Police Report -- May 22, 2008

Published on Thu, May 22, 2008
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May 21: Officer was dispatched to a vandalism call on Sigurdson Avenue at Blaine marina. Officers responded and found someone had used a can of bright orange spray paint to damage surfaces on the pier there. It will take several hours of hard work to repair the damage. 

May 20: Officers responded to a report of an odor of marijuana coming from an apartment on A Street. They contacted the residence, confirmed the odor of burning marijuana and provided an 18-year-old his second possession of marijuana arrest citation of the week. The arrestee was released with a mandatory court appearance date. The personal-use amount of pot was impounded.

May 20: Officers received a report of someone having damaged the side of a shed next to a house in the 500 block of E Street. Officers checked the building and found that a vandal had kicked in a side panel on the door. The owner will be contacted so the shed can be secured.

May 20: Police investigated an unattended death at a residence on Peace Portal Drive. An adult man had passed away overnight. Officers assisted with notification of the next of kin.

May 20: Officers responded to a call from the Blaine middle school to look for a truant juvenile. Officers checked the child’s residence on F Street but did not find anyone home. Police then contacted the parent of the juvenile. She said she did not know where her 13-year-old was at or where she might be found. Police are continuing to look for her.

May 19: A business reported an attempted theft of candy bars. The store employee and the security system video camera identified the suspect. Officers contacted the man at his residence and cited him for shoplifting after he admitted to the taking.

May 19: A realtor reported damage to a garage on a client’s property on E Street. Someone had broken out a thin, very old/weathered, wooden panel on a garage door. No suspects or witnesses have been identified in the matter. Damage was estimated at about $10. Case closed.

May 19: A man reporting the theft of a firearm from his home sometime in the past eight months contacted officers. The firearm was stored in a locked cabinet and the owner made several searches of the house to make sure it was not misplaced. There are no witnesses or suspects identified at this time. The owner is now looking for a serial number, make and model of the missing handgun.

May 18: An anonymous caller reported that the stench of burning marijuana was wafting from a neighbor’s apartment into her child’s bedroom on A Street. Investigating officers followed their noses and contacted a nearby 18-year-old who was smoking marijuana in his own bedroom. They confiscated his marijuana pipe and a personal use amount of drug, and arrested him for the possession offenses.

May 17: Officers were dispatched to an audible alarm at the Boys and Girls Club. An employee from the senior center next door was trying to locate the newspaper and, yes, had a senior moment and forgot about the alarm. Officers made sure the building was secure and cleared with no further incident.

May 16: Dispatch reported an audible residential alarm in Semiahmoo. Officers responded to find that the homeowner’s friend had failed to properly disable the alarm when he arrived, and was blithely bathing his motorcycle in the driveway. Officers confirmed he had permission to putter, and will be forwarding a false alarm notification to the owner.

May 16: Officers responded to reports of a large piece of debris laying on southbound I-5 south of the truck route. Police were enroute to remove the truck bed liner when the call was upgraded to a non-reportable collision between two vehicles. A gentleman from Richmond, B.C. had braked to avoid hitting the debris and was rear ended by another gentleman from Richmond, B.C. An informational collision report was completed for the drivers, and WSP/DOT were advised that the liner was moved to the median. 

May 15: A gas station owner on Peace Portal Drive reported to police that a motorist pumped 16 gallons of supreme unleaded gasoline valued at $68.21 into his Volvo and then left without paying. The security camera footage of the vehicle and license plate allowed officers to identify the customer. Police have sent the customer a letter requesting contact and are awaiting a response.

May 15: Police responded to a 911 call of a fight in progress at an apartment on Alder Street. Officers contacted a 28-year-old woman in the apartment who had been having a yelling match with her mother by telephone. Her problem with authority apparently extended beyond her parents, as police arrested her for three warrants out of Snohomish County, King County and Everett police department. The woman was booked into jail and one of her friends took temporary custody of her young daughter. Police cleared, and calm returned to the area.

May 15: Blaine schools reported that the juvenile court had ordered a 13-year-old girl to attend classes, but she was ignoring the order. An officer checked the girl’s residence but found no one was home. The school was advised.

May 14: A business called police to report a possibly intoxicated man had just climbed into a car parked nearby. An officer contacted the man in his vehicle, which was illegally parked in a handicapped stall in the 200 block of Marine Drive. Voluntary intoxication not being a protected handicap, the driver was arrested for physical control of a motor vehicle while impaired, and for the handicapped parking violation as well. The 52-year-old Blaine man was booked into jail for his criminal offense. Skagit County sheriff office declined to confirm a warrant, which they hold for the arrestee for, hit and run of an attended vehicle. Case closed.

May 14: A Blaine high school student brought an MP3 player on campus, in violation of school rules. The music player, valued at $225, was stolen – the very problem the high school enacted the rule to prevent. School officials handled the matter administratively on both fronts and recovered the device for its owner. The victim asked that police not pursue a criminal prosecution for the theft against the 15-year-old who took it. Case closed. 

May 14: Ferndale police asked Blaine officers to check a motel room for three runaways from Ferndale. The trio were possibly meeting a boy from Blaine who himself had a felony warrant for his arrest through Whatcom juvenile court. An officer contacted the motel and found the Blaine boy’s mother there. She lamented that none of the kids were there and that her teenager was also a runaway. Ferndale police were advised.