Police Report -- September 11, 2008

Published on Thu, Sep 11, 2008
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September 10: A resident called to report a gas-purchasing card stolen. Officers are investigating.

September 9: Employees at a business on D Street arrived at work to discover a burglary had occurred overnight. Apparently addiction turned felonious when someone used a large rock to break a glass door and steal some beer from a shelf inside. The cost to repair the damage far outstrips the cost of the alcohol. Police are investigating.

September 9: A caller reported a car hauler parked in the middle of Fir Street, unloading vehicles and blocking traffic in violation of signs. The driver was contacted by police and cited.

September 9: Police were dispatched to the 2300 block of Peace Portal Drive where a business owner reported that a man from a B.C. plated car had just stopped to expose himself while urinating in public view. Officers canvassed the area but the suspect had zipped up and zipped away. 

September 9: Officers received an evening report that a car alarm had been sounding off in a residential area for four hours. Officers contacted the residence where the car was parked, and learned that the car’s owner was out of town and no one there had the key to deactivate the alarm. The homeowner had called a relative with some expertise to come fix the problem, and he was due to arrive in a few minutes.

September 9: Police responded to a midnight report of suspicious activity in a parking lot in the 1000 block of H Street. Officers arrived to find a chivalrous gentleman attending to a young woman who had just vomited. The girl said that she was having a bad reaction to some seafood. Further investigation revealed the seafood was swimming in alcohol. The 19-year-old Sumas resident was arrested for being a minor in possession of alcohol, and released to her stalwart boyfriend.

September 8: Blaine school district officials reported that a student on campus was possibly wanted on an arrest warrant. An officer confirmed the warrant, went to the school and arrested the youth. The 14-year-old was booked into the juvenile detention facility on two warrants.

September 8: A president of a company contacted the police in reference to someone possibly using his business name to purchase merchandise from other businesses. As of date, the local business is not at loss for any monies. 

September 8: An anonymous citizen reported a speeding vehicle in an alleyway off B Street. A police officer made contact with the company, which owns the vehicle and informed them of the complaint. A supervisor there advised that the problem would be remedied.

September 8: A resident came in to report a theft of money from his checking account via his debit card. The victim loaned his debit card to an acquaintance to make one purchase of some beer. The suspect kept the card, and apparently took another $202 cash for himself at a later date. The victim cancelled his card and is assisting police in a criminal investigation. Investigating officers are gathering evidence in the case and will be contacting the suspect.

September 8: A resident on Canvasback reported that she thought a commercial vehicle struck and knocked over her mailbox. When the victim called the company that owns the truck, they denied that the incident occurred. Police are investigating to determine if there’s cause to proceed against the company.

September 8: Police responded to a report of an argument in a trailer park parking lot. Those involved were last seen walking away from the park.  Officers were not able to locate the pair.

September 8: Police received a Sunday evening call from a woman reporting two boys throwing water balloons over the Mitchell Street overpass onto the freeway traffic lanes below. An officer arrived quickly but found no one in sight.

September 8: During routine patrol downtown an officer observed two adults in a heated verbal exchange on H Street. Upon contact, the pair explained that they were arguing about the parenting schedule for their child in common. An officer stood by as the couple somewhat calmly came to an agreement, and then cleared when both parties departed.

September 8: A resident on 4th Street reported that a neighborhood canine was running loose in the evenings, dispensing messes in the yards of nearby victim families. The pet owners were contacted and advised of the various Blaine ordinances of which they were in violation. The owners agreed to comply with municipal mores, and the officer cleared without incident.

September 7: While patrolling Peace Portal Drive an officer observed a driver violate several rules of the roadway including driving off roadway, fail to stay right of center, speeding, and throwing a cigarette out the window. Officer stopped the vehicle and allowed the driver to pick up the cigarette to avoid that one thousand dollar citation, but did cite the 19-year-old for speeding and no proof of insurance.

September 7: A resident found a one-or-two-year-old male part pit bull roaming loose around the International Marketplace mall. The dog was turned over to the Humane Society because there was no identification tags on the dog’s collar and officers could not locate his owner.

September 7: A Vancouver resident reported that she and her husband had misplaced their Canadian passports. They had stopped only at one gas station in Blaine since leaving U.S. Customs. A review of the surveillance tapes showed they did not lose the passports at the gas station. U.S. Customs advised they did not have the passports, either. An information report was completed.

September 6: A business on 3rd Street reported a woman loitering in the restroom there at 1 a.m. Upon officer’s arrival, the transient departed.  No crime.  Case closed.

September 6: A 19-year-old girl called police at 4:32 a.m. to complain that a friend of her ex-boyfriend was calling and texting her against her wishes. The communiqués were not threatening, but very unwanted. The calls and text messages stopped when the victim advised the young man that the police had been called.  Case closed.

September 6: Officers responded to a report of a man and woman arguing outside their Martin Street home at 4:40 a.m. Officers contacted the couple and determined that no domestic violence had occurred and they were in a heated non-physical discussion. Faced with the option of being quiet in public or noisy in custody, they chose the former.

September 6: During a contact with a resident on a different incident, the gentleman advised police that his home might have been burglarized.  He showed officers a broken window screen, which they noticed covered a window that was still locked from the inside. Officers took an informational report and pictures of the broken window screen.

September 6: Acting on a tip, officers observed a suspicious person and his vehicle, and upon making contact with the man, discovered that he was driving while impaired by alcohol, and had a suspended Oregon driver’s license. He was arrested and processed for the offenses.

September 5: Officers responded to a verbal domestic dispute between co-habitating relatives. The sister was upset at some of her adult brother’s behaviors. Officers counseled the pair to a peaceful resolution.

September 5: Dispatch reported a non-blocking non-injury traffic collision between two vehicles. An officer arrived at the collision and spoke with the drivers. One admitted to not yielding to the other vehicle.  Police helped the parties exchange information and completed a state collision report.

September 5: Port of Bellingham personnel reported a person was buying crab at Blaine Harbor without a business license. Officer contacted the subject: he did have a state license, but not a city of Blaine business license. He agreed to obtain one immediately.

September 5: A Canadian resident on Zero Avenue called Blaine police to report an A Street resident’s garage band in Blaine was disturbing the peace and serenity of Surrey B.C. The aspiring international musicians were asked to cease and desist.

September 5: A bank official called to report two checks were cashed at a Blaine branch from an account that was later determined to have been closed.  The bank has already filed reports in two other cities in Whatcom County where the same offense was committed by the suspect. Blaine officers are investigating.

September 5: Blaine police responded to a business alarm in the 400 block of Martin Street. Upon arrival the officers found a frantic employee unsuccessfully attempting to enter codes to quiet the din. The lady was confirmed to be an employee, and officers left her to her task of silencing the alarm. 

September 5: Police responded to the 9700 block of Allen Street regarding a loud party. Police made contact with the partygoers and requested that they move their midnight festivities inside. Officer cleared after verbal warning, and no other calls were received.

September 4: An officer was called upon to investigate a violation of a temporary protection order. The suspect was located by police the next day, arrested and booked into jail for the violation.

September 4: Officer responded to a call of a dispute between neighbors on E Street. Officers arrived and found that one neighbor had watered her neighbor’s walkway, back porch and windows. No lasting damage had occurred.

September 4: The owner of a pretty Pomeranian reported to the PD that a dog-at-large had just attacked her pet. Police searched the area but did not find the loose attacker. Vet bills to try to save the injured animal will be in the thousands of dollars. Police and animal control officers continue to investigate.

September 3: Officers responded to a disturbance call in the 600 block of Peace Portal where two subjects were refusing to leave. Police contacted two transients in an alley behind a bar. The older and less wise of the pair was loud, profane and verbally hostile towards everyone in the area. He refused to calm down and was ultimately arrested for disorderly C\conduct. He was released after becoming quiet, polite, and apologetically cooperative.