Police Report -- April 24, 2008

Published on Thu, Apr 24, 2008
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April 22: The manager of a motel on D Street contacted the police department to report that two vehicles appeared to have been abandoned in the parking lot there. A registration check revealed that one of the vehicles had been reported stolen from the state of Florida about a week earlier. Blaine police and the reporting sheriff’s department impounded the vehicle and the registered owners were notified of the recovery.

April 22: Officers initiated an investigation upon receiving a trespass complaint from a resident on Boblett Street. A homeowner there found evidence that someone had been moving items in their yard in order to commit voyeurism. Extra patrol will be provided.

April 21: A resident reported that her bicycle had been stolen after she left it unattended in her front yard on 4th Street for a couple hours. There are no suspects in the taking of the blue BMX bicycle.

April 21: A person called to plead for help in silencing an alto chorus of small barking dogs in a Boblett Street neighborhood. An officer contacted the owner of the canine chorus. He agreed to muzzle the music for the night and apologized.

April 21: A citizen called to report finding a dog trapped inside a kennel which had been left outside with no food or water at a home on D Street. Officers responded to the neighborhood and contacted the pet owner who agreed to take his canine inside.

April 21: A Blaine resident contacted the police to report that his former spouse had taken his truck without his permission. At his request officers unsuccessfully tried to contact the lady to get the truck returned. The owner of truck does not want to file a stolen vehicle report yet.

April 20: An older gent who parted company with his ex-wife realized too late that she’d attempted to get the last laugh by sneaking his debit card out of his wallet. He discovered the trick only after fueling his car and finding he had no money, and no way to get any. When police contacted him, the man was going to sleep in his vehicle at the gas station until either family or friends paid the bill, or until his bank opened up Monday morning. To help out, an officer contacted the gentleman’s son in Oregon. The relative contacted the service station and paid the debt. Another family member from Canada was dispatched to make arrangements for a motel room until the family crisis is resolved.

April 20: Officers responded to a business 1300 block of Boblett Avenue to contact a man who had attempted to pass counterfeit U.S. money. Officers interviewed the customer and collected the fake currency for evidence and forwarding to the U.S. Secret Service. The possessor claimed that he had just received the bad $50 bill from his bank, and was unaware of its illicit upbringing.

April 20: Police were dispatched to the 300 block of D Street to meet a suicidal woman who needed assistance. Upon arriving officers found that the lady was willing to go to hospital. She was with a friend who arranged to take her to the medical facility for evaluation and treatment.

April 20: An officer stopped a suspicious vehicle in the 700 block of Harrison Avenue. The driver did not have a license, and his 19-year-old Blaine resident passenger admitted to having marijuana in his possession. The person with the marijuana was issued a criminal citation and released. The driver was given a warning and the vehicle was driven away by the validly licensed registered owner

April 20: A young lady contacted police to report that her bike had been stolen “a few weeks ago.” The blue Quest 15-speed bicycle was last seen in the 900 block of H Street. 

April 20: A resident reported having problems with a juvenile daughter. Officers investigated and determined that a domestic violence incident had occurred in the home. A 61-year-old Lynden man was arrested for DV assault 4th degree and booked into jail. Injuries to both parties were minor.

April 20: Police responded to a 5 a.m. report of a reckless driver in the area of Alder and 3rd streets. Officers located the car and driver. The suspect appeared intoxicated and had a suspended driver’s license. The 24-year-old Blaine man was arrested, processed and released with a mandatory court date.

April 19: Blaine police were dispatched to the 2500 block of Peace Portal regarding an anonymous report of a vehicle backed up to the front door of a closed business late at night. Officers arrived and investigated. They found three adults in the area who had apparently planned to make a drug purchase. One man was found to have an outstanding felony warrant for escape from community custody in Bellingham. The 41-year-old transient was placed under arrest and transported to Whatcom County Jail for booking.