Police Report -- September 27, 2007

Published on Thu, Sep 27, 2007
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September 25: A person reported receiving a bad check as payment for a boat. The matter was investigated and a report was referred to the prosecutor for charging.

September 25: A resident reported that someone entered his unlocked pickup and took a faceplate to a Clarion radio valued at $200. An officer documented the theft.

September 25: A resident reported that someone broke her drivers side window, entered her vehicle, removed the in-dash radio valued at $100, and took personal papers. An officer investigated the theft.

September 25: A sojourner requested a place to stay because he came to visit someone in Canada on the bus but was not allowed to cross the border. The person did not have any money for lodging or food, so an officer transported him to the Mission in Bellingham.

September 24: A driver was stopped for speeding and found to have a suspended license. The driver was arrested for the offense and issued an infraction for no insurance and a criminal citation before being released at the scene. A licensed driver was allowed to take the vehicle from the scene.

September 24: A resident reported an unauthorized cash withdrawal from her bank account. The bank disputed the resident’s claim. Both parties were advised that the dispute is a civil matter.

September 24: Officers responded to a motor vehicle collision in the 1000 block of Odell Road. Two people were treated for injuries at the scene by North Whatcom Fire and Rescue Services. Both vehicles were towed from the scene. A report was completed and one person was issued a citation for failure to yield the right of way.

September 24: A resident discovered a PK7 Vertical bicycle abandoned in the alley behind his house and brought the bike to the police station for safekeeping. An officer documented the incident.

September 24: A motorist reported that a large dog had almost been hit by passing cars while walking in traffic. Officers located a 13-year-old Chow and transported him to the police station. The animal’s owner was located and reunited with her pet.

September 24: A merchant reported that a customer pumped $16 of gas, entered the store, but forgot to pay for the gas. An officer contacted the driver and advised her of the problem. She in turn contacted the merchant and paid her bill.

September 23: A person reported she accidentally left her purse in her shopping cart and when she drove back to the store she could not find it. Officers checked the trash cans and the surrounding area, but could not find the purse. The officer advised the victim to report her credit cards and cell phone as lost.

September 23: A parent contacted the police department to report their teenage daughter had not returned home from the homecoming dance. The young lady was to be home no later that 1 a.m., but arrived home close to 4 a.m., after she and her group of girlfriends were contacted by the police.

September 22: An officer assisted Border Patrol agents by providing perimeter security while they took a foreign national into custody after he entered the U.S. illegally in a forested area.

September 22: A woman requested police to check motels for her husband after he left home upset. Officers were not able to locate the spouse.

September 22: The Peace Arch Port of Entry requested assistance with a person who had been denied entry into Canada.

September 21: Police were asked to intercede and prevent an intoxicated driver from getting in her vehicle. An officer contacted the obviously intoxicated subject and impounded her keys for safekeeping. The driver returned the next day to retrieve the keys.

September 21: A motorist reported an intoxicated disorderly man walking on a city street. The man had thrown an empty beer can at the witness’ car and swore at her after she expressed her displeasure. An officer contacted the man and removed him from the street with a warning. 

September 21: A city employee brought in a skateboard that he found behind city hall in the parking lot. The skateboard was put into evidence for safekeeping.

September 21: A property owner reported that unidentified juveniles in the neighborhood are occasionally picking up rocks from her property and throwing them at a neighbor’s unoccupied property. The recipient of the rocks has grown upset about the ongoing problems. The property owner wished for police to document that neighborhood juveniles do apparently pick up rocks and throw them at the neighbor’s unoccupied property. Extra patrol requested. 

September 21: A business owner contacted the police regarding a fraud complaint. The business owner had paid about $400 for advertisement that was supposed to be placed on a calendar, but the advertisement had not been placed. The publishing company is from Peoria, Illinois. Follow-up on the complaint with the Illinois Attorney Generals Office (IAGO) revealed that IAGO has four lawsuits against the publishing company for deceptively soliciting donations to high school teams. IAGO was made aware of the Blaine business’ complaint.

September 21: A school staff member witnessed a person driving through a school parking lot after having been warned not to trespass on school property in the past. The 18-year-old suspect will be issued a citation for the offense.

September 21: Two cars were involved in a non-injury, reportable collision on a city street. An officer investigated and found both drivers to be at fault. A state report was completed.