Police Report -- March 13, 2008

Published on Thu, Mar 13, 2008
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March 11: Blaine officers provided a perimeter for Border Patrol agents while they searched for a man who fled from them in a neighborhood near Peace Arch Park. The subject was located and arrested by border patrol.

March 11: A Blaine elementary school official called to report a little dog had followed a little girl to school and decided to join her in class. A police officer was dispatched to join the impromptu show and tell and to rescue the puppy from all his adoring new fans.  Police could not locate the dog’s owner, and the little guy was released to the capable hands at Whatcom Humane Society.

March 10: A restaurant employee called the police department when a customer began choking on food. Officers responded while police specialist notified 911 to ask for emergency medical assistance. The victim had cleared most of his airway by the time officers arrived a couple of minutes later. Police monitored the man’s breathing until medics arrived.

March 10: While on patrol a police officer noticed an individual walking south along the railway tracks near Hughes Avenue. The officer did not recognize the man but did know that railway property is no trespassing. Upon contact, the man admitted that he had snuck into the United States without bothering to speak with border officials.  Trespassing on the railroad became the least of the man’s problems upon the arrival of U.S. Border Patrol agents.

March 10: Officers assisted the Snohomish County sheriff’s office by attempting to locate a person in the Blaine area wanted on a felony warrant.  Officers were able to determine that the person is apparently hiding out as a patient at Western State Hospital and no longer resides in Blaine. 

March 10: A citizen reported a problem in her neighborhood on Bayview Avenue, where an uncovered compost pile that has begun attracting vermin.  The complaint was forwarded to the building and codes department for follow up.

March 10: Officers received a complaint of a small gray car driven recklessly in an alley near Mitchell and Cherry streets.  The called did not have time to speak with officers to assist in a prosecution. Officers contacted a household of teenagers concerning their driving. They promised to spread the word to slow down.

March 10: Blaine police were contacted by a the friend of a woman who reportedly said that she was going to jump off a pier because she was depressed about her boyfriend being arrested. Officers located the woman.  She was upset but denied having made any self-destructive statements.  Her roommate agreed to keep the lady company for the evening.

March 9: It turns out that Big Brother isn’t always watching after all.  Monday afternoon officers received a report of an unattended toddler running down the middle of Mitchell Street.  An alert resident captured the tiny runaway.  Officers arrived at the same time as the frantic mother.  The 18-month-old had been left to play with his 10-year-old brother in the yard while mom prepared dinner.  No one was hurt and the child went home with his mother to have a chat with the sibling.

March 9: A woman in the 200 block of 4th Street reported that her boyfriend had assaulted her.  Officers arrived and after an investigation, they arrested the 19-year-old live-in boyfriend for domestic violence assault, and booked him in to the Whatcom County Jail.

March 9: Blaine police was advised by customs that a driver who was under the influence of alcohol had arrived at the Peace Arch Point of Entry. The subject failed sobriety testing and was placed under arrest for DUI. The 40-year-old Bellevue resident was released with a court date.

March 8: Blaine police assisted U.S. Border Patrol officers at the Peace Arch State Park working information that four U.S. citizens who had entered the United States via the park. Alcoholic beverages were located in their vehicle after a dog search for narcotics. One subject admitted the alcohol had been purchased in Canada and belonged to him exclusively. The 18-year-old Everett teen was arrested for possession of alcohol by a minor and released with a mandatory court date.

March 8: A resident on Mitchell Street reported that her neighbor frequently goes outside into his yard and makes rude gestures at her.  Officers spoke to the neighbor, who advised that he himself was pretty upset at his neighbor always stares at him out her windows every time he goes outside.  He said he was very tired of the constant spying on his activities, but he denied making any rude gestures.  Between them the two have over 100 years of life experience, and hopefully they can work out a truce. However they might have to settle for mutual anti-harassment orders.

March 8: Officers investigating a rash of car prowls contacted a resident on Peace Arch Court to advise him that they had been the victim of a car prowl. The homeowner’s car had been targeted because it was left unlocked, and youths stole change and gum after rifling through the vehicle. The teenagers responsible were arrested for the crime.

March 8: A citizen reported a door had been forced open at the vacant railway station building at the foot of F Street and some windows there had been broken. Officers notified the building’s owner and searched the structure. No one and nothing of evidentiary value was found inside, and there was no other damage. Building and codes was advised.

March 8: A resident on 9th Street reported that someone had entered their unlocked vehicles overnight, and browsed through the cars’ contents and stole property including the victim’s purse. A trail of receipts and other papers from inside the purse led the victim down the street to her purse and wallet, which had been thrown under a nearby camper trailer. The victim recovered most of her belongings except a Visa card and a debit card. Police officers investigated and arrested the responsible teenagers, and booked them into juvenile detention. The stolen credit cards were recovered.

March 8: A resident on C Street called police shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday morning and reported he saw people getting into his vehicle, so he chased after them.  One suspect was found hiding underneath a vehicle and questioned. Officers later located the other two suspects. The teenagers confessed to entering 18 unlocked vehicles across the neighborhood overnight, and to stealing property from several of them. The investigating officers recovered much of the property.  The three suspects also confessed to going into an unlocked house overnight: they fled that scene upon being caught by the owner

March 8: A resident on 9th Street reported they had caught a young man entering their unlocked home uninvited at 2 a.m.  When the homeowner confronted the prowler he ran outside. A subject was found in the area, who later confessed to illegal entry.

March 7: Police responded with Border Patrol assistance to check a suspicious young girl had snuck onto a neighbor’s property and taken a package that was not addressed to her. The package had been mailed to and left at the doorstep of an unoccupied house.  A neighbor, who will hold it until the property owner can claim it, recovered the package. The owner will be asked to refrain from mailing packages to the empty house because it attracts crime. The suspect in the tampering was identified. Police are investigating.

March 7: A resident called police to report he had found a clear plastic sandwich bag that appeared to contain marijuana in his front yard. There are no suspects in the possession and abandonment of the small personal use amount of drugs, which were destroyed.

March 7: One corner of a love/friendship triangle called police when the same sex geometrically opposed other corner followed her to work and yelled at her there.  Officers attempted to locate the suspect corner without success. All the angles may add up to an anti-harassment order.

March 7: A citizen reported nearly being struck in a crosswalk at 3rd and H streets and complained about frequent fail to stop violations there. Officers were in the area and contacted several violators.

March 6: A complainant on F Street reported her neighbor is putting trash on her front porch with a note requesting she pick up her trash, but the trash does not belong to the complainant.  Officers spoke with the neighbor, who said she found the trash in the complainant’s front yard, so she collected it and put it on the complainant’s front porch before it could escape the yard and spoil the rest of the neighborhood.  In the future, rather than picking up the loose garbage, the neighbor will just call the police.

March 5: Officers were dispatched to contact a resident in the 600 block of E Street, regarding her home being vandalized by people throwing food onto her property. In the case at hand a banana was squished on her porch, but in past instances she said that other food and trash had been thrown on her property.  Officers contacted neighbors in the area who could not offer any information about who was doing the vandalism, or why.

-Blaine Police Department