Police Report -- February 14, 2008

Published on Thu, Feb 14, 2008
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February 13: A man came to Blaine P.D. at 1 a.m. wanting to turn himself in, believing that a felony warrant existed for his arrest. An officer confirmed a Whatcom County “no bail” felony warrant and transported the man to jail. A locate was sent to WCSO by USBP Dispatch.  Case closed. 

February 13: An officer provided back-up to two sheriff’s deputies during the arrest of a man aboard a boat at Semiahmoo Marina. The man was taken into custody without incident for a WCSO investigation of domestic violence threats.  Case closed.

February 13: A man contacted the police department to report learning that an unmarked tow truck had taken his vehicle from the parking lot behind a motel. An officer assisted him in getting in touch with the finance company who might have repossessed the vehicle since he might have been behind on the payments.

February 12: An officer impounded an obviously counterfeit U.S. $100 bill. The bill had been used at a business to purchase fuel. The counterfeit bill will be sent to the U.S. Secret Service. 

February 12: An officer was called to investigate a vandalism after the owner of a laundromat on 3rd Street discovered that young girls had reverted to baby-like behavior by writing on the walls of his business. 

February 12: A business requested a female transient be trespassed from their property. The woman was contacted and agreed to leave. She refused all offers of assistance from the police. 

February 12: A person reported an out of control juvenile at a business in 3rd Street. Arriving officers found that the youngster was being restrained by a parent to keep him from injuring himself. An officer escorted the family to a relative’s house. 

February 12: A Canadian citizen involved in a civil dispute from the night before had contacted the police regarding the theft of his vehicle. An investigation revealed that a towing company had made an unauthorized impound of a second vehicle belonging to the owner, not involved with the previous night’s fiasco. Officers contacted the towing firm’s owner and tried to explain that their actions   constituted theft of a motor vehicle. Before officers could explain the hook and book method for the theft, they were hung up on. Officers were arranging to invoke the less diplomatic solution to the crime when the towing firm’s owner called back to explain the improperly taken vehicle was being towed back to Blaine and released to the owner.

February 12: The Community Service Officer responded with the fire department to an activated fire alarm at a school. It was determined that a pull station was manually pulled by a developmentally disabled student.

February 12: A business called to have police remove a female transient from the business due to her disruptive behavior. The woman was contacted by police. She accepted an offer for assistance and was taken to the mission in Bellingham.

February 12: A person was stopped after an officer determined the registered owner of the vehicle was DWLS. The driver was found to be the registered owner. Upon being arrested for DWLS, the driver admitted to having marijuana on his person. A drug search of the vehicle by a narcotics K9 revealed the location of a container with marijuana residue and a pipe with residue as well. The person was also found to have a warrant for his arrest.  He was booked into jail.

February 12: Police received a call of an open door at a church in the 600 block of H Street. An officer arrived to find the door was open but not showing signs of a forced entry. The building was searched and no one was found inside. It appeared to have been left unlocked. 

February 11: An officer received several complaints about a person playing the drums in his apartment in the late evening hours in the 400 block of Peace Portal Drive. The person was contacted and asked to stop. He complied. Officer cleared without incident.

February 11: An irate tow truck driver called police repeatedly regarding a customer who had left the scene of a tow job without paying the bill. The customer was about two city blocks away (at the border). The customer was attempting to pay by credit card in person or by telephone. The tow truck driver was advised to accept payment and that no crime had occurred. 

February 11: A man called police regarding a car parked on his property without permission by an auto exporter in the 300 block of 14th Street. A car hauler had parked a car in the man’s driveway.  An officer advised the man of procedures for private property / owner towing of vehicles. Police are following up on the illegal business practice. 

February 10: A resident of the Bel Air trailer park reported being assaulted by another tenant. The matter was investigated and referred to the prosecutor for review.

February 9: Blaine Police were notified of a house being egged in the 100 block of Birch Court. The resident gave officers some possible suspect names. No permanent damage done to property. Police located the suspects and they admitted the activity. Parents decided to handle the matter with disciplinary action.

February 9: Officer was asked to contact a employee of a D Street business in reference to a vehicle which frequently speeds near their store. Officer received the suspected person’s information and are watching for the vehicle.

February 9: A parent contacted the Blaine Police regarding her missing daughter. The mother did not want to file a missing or runaway report, only wanted the police to try to find out where she was staying without permission. Police located the juvenile through mutual friends and had the daughter call the mother. Twenty four hours later, when the daughter still had not returned, the mother decided to report her as missing. The daughter was entered into state and national databases as missing by USBP dispatch. The missing juvenile was located later and turned over to her mother. The juvenile was released from the law enforcement data base.

February 9: A citizen reported two juveniles messing around an abandoned house. The juveniles were contacted and warned to stay off the property. The juveniles apologized and promised not to go there again. Case closed.

February 8: A man called police after he drove by a vacant house in the 800 block of Adelia and noticed that the front door had been spray painted by vandals. The information was passed on to patrol. An officer contacted the property management company for the house and advised them of the malicious mischief complaint. 

February 8: An officer assisted the USBP with a person who was walking on the beach near the border.  The U.S. citizen was trying to enter Canada illegally, but was greeted by U.S. law enforcement. 

February 8: The high school reported graffiti had been painted, rather poorly, on an outside wall. There is no suspect information at this time. The graffiti was photographed for evidence and then immediately removed by school personnel.

February 7: Officer was dispatched to the Truck Customs Port of Entry to assist the county sheriff with a suspended driver. Officer cited the driver into District Court and impounded the vehicle.

February 7: An officer responded to an activated security alarm at a bank. The officer found a custodian who had locked his keys in an inner-office, and thereby locked himself inside the bank all night. The officer identified the gentleman and contacted a bank call-out person to schedule a 5 a.m. release for the fiduciary inmate.  No crime.  Case closed.

February 7: A woman called the police station from Surrey, B.C. wanting to report that the RCMP kept giving her drugs. She explained that she did not need drugs, because she was a magician. Her solution to the dilemma was to have a Blaine Peace Officer come to her home to magically resolve her problem with Canadian law enforcement. She was despondent to learn that Blaine Police Officers cannot respond to Canada. Given the menu at Tim Horton’s, we’re unhappy about it as well.

February 7: A resident came in to the police station to report that a window in her home had been damaged, probably by a BB. This malicious mischief occurred sometime within the past 12 days. 

February 7: A neighborhood resident reported that a vacant house’s yard is being used as a short cut route by kids, and the garage is possibly being occupied by unknown people doing unknown things. The owner of the vacant property was contacted and advised of the problem, and police officers will provide extra patrol. 

February 7: Officers were dispatched with the fire department to check for the source of smoke in a business in the 600 block of Peace Portal Drive. After a diligent search fire department was not able to determine the source of the smoke. Officers provided extra patrols for the remainder of the night. 

February 6: An employee of Sterling Savings Bank contacted the police department to report two non-customers on the premises who were acting in a suspicious manner. Officers responded, contacted and identified the men. They chose to leave the area after being interviewed.

February 6: A business on H Street reported a possible intoxicated driver to the police after a customer reported the driver had alcohol on his breath when he drove away from their store. The vehicle was described as a maroon Ford Taurus.  Officers were not able to locate the suspect driver.

February 6: An officer on patrol observed a taxi cab unloading a man and his large duffel bag within feet of the international border between the ports of entry.  The officer notified USBP who responded to interview the subject.

February 6: A resident called police when a woman began yelling somewhere in her neighborhood on Harrison Avenue. Officers could hear the woman yelling in the background on the phone, responded and searched the area. Officers searched the neighborhood but were not able to locate the person.

February 6: Officers were advised that a female transient had been visiting a business for approximately four hours. Officers contacted the lady, who had no resources and no place to go. An officer transported her to the mission in Bellingham to get some food and a place to sleep.