Police Report -- August 07, 2008

Published on Thu, Aug 7, 2008
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August 5: A wife reported that her husband had violated a DV no contact order by repeatedly calling her cellular phone during the day. According to the wife, the husband was also intoxicated and thereby in violation of his probation. The Blaine municipal court no contact order was confirmed. The husband was arrested in Ferndale by Blaine police officers, and booked into Whatcom County jail. 

August 5: Officers responded to a call of a forged prescription at a local pharmacy. The suspect was identified by a Washington driver’s license. A case report was completed and the matter was forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

August 5: A vehicle was stopped after a routine license check showed that the registered owner was driving while license suspended. The 49-year-old Blaine driver was identified as the registered owner and was arrested. She was issued a criminal citation and released. The vehicle was released to a licensed driver. Officers cleared without incident.

August 5: A resident reported that her prescription medication had been stolen from her home. The suspect has since been trespassed from the property and has left the area.

August 4: An officer arrested a man for one Blaine municipal court warrant and two Snohomish County district court warrants. The 24-year-old man was booked into Whatcom County Jail for all of the warrants.

August 4: A citizen called to report a recurring problem of thefts from her mailbox on Bayview Avenue The citizen also reported the problem to the U.S. postmaster. Patrol will increase in the area.

August 4: A freeway motorist reported a white car with B.C. plates driving erratically on I-5 northbound entering Blaine. The suspect vehicle reportedly caused other vehicles to swerve off the freeway lanes to avoid a collision. The suspect vehicle exited to Peace Portal Drive: they did not locate it.

August 4: A person reported the special wheels and tires stolen from a car they were in the process of exporting to Canada. The car was being stored unattended downtown at the time and the vehicle was damaged in the process. This occurred sometime over the weekend. Loss valued at almost $5,000.

August 3: Police received an evening report of someone camping at Marine Park. An officer contacted a couple that said they were using the park and planning to contact the city tomorrow about the use. Officers advised the pair they would need to see a permit before using the park in violation of the no camping rules. The couple moved to another location. 

August 1: An upset customer at a fuel station who refused to pay with other means than an unaccepted American Express stormed out of the building. The Canadian resident then decided not to put the fuel nozzle in its proper location when he drove away and ran it over crushing it beyond repair. In his anger, the suspect never pumped any fuel. The manager of the fuel station reports the estimated damage of $200 for the nozzle plus repair costs. 

August 1: While on routine patrol in the 1900 block of H Street and officer observed a male on a small-unregistered motorcycle leave Lincoln Park and drive across H Street to Ludwick Avenue, then turn into the Cost Cutter parking lot. The driver was stopped and it was discovered that the juvenile was DWLS 2nd for unpaid tickets. The juvenile was also in possession of cigarettes and was issued an infraction for possession of tobacco as a minor. The motorcycle was released to its owner and the juvenile was released to his sister who responded to drive him home.

August 1: Officers were notified of a possible DUI driver northbound on Peace Portal from I-5. Officers contacted the driver after he had already parked the car and was walking into his house. The Blaine resident was asked of the incident and stated he had accidentally drove off the roadway and had to recorrect to stay in control. The driver was very cooperative and did not appear intoxicated. Officers contacted the reporting party, thanked them and explained the outcome.