Police Report -- September 04, 2008

Published on Thu, Sep 4, 2008
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?September 2: An officer stopped a vehicle for speeding on Peace Portal and determined the driver had a suspended drivers license. The 21-year-old Lynden motorist was arrested. She admitted to having marijuana and marijuana pipes in her vehicle. The officer seized the contraband and the driver was processed for 2nd degree DWLS and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

September 1: A parent came to the police department to report the theft of her son’s bicycle. The bike was located at the Blaine school campus. Officers waited for a student to retrieve the bike and took the youth into custody. He claimed his older brother had loaned him the bike. Other family members confirmed the story. The older brother was located and arrested for the theft and vandalism as he had spray painted the bike to hide its identity. He was also taken into custody on outstanding warrants. Officers found that the suspect had an outstanding felony warrant for burglary out of Wenatchee, and a DWLS warrant out of Whatcom County. The 19-year-old Blaine man was arrested and booked into jail on the warrants: the bicycle theft caper was referred to the county prosecutor for review.

August 31: A business employee reported a man came into their store highly intoxicated, then left and climbed into a truck parked outside. Responding officers saw the vehicle leaving the area, witnessed the driver committing traffic violations, and stopped the truck on Sweet Road. The 51-year-old Blaine driver was impaired by alcohol and was arrested.

August 31: Officers contacted U.S. Border Patrol agents regarding a possible undocumented non-resident they had located. The subject was confirmed be illegally in the United States, and arrested.

August 31: Residents on Mitchell Street caught two pre-teen boys breaking into a storage shed and dumping oil on their concrete walkway. Police responded and collected the youths. They also admitted to rifling residential mailboxes a day earlier. A report for burglary, theft, and malicious mischief report was forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for review, and the U.S. Postal Inspector will be notified about the mailbox issue. After processing the culprits were released to their parents, who will be responsible for the damage.

August 31: Officers responded to a call from a Blaine resident that her purse had been stolen form the trunk of her car on 4th Street during church services. Officers searched the area and interviewed local residents. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time and the purse was not recovered.

August 31: Police responded to a report of a possible intoxicated motorist at the Peace Arch Port of Entry. The suspect passed the field sobriety tests, but his driver’s license was suspended. The Toronto, Ontario resident was arrested and cited for DWLS and the vehicle he was driving was impounded. None of the occupants in the car could legally drive, and all were denied entry into the U.S. by CBP because of immigration concerns. 

August 30: Police were summoned to the POE Peace Arch by U.S. Customs agents to investigate state law violations. A motorist there had a suspended driver’s license but did hold a current and valid Vermont marijuana registry ID for the marijuana he possessed. He was shocked to discover his ID card is not valid in Washington. He received misdemeanor citations for the drug charge and the driving offense. AAA towed his vehicle.

August 29: Officers were dispatched to a report of an assault and malicious mischief complaint in the 900 block of Blaine Avenue ,The suspect had left the scene but officers tracked the 49-year-old Blaine man to a Whatcom County location and arrested him.

August 29: Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex on Runge Avenue in response to one juvenile threatening another with a knife and golf club. Officers responded and contacted all parties. The offending 11-year-old was placed under house arrest by an older sibling, and officers are investigating. The case will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review

August 29: A house sitter in Semiahmoo reported a prowler at the house on Snowy Owl Lane, about 45 minutes after the fact. The reporting party advised nothing had been taken. Men’s sized shoe prints were found in the morning dew on the porch.

August 28: Police observed a vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign in the 1800 block of Peace Portal and when the officer attempted to make a traffic stop, the driver bailed out of the car and fled. His two passengers developed selective amnesia and could not remember the driver’s name. Sometime after one of the passengers tried to claim he was the driver, the real driver was located on Yew Ave, suffering various cuts received from blackberry bushes during his cross-country journey. The 27-year-old Blaine man admitted he was the driver who ran the stop sign. Police found he was driving with a license, which was suspended for unpaid tickets. Both driver and passenger were cited for obstruction of a police officer.

August 28: Officers were dispatched to a grocery store where a loss prevention agent had apprehended a shoplifter. Police took custody of the 72-year-old Canadian woman. The woman was cited and released on the scene and she was permanently banned from returning to any store owned by the company. All for stealing two blocks of cheese and vitamins.

August 28: Officers were dispatched to a CPR in progress incident on a fishing vessel after an accident at sea. Canadian Coast Guard transported a U.S. citizen in need of medical aid to the Blaine Marina for medical care. Officers assisted with locating the victim and directing the vessel to the proper location. Whatcom County Sheriff’s office is following up as the medical emergency began in county waters. Officers were cleared after assisting.