Police Report -- June 26, 2008

Published on Thu, Jun 26, 2008
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June 24: Near midnight an officer contacted a motorist for a traffic violation at 3rd and E streets. An investigation revealed that the driver’s Washington driving privilege was suspended, and he was arrested. In a search incident to this arrest, the officer discovered that the man was carrying marihuana, methamphetamine and unlabelled prescription drugs. The drugs were seized and the 42-year-old Blaine resident was booked in to Whatcom County Jail.

June 24: Officers responded to a business in the 2300 block of Peace Portal regarding a hostile subject there causing a disturbance. Upon arrival police found the business owner in a heated disagreement over the company’s inability to accept the customer’s out-of-country check. The 39-year-old Vancouver man refused to comply with instructions from the owner and the police to leave the premises, and he was ultimately arrested for trespassing. He was cited and released, after being warned not to drive as his driving privileges are suspended.

June 23: About 11p.m. residents in the 1300 block of E Street heard shattering glass and discovered two boys about 12-years-old had climbed a fence in to a secured storage area, then used large rocks to smash the windshield of a van parked inside. The owners chased the vandals from the area, searched for them for a half hour, and then called police. Officers patrolled the area but the culprits were long gone by that point. One kid was wearing a gray hoody sweatshirt and the other boy had on a t-shirt. Both had bee seen in the neighborhood earlier in the day. They were last seen running into the area around 14th and D streets.

June 23: Officers assisted the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office by contacting a person at the Pacific Highway Crossing. The 29-year-old Burnaby resident had attempted to enter the U.S. with a personal use amount of marijuana in her possession. The drugs were seized and she was arrested, issued a criminal citation, released and denied entry to the United States.

June 23: Blaine police officers assisted the USBP by stopping a vehicle on I-5, which they were investigating for involvement in the illegal entry of three people into the U.S. Agents for processing took the driver and the occupants into custody. Officers cleared without incident.

June 23: A witness on 9th Street reported that a man was trying to enter the house there in violation of a court issued restraining order. The man fled the area in a vehicle prior to police officers arriving on scene. Officers are searching for the suspect and a report is being prepared for prosecution.

June 23: A resident came to the police station to report the theft of his bicycle. The $400 red Haro brand bike was stolen from the front porch of his house on Martin Street sometime after 11 p.m. Sunday night. The thief cut through the lock securing the bike. A juvenile had been seen in the area the evening of theft. 

June 22: Officers responded to a 10 p.m. report of a suspicious person walking in a residential neighborhood on B Street peering into car windows. Police contacted the visiting 13-year-old Californian, who said he was waiting for new found friends to come give him a ride to Birch Bay. Officers called his bluff, and his parents in California. They were most displeased with their child’s choice of activities and friends. Dad asked officers to transport his son to the police station, where an older sister would pick him up. Relatives from Canada were then sent to Blaine to pick up both kids. The parents will be enroute to Washington state tomorrow to cut short their children’s summer vacation with their uncle before they get into trouble. Police were appreciative of the parents concern for their children, and the parents were thankful for the phone call.

June 21: A woman reported she and her husband were arguing in a parking lot on H Street in Blaine. An officer arrived, separated the parties and listened to their stories. The husband reported that his wife had slapped him during the argument. The woman admitted to the assault. Officer determined the 17-year-old Blaine resident was the primary aggressor, and arrested her for assault 4th degree assault - domestic violence. She was booked into jail.

June 21: A concerned witness reported two teenaged boys being too loud and too obnoxious for 2 a.m., in the 600 block of A Street. Responding officers learned one of the young men had urinated on the public landscaping in front of an apartment building and argued and swore at other tenants. Police located the 19-year-old, found he was under the influence of alcohol, and arrested him. He was processed at the police station.

June 21: Canadian Customs officers intercepted and returned to the U.S. a foreign national who was in possession of several suspicious credit cards. A Blaine police officer met the suspect at the Peace Arch port of entry, investigated, and determined that some of the credit cards were stolen and forged. The 59-year-old man was arrested for the felony violations and booked into jail. Officers are investigating with other state and federal agencies.

June 20: A woman reported that her adult son has taken her car without permission and is possibly driving it around Blaine. The parent is not willing to sign a stolen report at this point, but asked for police assistance in locating and recovering the car if possible. The 22-year-old son has a suspended Washington driver’s license, and will be arrested if found driving his mom’s gray Honda. All police staff was notified. 

June 19: Officers responded to a home on E Street on a disturbance call, after neighbors were alarmed by the quality and quantity of the obscenities emanating from the house. An arriving officer could hear a female screaming and cussing from nearly a half block way. The 28-year-old woman was issued a criminal citation for disorderly conduct. Her boyfriend was interviewed: he’d hidden out in another room and had not suffered physical harm.

June 19: Police responded to a Friday evening report of an intoxicated woman out of control at a home on E Street. Upon arrival officers found an uninjured 15-year-old victim of a domestic violence assault. His angry, uncooperative and very intoxicated mother had attacked him. She had to be physically restrained, and was arrested for DV assault and DV malicious mischief and booked into jail.

June 19: A staffer at a business in the 300 block of Martin Street quit their job, and police were called to referee the resulting High Noon confrontation between boss and now ex-employee. The departed was allowed to gather their personal belongings and was then banned from the property by the owner. Peace returned to the neighborhood and everyone else went back to work. The officer was cleared with no further contact from either party.

June 18: Officers received information that a resident in the 600 block of E Street was selling marijuana to kids. Police investigated and obtained a search warrant for the home. The warrant was executed late Thursday afternoon, and a marijuana grow operation was discovered inside the duplex. Blaine police seized several marijuana plants, firearms, cash and cultivation equipment. The 39-year-old resident was arrested for manufacturing marijuana, distributing marijuana and selling a controlled substance to a juvenile. He was booked into jail. His two teenaged boys denied involvement in the predation of their peers.

June 18: A Blaine business reported an attempted fraud by means of a forged check. A woman in California forged a check with a Blaine company’s account information and had attempted to cash the check at a California bank, claiming she had won a lottery. There was no loss to the business or other financial institutions involved.

June 18: A Blaine resident reported that he was scammed over the Internet on a sale of a diamond ring. The victim was given information on reporting the incident to the Federal Trade Commission’s fraud unit.