Police Report -- June 05, 2008

Published on Thu, Jun 5, 2008
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June 4: A humane society officer requested police assistance regarding a dispute over impounding a dog on Boblett Street. The dog’s owner did not want the dog impounded or neutered, and the dog wasn’t too pleased about it either. In the end, officers kept the peace while a humane society officer impounded the dog. It had been repeatedly gallivanting in the neighborhood impregnating other dogs.

June 4: A motorist reported a dog at large on a city street in the 4000 block of H Street Road. The dog at large was in fact gigantic, white, fluffy, wet, slobbery and friendly, and devoid of ID tags. The dog was hoisted into a patrol car and turned over to the Whatcom County Humane Society.

June 3: Officer stopped a driver who was believed to be suspended and found that he DWLS 3rd and could not provide proof of insurance. The driver also had three outstanding misdemeanor warrants from various law enforcement agencies. The 23-year-old Blaine man was booked on the warrants and processed on the DWLS 3rd and no insurance.

June 3: Officers investigated a two car, non-injury collision in the 2100 block of Bell Road. A driver from Oregon rounded a curve on Bell Road too fast while approaching Hughes, crossed the center of the road and collided with a southbound pickup truck. The damage threshold was met for both vehicles and a state collision report was completed. One driver was issued a citation for failure to keep right of centerline. Their respective drivers drove both vehicles away from the scene.

June 2: A person came to the police department to request a civil stand-by at his residence. Officers accompanied the man to his residence, where he retrieved a bicycle, a battery charger and a duffle bag. The man peddled away with the remains of his relationship without incident.

June 2: Blaine police officers and canine Yoschi searched a vehicle on Yew Street at Pipeline Road after arresting the driver for operating her vehicle with a suspended license. A quantity of drugs believed to be methamphetamine and other controlled substances were found in the car. A passenger in the car claimed ownership of the items. He was arrested for the drugs and for having a concealed weapon. The contraband was seized and the 41-year-old man was booked into jail.

June 2: The manager of a business near Peace Portal and H Street reported that miscreants are discarding garbage in his lot beside the dumpster he had started to keep locked to keep strangers from dumping their garbage in to it. The problem apparently began when a nearby business which generates a lot of packaging refuse started to allow customers to get rid of their excess packing material and boxes. A few names were able to be located on the offending boxes. Littering and stealing dumpster space are both illegal and the rude people involved face fines if the problem continues.

June 2: Officers responded to a report of attempted burglary at a city facility on Semiahmoo Spit. About $200 in property was stolen and another $600 damage done to doors on the premises.

June 1: Officers responded to a 911 call. Upon arriving, they found that a person had been attempting to call the police to respond to a domestic dispute when her took the phone away and threw it in to a wall. The husband had fled the area on foot. He was located a short distance away and arrested for DV malicious mischief and for interfering with the reporting of a domestic dispute. The 58-year-old Blaine man was booked in to jail.

June 1: officers who determined that the registered owner had a suspended driver’s license stopped a vehicle. The driver was contacted, identified as the owner, and arrested for DWLS. A subsequent search of the vehicle led to the discovery of several pills classified as controlled substances. The 25-year-old Bellingham man was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and DWLS. He was booked in to the Whatcom County Jail. The vehicle was impounded.

June 1: While on patrol an officer stopped a vehicle for failure to stop before entering traffic and almost causing a collision. The driver immediately admitted to having a suspended license. The officer confirmed the driver’s assessment and arrested the 37-year-old Blaine man for the violation. He was cited and released on scene.

June 1: Officers responded to a report of a man lying on the side of the road at the corner of H Street and SR543. Upon contact, the man stated he was hitchhiking and fell asleep. He was reminded how unsafe it can be to sleep on the roadway and asked to move top somewhere less disastrous. He was later seen calling for a cab ride to Bellingham.

June 1: An officer responded to the truck stop to take a report of a hit and run with property damage. The victim reported that someone had backed into his semi truck while he was away and caused minor damage. The suspect driver did not notify anyone of the mishap and left the scene. The victim estimates about $500 damage was done to his tractor.

May 31: Dispatch reported that fire units were enroute to a report of a garbage dumpster on fire on Mary Avenue. Officers arrived and found the report quite accurate. Police cleared a perimeter until firefighters could respond and extinguish the blaze. Neighbors in the area had no information about how the dumpster ignited.

May 31: Officers investigated a verbal argument between two adult brothers at a residence on Vista. The sober brother was trying to help his intoxicated brother, who’d broken the house rules with his insobriety. The inebriate was asked not to return to the residence and was looking for a ride to Bellingham to stay with friends when last contacted. 

May 31: While on routine patrol an officer stopped a motorcycle for a stop sign violation and discovered the driver was a juvenile under the legal age to have a license. The youngster explained he had researched on the web and thought he was allowed to drive a small bike without a permit. He was praised for his incentive and apprised of the sections of law his research had failed to uncover. He was allowed to walk his motorcycle home with a warning list of all the violations he had committed and an understanding to keep the bike parked until he’s old enough.

May 31: Officers were advised of a gas drive off at a business in the 1300 block of Boblett. The business reported that a truck driver fueled his semi with $110.01 worth of diesel fuel and drove off without paying. No license number was obtained. A description of the truck was given to Washington State Patrol as the vehicle was last seen heading southbound from the gas station. An officer later located and contacted the owner of the trucking company involved and the bill was paid.

May 31: A couple who is in the beginnings of a divorce had a verbal argument that lead to the husband taking the phone and keeping the wife from calling for help. The wife called to report the incident after the husband left the home. Officers searched for the husband but were unable to locate him. The wife advised officers she would be finding a safer place to stay for the interim. The investigation continues. The case is pending upon location of suspect.

May 30: While on patrol an officer saw a geyser erupting from a utility vault near truck customs. Public Works was notified and I’d the problem as a malfunctioning irrigation system at the port of entry. GSA shut the system down for the evening to let the landscaping float back in to place.

May 30: After school an 11-year-old reported being threatened by two older teenagers. Police arrived and interviewed the victim at their home. The victim recognized one of the two suspects. Officers are investigating and forwarding a complaint to the prosecutor for review. 

May 30: Officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Marine Drive regarding a road rage incident that had occurred in the 500 block of Peace Portal. The victim followed the suspect to Marine Drive and called the police. Victim identified the car but was unable to locate the driver. Attempts were made to make contact at the suspect’s home, but were unsuccessful. The victim states she had been almost run down by the suspect in her vehicle. The investigation continues.

May 30: A resident contacted the police regarding damage done to his boat while it was docked at the Blaine Marina. Damage to the fiberglass mast was estimated to be over $1,000. No suspects are known at this time.

May 30: Officers were dispatched to the 400 block of F Street on a report of the theft of a riding lawn mower from a back yard there valued at $700. The owner of the older John Deere said the mower is usually locked up in the garage, but had been left out over night. Upon waking in the morning, he discovered the mower was missing and the back gate to the yard was open. No suspects have been identified.

May 29: Officers were dispatched to a neighbor dispute involving kids whose argument over name-calling and squirt gunning was up scaled to adult proportions by the arrival of their parents. Officers asked all parties to set a good example by separating from the street of battle to cool off.

May 29: A man and woman reported the theft of a delivered computer from the porch of their home on Boblett Street. The computer had been dropped off by a delivery service and stolen before the resident could pick it up. Officers spoke with neighbors on all side of the victim’s home and are investigating.

May 29: A resident called with concerns about two puppies on Garfield Street, which were tied up outside a house, and barking daily for extended periods of time. The dogs’ owner was notified of the complaint and warned about the disturbance issue and the need to properly care for the animals. A copy of the report was forwarded to Whatcom County Humane Society.

May 29: Officers responded to the Blaine middle school regarding a misdemeanor assault. A parent wanted to report that his 13-year-old son had been struck on the forehead with an empty, plastic bottle wielded by another student. The strike left a temporary swelling on the victim’s forehead. Police are investigating to determine if a prosecution is desired or warranted. The case is pending.

May 29: A resident on F Street came into the police to report the theft of jewelry from her home. The woman has spoke with people who had access to the jewelry and all denied being involved in the taking, but there were also no signs of unlawful entry to the house. Police are investigating further and will be speaking with the people that were in the home before the ring went missing.
The case is under investigation.

May 29: An anonymous person called to report a black and white cat had been struck by a car and killed on Mitchell Street. Officers located the deceased: it bore no tags so they were unable to notify its owner. Police talked to neighbors but none knew the kitty’s identity. Officers disposed of the deceased.

May 28: An officer was dispatched to contact a woman who reported she was just assaulted and was waiting at a gas station on Peace Portal Drive. Police contacted the victim and learned the incident had occurred on I-5 south of Blaine. Officers contacted WSP to handle the complaint and assisted with the investigation. They found that no assault took place, but the complainant’s boyfriend was arrested and booked into jail on an outstanding warrant.

May 28: Officers were called to a Blaine school regarding a juvenile who was out of control. Officers responded and found the report was accurate: the 10-year-old child had to be restrained by faculty after losing control. Officers were able to calm the youngster down and contacted his mother. Mom was able to gain his cooperation for the interim. Student will be suspended for his behavior.

May 28: Officers responded to the 200 block of Marine Drive regarding a man who was causing a disturbance there. Upon arrival police located the man having a picnic on the lawn. He was asked to leave the property and not return at the Port of Bellingham’s request. He departed willingly after denying that he had caused any disturbance.

May 28: Person reported she was driving north on I-5 and when she went under an overpass in Blaine she noticed a teenage boy throw a golf ball off the over pass. The ball struck the top of her car, denting it. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

May 28: A resident on 4th Street reported she had rented part of the trailer she was living in to two other women for the past few months. The tenants had not paid rent and have done several other things to warrant their eviction. Officers recommended the resident study the landlord tenant laws as it required specific steps to legally remove a tenant, and that the matter involved civil rather than criminal law.

May 28: Officers were dispatched to a report of a domestic dispute in progress in the 200 block of 4th Street. On arrival officers found the call was a landlord tenant dispute. Officer stood by while two female tenants moved out voluntarily.

May 28: Blaine municipal court requested an officer to take an individual into custody from a court hearing. A 52-year-old Blaine resident was taken into custody and transported to jail per judge’s order.

May 28: A business reported suspicious activity in the early morning hours in their rear storage area on Natures Path Way. Security cameras had recorded a suspect vehicle in an area where the public is not authorized. Officers have a description of the vehicle from the tape and are investigating and extra patrol will be given.