Police Report -- April 03, 2008

Published on Thu, Apr 3, 2008
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April 1: Officers responded to the 200 block of 9th Street for a physical altercation between a landlord and tenant. The dispute was over money owed to the landlord. During the altercation the landlord grabbed the tenants arm to take the phone away from her as she was trying to call 911. Officers cited and released the landlord with a court date. The report will be sent off to the prosecutor.

April 1: Officers responded to a residence on Wood Duck Way in Semiahmoo for a dispute between a contractor and homeowner for money still owed. The dispute turned into yelling match, which resulted in an accused assault on the contractor. Officer took statements from all parties and will forward the information to the prosecutor. The homeowner agreed to pay the balance next week.

April 1: The sheriff’s office requested mutual aid for an armed robbery at a business in Birch Bay Square. Officers responded and provided deputies with support.

April 1: School officials called to report two boys smoking marijuana on campus out of a pop bottle. An officer arrived and arrested the two juveniles for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The arrestees were released to their parents.

April 1: Officer came across a minor collision between two vehicles in front of the elementary school. Officer took down both drivers information for a collision report. Officer determined one of the drivers had a suspended drivers license. The driver was arrested for DWLS 3rd and also cited for following to close and failure to show proof of insurance.

March 31: Officers were asked to assist WSP with a subject who was hitchhiking on the I-5 south bound. Officers contacted the man at MP 270. He had two misdemeanor warrants through Island County District Court. Officers arrested the man and booked him into WCSO for the warrants. A locate was sent to Island County Sheriff Office. Case closed.

March 31: A resident reported that some one had scratched racial slurs on her vehicle while it was parked at her home. Crude swastikas were carved in to the top of her garbage cans as well. In addition to the racial slurs, scratches were found on the hood and passenger side of her vehicle. Frequent patrol was requested and will be provided, and officers are investigating the serious offense.

March 31: Officers were contacted by a concerned citizen about a possible break in at their residence on 5th Street. The resident would like officers to drive by her house at night to keep an eye out. 

March 30: Blaine officers stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation and found indications that the driver might be in the area to conduct illegal border activity. Border Patrol agents were advised of the incident. Shortly afterwards the agents recontacted the vehicle and arrested a person inside who had just sneaked across the border into the U.S. on foot. 

March 29: Officers were dispatched to a Bell Road business to contact an intimate couple in the parking lot there. Employees and customers had grown weary of the pairs’ hour-long osculatory oscillations. Officers asked the couple to find a more comfortable and less visible location for remainder of their visit together.

March 29: Blaine officers responded to a report of an overturned semi tractor and loaded trailer on the southbound onramp to I-5 at the truck route. The driver self-extricated into the arms of medic personnel and state troopers. Officers provided traffic control until Department of Transportation crews could arrive and establish a detour. Traffic was rerouted for several hours until the rig was righted and the onramp reopened.

March 28: A student at Blaine high school reported a theft of his silver colored Sony PSP (a handheld electronic game worth about $200). The teen had set the gizmo down for a couple of seconds to pack his school bag and some dimwitted quick-fingered cretin stole the device.

March 28: A citizen reported finding a wheelchair abandoned in the middle of the 700 block of F Street. The broken chair may be related to a recent burglary a few blocks away. Officers impounded the chair and are investigating. (Not a possible getaway vehicle).

March 28: Police were dispatched to a report that a man was sitting in front of an apartment on 15th Street, apparently yelling in an attempt to get the resident’s attention. Officers investigated and located the gentleman several blocks away. He explained he was trying to return a movie to the homeowner. Police learned that the homeowner did not want further contact with the person, and that revelation was passed on to the now former visitor.

March 27: The Blaine middle school reported that three middle school boys were truant. One of the kids was picked up by his mother and returned to the school, and the other 12-year-olds were still at-large. Officers were searching for the youths when they were interrupted by a report of smoke emminating from a shed near a home on C Street. The genius truants had started a fire with a spray paint can and lighter in the outbuilding, and were still hiding inside when police arrived. They were evacuated from the smoking building, arrested for trespassing and reckless burning, and released to their guardians after processing. A pot pipe was also impounded.

March 27: Blaine officers responded to a Thursday evening report of an auto vs. pedestrian collision on I-5 north of the Peace Arch Port of Entry. A 12-year-old girl had been bounding across the freeway lanes on her way to the state park restrooms and ran right in front of a northbound car. Fortunately the car’s driver from Point Roberts was prudently traveling very slowly through the Peace Arch area, so the West Vancouver girls’ injuries were very minor. 

March 27: A citizen reported a bicycle abandoned near their house on B Street. An officer went to the residence and impounded the red and chrome colored bike for safekeeping.

March 27: A citizen on Elm Street asked for police assistance with a problem involving a neighbor who has been committing theft of services by using her garbage dumpster. Officers are investigating.

March 26: A woman contacted the police department to report the unauthorized use of her credit card. The card was used to purchase a number of items via the internet. The matter involved instate commerce and was referred to the FBI and the bank’s loss prevention department. The resident’s bank has assumed liability for the loss.

March 25: A resident on F Street reported a very old blind crippled raccoon laying in his yard, in pain and dying. An officer responded, determined the animal was irretrievably compromised, and euthanized it. The department is reviewing options to ensure that these incidents are handled as safely and humanely as practicable.

-Blaine Police Department