Police Report -- October 11, 2007

Published on Thu, Oct 11, 2007
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October 9: A Border Patrol agent reported an intoxicated man had just exited a closed business downtown, clutching some property. Police officers arrived and determined the agent had interrupted a burglary in progress. The 31-year old LaConner resident was taken into custody and his munchies were seized as evidence. It appeared he had entered through an unlocked door.

October 9: Two occupants of a car entering the U.S. at the Peace Arch port of entry were referred for a secondary inspection. During the inspection marijuana and drug paraphernalia was located in their car’s trunk. Both of the occupants were issued citations for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

October 9: Officers were dispatched to a report of kids playing in an alley in the 1200 block of Harrison Ave and bothering dogs nearby. The kids were warned by the caller but refused to leave the dogs alone. Officers told the two little girls they should probably head home since it was dark outside. A parent picked up the kids and took them home to play.

October 8: A resident reported to the Blaine police that he had just discovered two firearms missing from his home. The weapons had been kept in a locked gun safe at the home but were now missing. No suspects were identified.

October 8: A school notified the police that a student left school and was probably at her home in the 700 block of E Street. Officer checked the residence and found that the juvenile was not there.

October 8: Blaine police stopped a driver who was speeding in the school zone in the 800 block of H Street. The uncooperative and argumentative driver was issued an infraction for speeding 30 in a 20 mph zone.

October 8: Blaine high school called to report a student on school grounds after having been previously ordered off the property. The 14-year old was contacted by an officer and admitted to trespassing. The incident will be referred to the juvenile prosecutor’s office for charging.

October 8: A Blaine resident came into the police department to report being followed and harassed by other teenagers. Attempts are being made to contact the suspects in the case to resolve the matter.

October 8: A truck stop called police when it appeared that a blind hallucinating transient had been left behind by a truck driver. The officer’s arrival coincided with the truck driver’s return to pick up his relative, whom he had had to leave in Blaine while he drove up to Canada on business.  The driver was counseled about not placing his relative into hazardous situations and advised that the business did not wish him to return.

October 8: Officers responded to a report of an injured deer in the roadway near the Odell Road fire station. An officer arrived and located the injured animal. It had suffered a broken back and leg and was euthanized.

October 7: Blaine police responded to the 1600 block of Runge Avenue regarding a report of a verbal domestic. A woman there stated that her estranged husband was waiting for her in the parking lot and she was afraid to go home because of an incident that occurred the day before where he had kicked the door in during a heated verbal argument. Officers searched and determined that the subject had left the area. A watch order was posted with officers.

October 7: Blaine police responded to the 1600 block of Runge Avenue regarding an estranged husband threatening his wife by loitering in an apartment complex. Upon arrival officers found the victim’s door kicked in.  The suspect admitted to entering the residence. The woman was not home at the time of entry. Suspect was placed under arrest for DV Malicious Mischief and transported to Whatcom County Jail.

October 7: A resident reported she believed a relative to be distraught and possibly suicidal. Officers explained the procedure for taking the daughter into protective custody for a mental health evaluation. The person decided to take the victim to the hospital. 

October 7: Police were dispatched to check an area after a neighbor saw two men running away from a vehicle. Officers found that two tires had been removed from the car, and contacted the owner of the vehicle in his home nearby. He was surprised to learn someone had stolen the stock tires and rims from his economy vehicle.

October 6: A Blaine officer assisted a U.S. Border Patrol officer in foot pursuit of three adult men who had illegally crossed the border in to the U.S. The men were all apprehended and no one was injured. 

October 6: Officers responded to a complaint that four people were crabbing at the end of the pier during a closed crabbing season. The suspects were alerted that police had been notified and tossed their catch back into the ocean before officers arrived. They were given a No Trespassing Order and advised of the penalties for re-offending. A copy of the investigation report will be forwarded to fish and wildlife for review. 

October 5: A woman called to report a large dog running loose at 6th and G Street. The dog was not located by police officers and animal control was notified.

October 5: The police department received second hand information that Washington State Patrol was en route to the area of SR 543 and H Street for a reported vehicle collision. Officers responded to the area and found no crash and no evidence that one had occurred. Flaggers in the area were contacted and they had not witnessed any wrecks. WSP units were advised. 

October 5: A church reported that a transient has been gracing their parking lot for frequent overnight vigils. The pastor requested that officers help the sojourner find another place to stay, and to abstain from seeking sanctuary under their streetlight.

October 5: Officers responded to a two-car minor motor vehicle collision at SR543 and Boblett. The crash occurred when a west bound driver on Boblett Street turned left in front of a north bound driver on the truck route. The truck route driver had the right of way. Neither driver was injured and both vehicles were drivable. An officer completed a traffic collision report and cited the driver that caused the wreck. 

October 5: Office received a sexual assault protection order from Whatcom County Superior Court. The order was served on the respondent during a court appearance and was entered into law enforcement databases.

October 5: An officer responded to a 911 hang up call to a Blaine residence. Upon arrival officers learned that a nearby resident heard what sounded like a physical altercation. As officers were investigating, they also heard sounds of a physical fight coming from within the residence.  Police forced entry into the home and intervened. One of the family members involved was having a mental health issue. Arrangements were made for the man to receive additional assistance through a physician.

October 5: A 15-year old girl was arrested for domestic violence assault after she punched her mother several times in the arm. The daughter was placed into detention. 

October 5: A driver and his vehicle entering the U.S. were detained for further inspection. Customs officers discovered that the driver was driving on a suspended Montana operators license. Police were called and the driver was cited for Driving While Suspended and released. The vehicle was impounded.

October 5: An officer observed a car exceeding the speed limit on Yew Street.  The driver failed to yield when police tried to stop it. A short chase ensued with the driver trying to hide his car among numerous semi trailers in a parking lot. The driver was found and arrested for felony eluding, reckless driving and driving while impaired by alcohol. The 18-year- old Birch Bay man was booked into Whatcom County Jail.

October 5: Blaine PD was asked to assist in locating someone walking south on I-5. A woman who is prone to suicide attempts was located and detained while Washington State Patrol arranged to have the    person transported to the hospital for evaluation.

October 5: A person with a handicap parking placard complained that a special needs school bus has been parking in a handicap parking stall without displaying a handicap parking placard. An officer spoke with a school representative about the complaint. 

October 4: A man called to report that a neighbor buried a box in his yard and marked the spot. Officers confirmed that the funerary object was a dearly departed pet and no further police action was required.
October 4: A school bus driver reported that a car had passed the bus while the red lights were flashing. An officer located and spoke to the owner of the car. She was informed of the complaint, the rules of the road and penalized for violation.

October 4: Dispatch reported a 911 hang up at the Blaine Public Library. An officer arrived and found a teen using the telephone to call her mother. The cause of the 911 hang up was undetermined and no problems were found to exist.

October 4: A resident requested legal advice on landlord tenant law.  Officers recommended that the caller contact an attorney for civil advice or visit www.atg.wa.gov for a landlord tenant pamphlet.

October 4: Officers were called to a tenant dispute when two families claimed possession of the same house. One party was moving out and the other party was moving in. Both parties had keys to the residence.  Officers helped the families to realize the value of settling the dispute civilly, as the solutions offered by the criminal code were less than neighborly.

October 4: A security officer at a business observed a 14-year-old boy shoplift twelve containers of alcohol from a store. When store staff confronted the young man in the parking lot, he dropped his stolen merchandise and ran off. He was later identified and gave himself up at the police station. A police report was submitted to the juvenile prosecutor.

October 4: Officers were dispatched to a report of kids throwing rocks at a power pole. Officer contacted three juvenile males who reported that they were actually aiming their rocks into a nearby creek. The rocks, pole and water were all left substantially intact by the exercise.

October 4: A father reported his daughter had apparently run away and had not come home the previous night. Officers were able to locate the 16-year-old teen at her girlfriend’s house. She asked to spend another night, and dad approved the request.

October 3: A citizen reported observing a traffic hazard during the hours of school zone traffic in the area of Boblett and SR 543. The citizen was advised that extra patrol would be provided to help alleviate the  hazardous conditions.

October 3: A man called to inquire if his ex-spouse had committed an enforceable violation of their divorce decree by leaving letters for their children and by calling the house. There are no outstanding    protection or anti-harassment orders in place. The caller was advised to contact legal counsel in order to obtain an enforceable court order upon which police could take criminal action if needed. 

October 3: A Blaine resident reported receiving documents in the mail, which appeared to promote a fraud. The victim recognized the documents as a scam and was not out any money. The incident was documented for follow-up.

October 3: A resident reported Santa came early and dropped a used bicycle onto her front lawn. An officer arranged for a public works elf to drop the bike down the police evidence room chimney until its good little owner can be located.

October 3: Officers assisted the Blaine Primary School with a school safety exercise. 

October 3: Dispatch advised officers of a call from a residence concerning a juvenile who was misbehaving and being disrespectful to his parents.  Officers contacted and counseled a 15-year-old boy. The young man reached an understanding with his parents and promised to follow the house rules.

October 3: A U.S Customs and Border Protection inspector contacted a Level 1 (lowest level) registered sex offender who had returned from a day trip to Canada. A Blaine Officer checked on the man’s status and found the man was properly registered. 

October 3: Officers were dispatched to a suspicious activities call in the 1700 block of Peace Portal Drive. A passerby observed someone on the railroad tracks holding an article of wood. Officers checked the area but found no one in the area. Officers cleared with no further reports.

October 3: A motorist reported that a 12-year-old boy with a backpack was hitch hiking on Mitchell Avenue. The boy was gone when officers arrived.