26: A business owner reported that two power buffers had been stolen from a utility trailer parked by his residence on D Street. 

September 25: A resident on Mitchell Street reported that a relative violated a protection order by entering her home. The man stole some of her belongings and then sold them. Officers are investigating.

September 25: A family called to report that thieves had broken into a tool shed in their backyard on E Street and had stolen a blow torch. The case is under investigation.

September 25: Police stopped a vehicle on Mitchell Street after determining that the registered owner had a suspended drivers license. Officers arrested the driver for driving while license was suspended. During a search of the vehicle the officers found heroin and drug paraphernalia. The 19-year-old Blaine driver was booked into jail on the drug charge.

September 25: A 27-year-old Renton resident was arrested, cited and released at the Peace Arch Port of Entry for possession of less than 40 grams of marijuana. 

September 25: A construction crew reported a theft of about $2,000 worth of tools from their trailer, which was parked at their building site on D Street overnight. The thieves unsuccessfully attempted to steal the trailer itself, then abandoned that plan and broke in to it instead. Damage to the trailer is estimated at about $200.

September 25: A resident called to report the theft of her grandson’s flute from the school campus. The instrument was stolen last spring, but grandson had felt so bad about it he kept the secret all summer. Officers are looking into the matter. 

September 25: A resident called to report an ongoing problem with several disappearing real estate signs. He suspects juveniles are at fault. Patrol officers were notified to keep an eye out for the culprits.