Police Report -- October 04, 2007

Published on Thu, Oct 4, 2007
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October 2: A resident provided police with information about a person involved in criminal activity. Officers are investigating.

October 2: Officers were dispatched to a residence regarding an elderly resident in distress. Medical and fire personnel arrived immediately.

October 2: A visitor to Blaine contacted police to complain that the mafia and the CIA were conspiring to kidnap people and force them to other planets. Officers interviewing the informant learned that her real anxiety stemmed from our government’s activities in conducting psychological warfare as well as environmental problems caused by black holes. Information was obtained for appropriate follow up.

October 1: A parent and child contacted police to report a sexual assault, which occurred several days ago. Blaine officers had already arrested and booked the 24-year-old suspect into jail on charges stemming from another assault. Interviews and follow up were conducted by one of the department’s sex crimes investigators, and a case report was filed for felony prosecution on the newly reported incident. Follow up is underway regarding other associated crimes.

October 1: A person reported the loss of her purse, which she had last seen at the Burger King estaurant. The woman’s purse is described as made of black cloth and contains the victim’s Mexican passport, drivers license, marriage license and various other items. The victim will be handling the loss of the various licenses with their respective agencies and institutions. A report was taken for information purposes.

October 1: A Blaine resident reported receiving harassing telephone calls at his business. The victim identified the suspect as a person living in another state. Officers contacted the suspect and he agreed to cease the harassment.

October 1: Blaine police responded to a report of damage to the front window of a residence located in the 700 block of Cherry Street. Someone shot a BB or other projectile, breaking the outside pane of a thermal window, causing about $150 damage. No suspect was identified by police who searched the area.

September 30: An officer received a call from a mother who asked if police could check the welfare of her son who is living with dad for the past year. Mother said the son might be suffering mental abuse by being made to go to church. Officers contacted the 14-year-old and his father, and found a typical teen-father relationship with no abuse evident. 

September 30: An officer responded to a report of an attempted suicide. An adult woman was stabilized at the scene and taken voluntarily to the hospital by Bellingham medics.

September 30: Police responded to check the welfare of three young children at a residence, after their mother was hospitalized. On arrival officers found the woman’s boyfriend in the process of moving out of the home. A warrant check revealed the 30-year-old man had a warrant for his arrest: he was arrested and booked into jail. A close relative of the children responded to take custody of the kids.

September 30: An officer was called to investigate an incident where a 9-month-old baby suffered a bloody nose and fresh bruises to her head. The child’s 24-year-old father was arrested for felony assault and booked into jail.

September 30: A resident reported that someone broke the rear driver’s side window of a car while the vehicle was parked at the curb in a residential neighborhood. Nothing was missing from the car and the window’s replacement cost is estimated at $150. An officer investigated the malicious mischief and vehicle prowl.

September 29: A group of visiting boaters landed their craft on the sands of Semiahmoo Spit to enjoy the windy beach. Excitement turned to expletives when the mariners realized they had been marooned as their boat departed without them on the rising tide, police were called to assist, and another nearby boater corralled their craft and towed it to the dock at Blaine Harbor. 

September 29: A person entering the U.S. from Canada was found to have a felony amount of marijuana in his possession. The 28-year-old Seattle resident also had a felony warrant for his arrest. He was booked in to the Whatcom County Jail. His vehicle was seized.
September 28: A child called the police when one parent began harassing another. Officers investigated and found that no physical assault had occurred.

September 28: A Virginia resident reported that he had been defrauded for $1,050 by a business located in Vancouver, B.C., which operated out of a post office box in Blaine.

September 28: At the request of Blaine middle school an officer searched for, located, contacted and returned two surprised truant students to school. 

September 27: A business called police for assistance after observing a man enter their occupied women’s restrooms. When contacted by police, the man explained everything was fine, he was just delivering fresh clothes to his girlfriend who had found the lavatory a convenient place to take a shower while she waited for her car to be repaired nearby. His rosy-cheeked companion confirmed his toiletry tale. The couple collected their clothing and agreed to cohabitate elsewhere.

September 27: Two young ladies had a falling out. One complained to police that her former friend had broken into her apartment and stole clothes from her, but she did not want to assist in a prosecution. The two agreed with police suggestions to stay clear of each other and seek anti-harassment orders if it would help with keeping their laundry separated.