Police Report -- January 24, 2008

Published on Thu, Jan 24, 2008
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January 23: Officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Cedar Street where the victim of an assault wished to file a report.  The 18-year-old woman there related that a friend had assaulted her during an argument.  Officers interviewed the victim and the suspect and the matter will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for review.

January 22: Officers responded to the Anchor Inn on a report of two people arguing outside one of the rooms. A Canadian citizen had gotten together with a U.S. citizen visiting Vancouver, B.C. Together they returned to the states for a couple of days. Upon returning to Canada the U.S. citizen was denied entry and left stranded in Blaine. An argument ensued. Sending the Canadian home, and helping the U.S. citizen get a room for the night so she could contemplate how to get back to L.A. settled it.

January 22: At the request of a grandmother and a school principal, a uniformed police officer spoke to two primary school girls about their antisocial behaviors, including but not limited to: spitting on people, hitting, pinching, not wearing seatbelts, hiding from parents, throwing lunch boxes and shoes at grandpa and generally misbehaving.

January 22: An ex-tenant complained he had until the end of January to remove the rest of his belongings, but when he returned to the home he had found his possessions in a dumpster, some of it damaged. An officer spoke to the owner of the property.  Hopefully the matter will be handled civilly. 

January 21: A person reported that someone had shot the sliding glass door at the back of their residence on Bayview Avenue, shattering the outer glass pane.  The incident was reported about two hours after it occurred. 

January 20: A resident reported that her husband had said he was going to kill himself and then left the house after taking a bunch of prescription medicine.  Police officers, Border Patrol agents and a canine unit searched for the man for an hour and half until he was located.  Medic units arrived and evaluated him and he was transported to a hospital.

January 20: A resident came to the police department to obtain a power stat card.  An officer recognized the man as someone who had warrants for his arrest, and who was also wanted in an investigation of a theft.  The 39-year-old was booked into jail.

January 19: Officers came across a teenager crying on the side of the road in the middle of the night.  The girl had gotten caught by her parents after sneaking out of her house without permission, and then ran off after a verbal altercation with her dad.  Officers contacted the family, mediated the dispute and released the girl to her mother.

January 18: On Friday evening a school official at a Blaine high school basketball game called police to report that he had located a student there who appeared under the influence of alcohol.  Officers contacted the teenager and found he was so extremely intoxicated that he needed immediate medical attention. The fire department responded and transported the young man to the hospital for treatment of alcohol poisoning.  Police located four other teenagers at the game who were under the influence of alcohol.  All were arrested for possession of alcohol by a minor and released to their guardians after processing.  Twenty-six adults and students were contacted in the course of the investigation.

January 18: An officer received a call from a library employee who found a note in crayon indicating that the author intended to hurt himself. Extensive investigation failed to turn up an identity of the writer.

January 18: Blaine officers responded to assist sheriff’s deputies with locating a subject wanted for brandishing a shotgun in a threatening manner at an address on Pipeline Road outside the city limits.

January 18: A resident notified police that vandals devoid of artistic talent had spray painted graffiti on his garage on G Street.  The damage was immediately painted over after photos were taken.

January 17: After receiving two reports of windows being damaged by a BB, an officer checked all of the homes in the 300 block of 8th Street.  The officer had to awaken a couple of homeowners to confirm the damage to their living room windows was fresh and occurred at the same time as the other damage to nearby homes. 

January 17: A motel patron in the 300 block of Alder reported a man in a nearby room was possibly suicidal and armed with a handgun. Officers responded and secured the area around the subject’s closed room, and determined the 39-year-old Blaine suspect was wanted on a statewide warrant for escape from custody.  The man was contacted just outside his motel room and disarmed without incident. He was booked into jail on the outstanding felony warrant and on charges related to being a felon unlawfully in possession of a loaded pistol.

January 17: While on patrol an officer observed a vehicle racing along Peace Portal Drive and monitored the B.C. plated vehicle at 73 mph in the posted 35 mph zone. The vehicle was subsequently stopped and the 49-year-old driver from Burnaby was arrested for reckless driving.  He was released at the scene after processing: he said he was busy talking on his cell phone and did not notice how fast he was traveling.

January 17: CBP officers at the Peace Arch port of entry contacted a suspended driver.  An officer contacted the 28-year-old driver from Bellingham and issued him a mandatory court appearance citation for DWLS.  The arrestee’s aunt removed the vehicle from port’s property.