Police Report -- June 19, 2008

Published on Thu, Jun 19, 2008
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June 18: A resident came to the police department to report a stolen bicycle from the Blaine middle school. The citizen had not used a lock when parking the bicycle. Officers will look for the Mosh BMX style bike throughout the day. No suspect was identified.

June 17: A person in the 1200 block of Harrison reported that someone had forcibly entered his locked shed and had stolen a weed eater valued at over $200. The exact date of the break in was unknown. There are currently no suspects in this case.

June 17: A resident reported receiving an offensive and threatening phone call from another man. The caller may have been intoxicated and dialed a wrong number: he swore and told the elderly victim he was going “to get him.” The man could not identify the caller and the threats were minimized by the fact that the listener did not have his hearing aids in at the time.

June 17: An officer was dispatched to the 600 block of F Street for the theft of a GPS device from a vehicle. The officer completed a theft report. No suspect has been identified.

June 17: Officers responded to a report that a garbage truck had caught on fire in the 1200 block of Yew Avenue. Upon arriving, North Whatcom Fire and Rescue were already on scene. Officers cleared with no further contact.

June 17: A woman reported that someone entered her car during the night while it was parked in the alley behind her house on Harrison Street. The thief stole keys, a car stereo, SLR camera and a tri-pod. No suspects or witnesses have been identified. The victim is already checking with local second hand stores for her property. 

June 17: Sometime during the night, someone broke a rear window to a ’95 Plymouth Voyager parked in the 1000 block of Adelia Street.

June 17: Officers assisted the WCSO with an investigation of a fatal accident, which occurred just outside of Blaine city limits on Semiahmoo Parkway. Officers assisted with scene security and information gathering. The accident is being investigated by the WCSO.

June 16: A person pumped $113 worth of fuel into his vehicle and did not have funds to pay for it because the business would not accept a bank draft. Arriving officers explained to the person that if he left the property without paying for the fuel he could be arrested for theft. The driver made arrangement to get the cash. The officers cleared the call after the fuel bill was paid. 

June 16: Police responded to a citizen report of people shooting a gun out of a moving vehicle. Officers made contact with the vehicle and its occupants near Mitchell and H streets in a parking lot. The occupants were identified and detained, and a gas charged BB pistol was recovered from the car. The young men involved were aged 16 and 17: they apparently were shooting at street signs and not people. The case is being forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

June 16: Officers were dispatched to the 500 block of 9th Street for a complaint of trespassing. Officers explained to the suspects they were no longer allowed at the residence, and` would be arrested for trespassing if they returned. The suspects stated they understood, gathered their things and left.

June 15: A resident on Blaine Avenue reported that his garage was broken into sometime during the last three weeks. Items taken were valued at $1,550. The suspects forced open a bay door to gain entry to the interior.

June 15: A silver mountain bike with a black and yellow seat was found in the 600 block of 11th Street. The bike was placed in evidence in hopes the owner will come forward to claim it.

June 15: An officer patrolling after midnight observed a man staggering along the roadway and sidewalk on Peace Portal Drive. The officer provided him a courtesy ride toward his residence in Bellingham. The large gent was initially grateful for the ride, but became belligerent as the miles progressed and demanded to be let out of the police car. The officer exited the interstate and left his passenger in a safely lit area as requested.

June 14: Officers responded to a noise complaint and report of possible drug activity at an apartment building in the 400 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers met with the suspect tenant of the party apartment and learned that the gathering had just disbanded. Officers confirmed the festivities had ended and the odor of burnt marijuana was dissipating. No drugs were found.

June 14: A Redmond resident called to report the theft of a used Mercedes Benz axle and two tires from a Blaine storage business on Boblett Street. The approximate loss was $800. There are no suspects and a report was taken for investigation.

June 13: a resident who had two vehicles prowled overnight and two stereos stolen contacted Blaine police. The theft occurred sometime between midnight and 10 a.m. from the 1200 block of Garfield. The owner was able to recover one of the CD players, and after an extensive investigation police identified and arrested an 18-year-old who lives in the same neighborhood for possession of stolen property.

June 12: Police responded to a reported assault at a residence in the 900 block of Cedar Street. Officers arrived and found that a 19-year-old ex-boyfriend who was angry over the end of their relationship attacked an 18-year-old woman. The suspect had thrown a pop bottle at the victim’s head, shoved her into a chest of drawers, slapped her head and bruised her arms. Ultimately the woman tried fleeing out a window before police arrived. The ex denied ever touching the woman: her cuts and bruises indicated otherwise and he was arrested and booked into jail. 

June 11: A person on Runge Avenue reported a neighbor was playing her car’s stereo very loudly. Police entering the area could hear the music from a block away. An officer contacted the adult resident of the boisterous house where the car was parked. She opined she owned the property and could play the music any way she chose. An officer showed her the laws regarding noise and disorderly conduct, and explained the consequences. The owner complied and turned off the music.