Police Report -- March 06, 2008

Published on Thu, Mar 6, 2008
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March 4: U.S. Customs officers at the Peace Arch called police. They had encountered a motorist who arrived from Canada driving on a suspended California driver’s license. The 31-year-old west B.C. resident was arrested, processed, given a mandatory court date and released. His vehicle was driven away by a licensed driver.

March 4: The Blaine police K9 team was called to assist Lynden police officers who were searching for a suspect wanted for domestic violence assault. A short track led officers to an alleyway. Yoschi began a track, which lead towards the suspect, who was hiding on River View Road. The man saw officers and the dog team coming towards him. He decided he did not want to receive Yoschi’s full and personal attention, so he stepped out from hiding to reveal himself and surrender to officers. Three helpful local boys also saw the suspect step out and yelled to the officers to make sure he’d been spotted. A Lynden officer took the suspect into custody without incident. Yoschi and the boys were thanked and Blaine’s K9 team left the area when the suspect was safely in custody.

March 4: A driver was stopped on Martin Street after an officer observed the vehicle swerving over the center line on Peace Portal. The driver stated he was just adjusting his radio and talking to his friend, did not realize he was swerving, and apologized. He was even more sorry when the officer discovered the driver had a suspended Washington driver’s license. The 24-year-old Blaine man was arrested for DWLS. He was issued a citation and released. The vehicle was parked safely off of the roadway and not impounded.

March 4: Dispatch reported medic units were enroute to the food bank, where a person was in distress. Officer arrived and assisted the man until the fire units arrived. Fire department personal treated the subject and transported him to hospital.

March 3: Police were dispatched to an intrusion alarm at a business in the 2500 block of Peace Portal at Bell Road. On arrival two minutes later they found the front glass door smashed in. A burglar had thrown a large rock through the door, clambered in and hastily made off with a little cash in his vehicle. Investigators and the business owner found that the crime and the suspect’s image were captured on the store’s security camera system. Police are working to capture the thieving body that goes with the face. The damage done was much more costly than the loss of the money.

March 3: Police were notified of a suspicious vehicle parked in a closed business in the 400 block of 8th Street. Police checked the vehicle and found it unoccupied. Checks on the vehicle revealed it not to be stolen. Officers contacted the registered owner and learned the car was being driven by a daughter. Mom is trying to contact her to have her move the vehicle from the closed business’ parking lot.

March 3: A citizen reported fire extinguishers were stolen from an occupied building near 4th and H streets. Officers believed the crime was related to similar thefts from other apartment complexes. Investigating officers identified the young vandals responsible for the rash of extinguisher thefts from apartment buildings and motels, and recovered almost all of the devices. The boys were each arrested, processed and turned over to their parents. The families are now awaiting subpoenas from juvenile court and the bills for repairing all the extinguishers. Fortunately no fires or injuries resulted from the boys’ ill-planned mutual flocking.

March 3: Blaine police officers are investigating a car pedestrian collision which occurred on the truck route, SR 543 at the H Street intersection at about 11 a.m. Monday, March 3. Initial indications are that a man in his 60s was struck as he walked slowly westbound across the truck route in the crosswalk along the south side of the intersection. Although it was raining at the time the man was wearing bright clothing. He was struck by a passenger car, which was southbound on SR 543, driven by a Canadian motorist from B.C. Witnesses at the scene reported that the driver had a green traffic light at the time and the pedestrian was crossing against a do not walk sign. The collision threw the pedestrian several yards, off the roadway onto the shoulder south of the southwest corner of the intersection. A Blaine police officer and a Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputy were nearby at the time of the crash and delivered initial first aid until medic units from North Whatcom Fire and Rescue and Medic one arrived. The pedestrian sustained significant injuries and was transported to St Joseph’s Hospital. Traffic in the intersection was impacted for about one hour while officers investigated. Officers from the U.S. Border Patrol, Whatcom County Sheriff’s department, Washington State Patrol, and DOT assisted at the scene.

March 2: Blaine police officers assisted U.S. Border Patrol agents in their search for a person who was hiding from the agents in Peace Arch Park. The man ran into Canada and the RCMP was notified. The adult couple that had brought the man to Peace Arch Park were themselves arrested by border patrol for being in the U.S. unlawfully. 

March 2: Officers were dispatched to the 1600 block of Peace Portal to assist a father with his out of control adult son. The son fled the home prior to the arrival of the officers. Officers are searching for the son as their investigation gave them probable cause to arrest him for domestic violence.

March 2: While on patrol, police saw a man on D Street surrounded by a large amount of luggage and contacted him to see if he needed help. The traveler related that he was a U.S. citizen from Oregon who’d been denied entry into Canada. He had paused awhile a few blocks from the border, to catch his breath and ponder the possibility of completing his journey without encountering further pesky political prohibitions. He explained that his was a labor of love, as he was determined to lay eyes upon a fair Canadian maiden whom he had courted via the Internet. Officers advised the roadside Romeo of the adverse consequences he would face should he attempt to enter a foreign county via the garden trellis rather than a port of entry. 

March 1: A motorist entering the U.S. though the Peace Arch Port of Entry was referred for a secondary inspection. During the inspection about 1 gram of marijuana was found in his suitcase. The 19-year-old from Ontario Canada admitted ownership of the marijuana. He was issued a mandatory court appearance citation for the offense. 

March 1: A man made a midnight call to police, reporting that his intoxicated brother was having a melt down over a recent break-up. Officers contacted the sober brother sitting atop his inebriated sibling at their 10th Street abode. Officers negotiated better seating arrangements, counseled the distraught young man and stayed with the family until the situation had de-escalated. The heart broken gent went to bed, everyone else relaxed, and officers departed. No crime. Case closed.

February 29: A resident reported that his lap top computer was stolen. He had left it overnight in his vehicle, parked outside a residence on Blue Grouse Crescent in Blaine. The HP/Compaq computer is valued at over $1,000. There are no suspects in the theft. No damage was done to the car in the vehicle prowl.

February 28: A mother and her brood of six kids attempted to enter Canada at the Peace Arch, fleeing from a Missouri court ruling ordering her to return the children to a relative, pending the outcome of a custody dispute. The family was living out of and packed in to a car with all of their belongings. They were planning on camping in Canada to avoid authorities. In not so many words the Canadian authorities denied their refugee claim and returned them to U.S. Customs, who just as swiftly called Blaine police. The children were taken into protective custody by Blaine officers, transported to the police station and fed. They were released to Child Protective Services caseworkers, which will follow up to ensure the kids are properly cared for and the Missouri court was advised of their location. A warrant for mom was not extraditable from Washington State, and she was released to begin seeking the return of her kids.

February 28: A resident in Canada reported that someone had used his credit card number to order some products which were delivered to a mail drop business in Blaine. The renter of the mailbox here is a business operating in Canada. The victim requested the name of the business, which was provided. Officers are investigating the identification theft as well as the theft from the business in the U.S., which shipped its goods to Blaine and lost money since the credit card information was false.

February 28: Blaine officers assisted U.S. Border Patrol with a suspected port runner. The fleeing motorcycle and its two riders were located on H Street by a border patrol helicopter and the cycle was stopped by a Blaine police officer in the area. The pair and their steed were turned over to arriving border patrol agents soon after.

February 27: On Wednesday February 27 police received a call from a resident who discovered that burglars had entered a house on his property on B Street near 4th Street, while he was absent. The thieves had moved and stacked a number of items near a door, in preparation for carting them away. Residents in the area had seen the burglars. The crooks are described as: 1) a white male, tall and wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. 2) a white male a little shorter than his thieving partner and with short blonde hair. Their car is described as a small white car, possibly a Mazda or Honda. It had been seen cruising through the neighborhood and parking lots in the area for the past few days. Officers are continuing their investigation.

February 27: A resident reported seeing juveniles trying to enter an abandoned house on Harrison Street near Steen. The teenaged vandals had broken a window on the north side of the residence in an attempt to gain entry. The kids were gone when police arrived. Officers are contacting the owner of the attacked house to have it properly secured from future crimes. Neighbors will be watching the home as well.

February 27: A school district staff member reported finding a student on school grounds after she had been officially trespassed from being anywhere on the campus, following a series of disruptive incidents. Officers responded and arrested the 12-year-old for trespassing. A criminal report was prepared for the juvenile prosecutor’s office and the girl was released to a family member.

-Blaine Police Department