Police Report -- December 20, 2007

Published on Thu, Dec 20, 2007
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December 19: A business employee reported that sometime during the night, a person(s) had stolen a drive up door sensor for the business. The sensor was valued at about $200 and there are no suspects or further avenues of investigation at this time.

December 18: A man reported receiving three money orders by UPS from a stranger in Florida purchased by a stranger in California. The issuing company advised not to attempt to cash the money orders, as they are likely fake. The money orders were impounded. The investigating officer will ascertain the validity of the money orders when they are entered into the issuer’s system in days to come.

December 18: A male middle school student reported having been assaulted by three female middle school students. Investigation revealed that the male was also a suspect in an assault within the same incident. Parents did not wish for police to pursue the matter criminally. The matter was addressed by school administration. Case closed.

December 17: A woman called to report that her unlocked car had been prowled during early morning hours on Great Horned Owl Lane. The suspects searched through the car and left papers, etc. in disarray. Nothing was known to have been stolen and the car was not damaged. There are no known suspects or witnesses to this car prowl. Case closed pending further information.

December 17: A man called to report that his ex-wife has been threatening his property over the phone. The matter was documented at the complainant’s request. The man did not want the matter pursued criminally. The man intends to seek a restraining order. 

December 17: Blaine Public Works discovered that someone had hit a light pole on the northeast corner of D and 3rd streets in the last week of September. Damage to the light pole is estimated at about $3500. There are no known suspects or witnesses to the hit and run.

December 16: A mother reported she was trying to get her son to calm down when he grabbed a stick from her and smashed a glass picture frame. The young man was arrested for malicious mischief 3rd degree domestic violence and was booked into the juvenile detention facility.

December 15: Housekeeping at a hotel found a small amount of marijuana and a pipe in a room during cleaning. The found items were given to an officer and destroyed. 

December 15: An officer stopped a driver he knew to be DWLS. The driver was arrested for DWLS. During the arrest, a set of brass knuckles was found in the car’s console. The person was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon. He was issued a criminal citation for both offenses and released from the scene. The vehicle was parked safely off of the roadway and was not impounded.

December 14: A person purchased a boat motor and the business applied the monies towards the past due account vs. giving the customer the boat motor. The business was advised to pursue the past due account civilly and to give the customer the newly purchased boat motor or face a criminal investigation. The business elected to credit the customers debit card. The business also told the customer not to return to the business. 

December 13: Officers responded to a two-vehicle collision with injuries in the 1700 block of H Street. The crash occurred when a driver leaving a mall parking lot onto H Street apparently drove in to the path of an oncoming car, which had the right-of-way. One person was treated for injuries at the scene of the collision and released. One vehicle had to be towed away. The driver leaving the parking lot was issued an infraction for failure to yield the right of way.

December 13: A resident on Garfield Street called police to report having heard movement outside her home at night recently. At one point, she had also observed a flashlight illuminating one of her walls. It was later determined that officers had been conducting nightly vacation watch checks to the home as requested. The vacation watch was cancelled after learning the homeowner was no longer away.