Police Report -- November 22, 2007

Published on Thu, Nov 22, 2007
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November 20: A witness advised a business that they had observed a commercial truck back into a light pole on their property. The truck driver left without reporting the collision. Officers located him and his truck nearby, and the driver reported he did not realize that he had struck the pole. Paint transfers on the truck bed and pole were photographed and were correlative. Damage to the 20-foot light pole consisted of paint chipping/scuffing and an obvious leaning of the pole. Insurance information for the truck/company was obtained for all parties.

November 19: Blaine police received a runaway report from a parent of a 12-year-old boy who had failed to return home from school. The juvenile was due for a theft diversion class in Bellingham, and the mother believed this failure to come home might be due to her child not wanting to comply with the diversion class. The juvenile was entered into NCIC runaway database and officers searched for the child.

November 19: Police responded to the 800 block of Odell regarding a domestic dispute. Upon arrival officers investigated and determined through interviews that the husband struck the wife in the head, neck and chest with a closed fist during a family argument. It was determined that the husband was the primary aggressor and was arrested and booked into the county jail for domestic violence assault.

November 19: A business reported a woman lying on the lobby floor, crying uncontrollably. Officers contacted the person outside a short distance away and found that she was suffering from a “gravely disabling” mental episode. She was unresponsive to communication and seemingly out of touch with reality. Officers transported her to hospital for involuntarily evaluation.

November 18: An officer observed commercial vehicle parking violations near the Blaine airport. A number of truck drivers were contacted after blocking access to the airport. The drivers complained they had been forced into their parking crimes because a nearby abandoned trailer was blocking an access to a nearby business they wanted to visit. They were reminded that two wrongs don’t make a right even if you have 18 wheels to argue with, and were instructed to move.

November 18: Officers responded to a report of an assault and discovered that a group of juveniles were feuding with each other. There were no injuries. All parties involved were warned to stay away from each other.

November 18: A motorist was stopped for speeding on 8th Street. A check of his license status showed that he was also driving while his license was suspended. The 32-year-old Victoria, B.C. driver was arrested, issued a citation and released. The vehicle was driven away by a licensed driver.

November 18: Police received a report of three cows, which had escaped their pasture through an open gate in search of greener pastures. The shunned farmer was contacted and escorted his adventurous trio home.

November 17: The occupant of a room at a motel in the 200 block of D Street called police to report the theft of about $30 and identification from his motel room while he was out having a beer.

November 17: A resident reported that someone had thrown something at the trailer in which he lives on 5th Street, resulting in a broken window. The victim did not see anyone in the area, but he reported that the vandalism is an ongoing problem. 

November 17: A person reported that his ex-wife had violated divorce related paperwork by attempting to contact her daughter at the Blaine school campus. The reporting party had no orders which were enforceable by law enforcement. A report was taken and the reporting party will file for a no-contact order.

November 16: An officer investigated a collision that occurred within an intersection involving two vehicles. A motorist from Canada driving a Lexus turned onto Boblett Street and into the path of a B.C. driver in a Mazda. The Mazda had the right of way and the Lexus driver received a citation for violating the laws of physics.

November 16: A man reported the theft of his X-Box 360 and a Gateway laptop computer from his unlocked home while he was away.

November 16: Blaine officers assisted Border Patrol agents with the apprehension of a subject who had dropped off a person who then crossed into Canada without inspection. The person who had fled later came to his senses and escaped from the dark and cold rain into to welcoming warmth of an RCMP police cruiser.

November 16: Police responded to check on the welfare of the residents of a home after 911 operators received multiple hang up calls there. Officers found that the calls had been placed by a woman who was home alone with her children when she heard noises coming from the basement and feared someone may have broken in. Officers checked below and released the family’s disconcerted kitty from its accidental entombment.

November 16: A traffic violator became belligerent with a Washington State Trooper on a traffic stop on Peace Portal in Blaine. Blaine officers responded to assist and the motorist was arrested for impaired driving.

November 16: Officers responded to an aid call involving a reportedly highly intoxicated man at a business. The victim was located in the parking lot and was transported to the hospital by fire medic personnel after evaluation. The vehicle he had been in was turned over to its legal owner.

November 15: The Blaine middle school called for assistance corralling a gang of four students who were disrupting the campus. The cretins had interrupted classes by yelling, refused to comply with the vice principal’s instructions, used profane language towards administrators, and ran through various areas of the school when officials told them to come to the office. Officers assisted in de-escalating the tensions by offering the girls the option of complying with the administrators or facing arrest and juvenile detention. They were herded to the principal’s office. The school and police are investigating to determine if a criminal prosecution should ensue.

November 15: An officer responded to a Blaine business for a report of a group of reported unruly teenagers. The manager gave the whole gaggle of kids a no trespass order to vacate the premises and officers ensured it was obeyed. They were respectful and cooperative and left without incident.

November 15: A mother reported that her husband prior to her separation from the man had molested her young child. A police department sexual assault investigator interviewed the child and then located and interviewed the suspect. The 25-year-old Blaine man was arrested for child molestation in the 1st degree and was booked into jail.