Police Report -- July 17, 2008

Published on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
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July 16: A subject called 911 to report a possible order violation at a home on H Street Road. It was confirmed the order was in place, and the suspect was arrested and booked into Whatcom County jail. 

July 16: Officers responded to the 300 block of Alder regarding a report of a suspicious man there who possibly had a weapon in his possession and was known to be a drug dealer. Officers spoke to all parties and confirmed that the subject was not armed and not a drug dealer, and it was all a case of mistaken identity.

July 15: A person drove away from a local gas station without paying for their fuel. $63 worth of regular unleaded gasoline was taken. A license plate was obtained. The registered owner will be notified of the offense and be given the opportunity to pay for the fuel prior to charges filed. 

July 15: A woman called the police to report that she had been assaulted, but initially did not wish to give her location. Police specialists were able to find out where she was at and police officers went to the Adelia Street home. The lady related that she’d been punched and kicked by another young lady who had been visiting the home where she is staying. The other half and a witness were also interviewed; they gave a different version of events and counter-claimed. Statements were taken all around and referred to the prosecutor’s office for review. Officers investigating learned that the reporting party had an outstanding warrant from Island County. The 22-year-old Blaine resident was arrested on the warrant for driving under the influence.

July 14: Shortly after midnight a woman walking home from downtown was accosted by her husband on Martin Street and suffered a misdemeanor assault. This happened shortly after the pair had argued in a tavern: the woman had left and then discovered her husband had followed her. The husband was located and arrested for DV assault. Officers discovered that the 27-year-old Blaine man also had outstanding warrants from two other agencies, and was booked on those as well. 

July 14: A resident on 16th Street called police to report that her husband had beaten her in their home and then fled on foot. Officers arrived and assisted the victim, who was suffering obvious multiple injuries. North Whatcom Fire & Rescue was called to treat, provide aid, and she was then transported to hospital. Officers searched for the man overnight, and early the next morning located and arrested him. He was booked into Whatcom County jail.

July 14: A business called police to report that their company’s funds held in a bank branch in Blaine were being illegally accessed, and fraudulent checks passed from the account.

July 12: A passerby reported a couple arguing near homes on 16th Street. Police checked the area and could not find people arguing, but through a large house window they did observe a gentleman acting abnormally in plain view. As officers watched, the gent crushed something on the kitchen counter and then started to snort the resulting white powder up his nose through a straw. The surprised man stopped snorting and started madly licking the powdery remnants off the countertop when the officers announced themselves. After licking his last he then explained he had crushed and snorted his prescription pills so he could go to sleep faster. It turned out the pills were prescribed – they just weren’t his.

July 12: Police were dispatched to a mid-afternoon assault in progress at a home on Boblett Street. Arriving officers found a couple in a heated argument in their back yard. The very angry man tried to leave when he spotted police, but was detained. An investigation revealed that the man had pinned his wife against a fence and threatened her with a knife. A friend had tried to intervene to protect the wife, and the husband had grabbed that lady so hard that her shoulder possibly dislocated. Police arrested the suspect and booked him in to jail for felony assault and domestic assault.

July 11: Police stopped a car on for a late night traffic violation on Mitchell Street and discovered the 17-year-old driver had neither a valid drivers license nor identification. He was making up for it by packing a dangerous weapon and alcohol he was not old enough to possess. Officers arrested the driver. After processing he was released to his mom. His black butterfly knife and eight cans of beer were impounded. 

July 11: An officer on patrol observed a car operated by a man whom he knew from many prior contacts had a suspended driver’s license. Before the officer could turn around, the suspect car sped away at a high rate. Apparently the driver believed that he would escape justice if he could just keep from being stopped. That mistaken belief will be corrected when the gentleman next checks his mailbox.

July 11: A caller reported seeing a small fire near Martin Street and Cain Creek in the woods. Arriving officers found a blazing suitcase. Police battled the blaze with an extinguisher until the fire department could arrive to completely saturate the satchel. Responders were not able to identify the owner from the charred remains, and there were no witnesses to the source of the initial ignition.

July 11: Police spotted a pick up truck racing around town in the evening with passengers hanging in the breeze in the back bed. The vehicle was paced traveling in excess of 65 m.p.h. in a 45 m.p.h. zone near Peace Portal and Bell Road. The driver was contacted as he pulled in to his driveway. Officers explained to him that sliding into home plate didn’t mean he was safe. He received a commemorative speeding citation and a warning for negligent driving.

July 11: A 10-year-old boy was reported missing by his two sisters after they became separated at the library. Police found him at the Marine Drive pier, where he was patiently waiting for his sisters to join him for an afternoon swim. He was taken home by officers, reunited with his happy family, and reminded to communicate with his sisters before he leaves them again.

July 11: Officers responded to a 911 hang up. Officers found two neighbors having a verbal disagreement that had escalated in volume to the point where 911 had been dialed. The caller, upon realizing it was not an emergency, had hung up the phone without talking to a dispatcher. Officers contacted the individuals involved and confirmed no one was injured. Both parties agreed to keep their distance. The case is under investigation.

July 11: Two citizens separately came to the office to report excessive noise and diesel fumes coming from a Burlington Northern train for approximately four days. An officer contacted BNSF and was advised that the problem was resolved shortly.

July 11: Police stopped a driver for speeding 50 m.p.h. in a 25 m.p.h. zone on H Street near the truck route. The 46-year-old Birch Bay driver became hostile and uncooperative and started swearing at the officer. Her charm did not save her from receiving a ticket.

July 11: Police received a report that a man entered a bar downtown intoxicated, and refused to leave when asked to do so by employees. An officer contacted the inebriate and convinced him that he and his drunken comments should depart. A friend was called to come down and pour him from the scene.

July 11: A police officer found a man lying on the ground next to his bicycle near Bell and Peace Portal. The cyclist had suffered a medical emergency. Police tended to him and medics were summoned to evaluate him.

July 10: A lady went to a business on Peace Portal for help after being assaulted by her boyfriend. Officers arrived and met with the woman and her boyfriend. They confirmed that an assault had occurred and arrested the 29-year-old boyfriend. He was booked into jail.