Police Report -- February 21, 2008

Published on Thu, Feb 21, 2008
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February 19: A grocery store manager in the 1700 block of H Street reported a teenager came into the store, collected food items worth $17.98 and then left without paying for the merchandise. An officer responded and arrested the 17-year-old Blaine girl for shoplifting. She was released to an adult after processing and her mother was notified of the arrest.

February 19: A woman called to report her car stolen. The blue hood and fender on an otherwise red colored car can easily identify the 1994 Ford Mustang. It was stolen from in front of the family’s home in the 200 block of Boblett Street. There are no suspects and police are investigating.

February 19: A Blaine high school official called to report that two teenaged students were caught smoking marijuana on school grounds. An officer responded, investigated, and arrested the two students. One is being charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and the other paraphernalia possession and for possession of marijuana under 40 grams. One student was cited and released. The second student was released to his mother.

February 18: Residents at a trailer park on Peace Portal Drive reported an intoxicated man sitting on their porch, refusing to leave. Officers located the inebriate several porches away. He was determined to find which home was his through the process of elimination. Officers helped him find the door that fit his key so he could pour himself to bed.

February 18: An officer saw a motorist driving without seat restraints. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was contacted. The 39-year-old Blaine resident did not have a driver’s license on person, his insurance was expired, and he had failed to transfer ownership of the car he was driving. Citations were issued for the various offenses and the driver was released.

February 18: Officers were dispatched to investigate a burglary to a residence in the 1800 block of H Street. About $300 damage was done when two windows were broken out to gain access to the home. Nothing was taken, and it appears that young people were drinking on the premises. Evidence was collected at the scene and police are investigating.

February 17: Officers were dispatched to help sheriff’s deputies searching for a suspect who fled a residence south of Blaine in the 8300 block of Portal Way after a domestic violence assault. The man was reported to possibly be armed with a handgun. Blaine officers assisted and the suspect was located.

February 17: An officer in the 500 block of Peace Portal Drive stopped a car associated to and owned by a man with a Blaine municipal court arrest warrant for driving with a suspended license. The 20-year-old Blaine driver was confirmed as the wanted person, arrested for the warrant and booked into WCSO jail. At the arrestee’s request, his vehicle was secured on scene and left legally parked.

February 17: A thieving vandal with no sense of craftsmanship busted the wooden door to an outbuilding in the 3900 block of Pipeline Road, in order to steal another door that was being stored inside the shed. Total value of the damage and loss was about $280.

February 17: A resident of an apartment complex in the 1500 block of D Street discovered someone had keyed her car overnight, causing about $200 damage to the paint. Police have the description of a possible suspect and are investigating.

February 17: Police assisted Washington State Patrol at the scene of a one vehicle, non-injury car vs. ditch collision on Blaine Road outside the city limits. Blaine officers provided traffic control and detained the driver for a trooper, who investigated the crash and arrested and booked the 23-year-old Blaine driver for DUI. Case closed.

February 17: Officers were dispatched to a reported attempted burglary at a residence in the 400 block of G Street. On arrival officers found a broken front window on a door but no indications that someone attempted to enter the residence.

February 16: A business owner in the 1300 block of H Street called to report a collision between a vehicle and concrete picnic table. The car won.

February 16: Police were dispatched to another report of a pack of wild girls waking up a neighborhood with their yelling, this time between Cherry and Cedar streets. An officer contacted three breathless young ladies on Mitchell Street nearby. They professed bountiful innocence and the best of quiet intentions as they made their way to a friend’s house ... at midnight.

February 15: A customs officer at the Peace Arch Port of Entry discovered that two people being interviewed there were prohibited by court order from being together. Blaine officers investigated and confirmed the order. A 35-year-old Issaquah resident was arrested and booked into WCSO jail for violation of a no contact order. Case closed

February 14: Police responded to a report of a disorderly conduct and assault incident which had occurred on February 13 in an apartment complex parking lot on A Street. The driver of a car stopped to confront a group, which had thrown something at his car, breaking the windshield. One member of the group struck the driver in the chest.

February 14: Customs and Border Protection called to report an individual in possession of a personal use amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The 24-year-old North Vancouver resident was arrested, cited and released with a summons to Blaine Municipal Court for his offenses.

February 14: A police office specialist observed a man walking in front of the police department who was wanted on a warrant. Police officers contacted the 21-year-old Blaine resident nearby and arrested him for the warrant.

February 14: A resident/business operator in the 800 Block of Peace Portal Drive reported an ongoing theft of services. Someone has been dumping their household refuse into his dumpster, which he has to pay extra to have discarded. Case is under investigation.

February 14: An officer observed two high school students leave campus during school hours. He transported the kids back to school and the vice-principal's office. Follow up revealed that one of the students was in possession of prescription medicine not prescribed to him. He was released to parents and the evidence was impounded.

February 14: Blaine Police were called to assist U.S. Customs with a driver who had been denied entry to Canada. Although the 14-year-old Montana motorist’s sense of adventure was compelling and Canadian authorities were impressed with the fact that the car she was driving had been reported stolen in Missoula, they still decided not to allow her to immigrate to the Great White North. The young cowgirl was arrested and the 1979 Buick she’d rustled was towed to the corral.

February 13: The fire department requested law enforcement presence at the scene of an unattended death at a Peace Portal Drive premise. The passing appeared of natural causes. Next of kin were notified.