Police Report -- October 25, 2007

Published on Thu, Oct 25, 2007
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October 24: Police responded to a two-car collision at the intersection of D and 6th Street. One car had to be towed from the scene. No injuries were reported and the drivers were processed and released from the scene.

October 24: A physician’s office on C Street called to report a prescription forgery.

October 23: Police were notified of a semi truck in a ditch in the 1000 block of Yew. Officer determined that there was no damages or injuries and called a tow truck to assist the removal of the semi from the ditch.

October 22: Peace Arch POE reported a possible DUI driver. An officer investigated and arrested the driver for DUI. The man was arrested, processed and released pending court appearance. The man’s vehicle was impounded.

October 22: Blaine police responded to the 1300 block of H Street regarding a dispute between driver and roadway flagger. No crime occurred and parties were excused from the area.

October 22: A citizen reported a case of fraud involving an internet purchase. When the purchased item arrived it was not as described by the seller. In order to receive a refund from the company that processed the payment for the transaction the citizen was required to file a police report. The report was completed.

October 22: A business located in the 800 block of Boblett Street advised that someone had entered the courtyard sometime during the weekend and cut locks off of approximately 14 locked storage areas. The case is pending and under investigation.

October 21: A person reported vandalism to restrooms located in the Blaine Habor. No permanent damage was inflicted. Two unknown juveniles were spotted in the area earlier. No suspects.

October 21: Officers were dispatched to check the welfare of a man waiting at a local bus stop. The man explained to officers that he had missed the last bus for the day and he was trying to get a ride to Bellingham. A concerned citizen had stopped and offered him transportation to Bellingham when he was finished working. The stranded man agreed to wait for the citizen and accept his ride.

October 21: Blaine police assisted U.S. Customs at the POE Peace Arch with a subject who was listed as DWLS 3rd through the state DOL. The driver was arrested and processed.

October 20: A Semiahmoo resident on Quail Run reported their vehicles being prowled and some items taken. Loss valued at $460.

October 20: A husband called 911 because he and his wife were arguing. The husband had been drinking and the wife was refusing to let him leave in his automobile. An officer helped the couple de-escalate the situation. The wife, who had not been drinking, left by car in an effort to relieve tensions at the home. No crime.

October 20: An officer stopped a truck for an equipment violation. A driver’s check revealed that the driver was driving with suspended privileges. The driver was cited and released with a mandatory court appearance. The vehicle was released to the driver’s father.

October 19: A person reported a crabber selling crab to a seafood buyer. The complainant believed that the buyer was required to have a city business license. The circumstances were described to the city clerk who determined that no violations had occurred.

October 19: An officer recovered a damaged abandoned red and silver port bicycle from the Mitchell Street overpass. The bike was booked for safekeeping.

October 19: A mother reported her 15-year-old son left home again without permission and is truant from school. The boy called home and said he was on the way to school just as the missing person’s report was completed. A copy of the report will be sent to child protective services due to ongoing problems.

October 19: A concerned motorist reported a continuing problem with commercial trucks parking in the roadway in the area of Fir Avenue and Boblett Street. An officer was dispatched to attempt contact with the offending truck drivers. The truck drivers were informed not to park on a city street for the purpose of unloading. They were advised of the congestion that occurs between school buses, parents dropping off their children for school and normal vehicular traffic.

October 18: An Illinois couple returning from Canada via the Peace Arch Port of Entry were found to have (reported) stolen Illinois license plates on their newly purchased used vehicle. The couple was unaware of the status of the plates. The plates had been placed on the vehicle by the seller. A police officer impounded the license plates for return to the State of Illinois. The couple continued on their way and no charges will be pursued against them. A located record was sent to the Indiana ORI by 780. Case closed.