Police Report -- September 20, 2007

Published on Thu, Sep 20, 2007
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September 18: Officers responded to a report of a physical domestic in progress. A Blaine man was arrested for domestic violence malicious mischief when it was determined that he damaged the apartment during an argument with his girlfriend.

September 18: An officer responded to the 1000 block of H Street regarding two juveniles who were in possession of marijuana and paraphenlia. The duo were arrested and processed at the station where their parents arranged pickup.

September 18: A person reported two people living with her in her apartment for the past few months have now started yelling at her and messing up her house, so she wanted them kicked out. Officer advised the complainant she would need to go through an eviction process to have them removed. An officer contacted the two tenants who said they would move out when they get paid.

September 17: An officer was sent to the 1000 block of H Street regarding a runaway juvenile. The juvenile was pick up and transported to the police department. After speaking with the juvenile, social services were contacted for foster care placement. Case turned over to social services.

September 17: A resident reported a possible burglary to a home on School Drive after discovering an expensive set of dishes missing. The theft occurred within the week. The investigation is continuing.

September 16: A man reported that some kids had threatened to slash his tires. Officers contacted the kids. They said that they had been walking by the reporting person’s truck when he ran out of his apartment screaming obscenities at them. They denied threatening any harm to the reporting person’s property. All parties involved were warned to stay away from each other. They agreed to comply.

September 16: Officers were sent to the 300 block of D Street regarding a person who had threatened suicide. The subject called dispatch via payphone and threatened to kill himself and then hung up. Officers stopped a pedestrian in the area who admitted to being at the location however denied being suicidal. Officers cleared after taking information from the pedestrian. No further calls were received.

September 16: While on patrol an officer spotted a vehicle ablaze in the 900 block of Mitchell Avenue. The officer notified dispatch who advised that the fire department was enroute. The driver advised the officer she lost power and pulled over to the curb when the vehicle burst into flames. She was not injured. The officer assisted with scene control until the fire was extinguished.

September 15: A woman reported that her estranged husband has left her about fifty harassing telephonic messages in the past two and a half months. The case is under investigation.

September 15: Officers were dispatched to a single-family home on F Street to intercede in a physical domestic dispute between a mother and her adult son. Mom reported that her son was drinking and out of control – she called police when he began breaking up the furnishings. The 46-year-old man/son was arrested for domestic violence related malicious mischief and booked into jail following a fit for jail examination.

September 15: Officers received a second noise disturbance call in the 400 block of 6th Street regarding a man parked at the curb loudly playing music in his car. Officers recontacted the car’s conductor and warned him additional calls might result in a quiet jail cell. He decided to go back inside the house and listen to his music tomorrow.

September 14: Police were dispatched to a report of loud late night music being played in the 600 block of 6th Street. Officers contacted a man parked at the curb in front of his home who was extracting the maximum benefit from his new car’s sound system. An officer advised the man that his neighbors were less than appreciative of his impromptu midnight concert. He agreed to explore the car’s pianissimo qualities.

September 14: A female motorist called 911 after an incident on state route 543. Another woman was cited for malicious mischief in the third degree as a result of the police investigation. The case was forwarded to the city prosecutor. The case was closed.

September 14: A social service representative went to an elderly Blaine resident’s home to talk with her about her well-being. The social worker called for police assistance when the resident hopped on her electric scooter and skedaddled down the street rather than chatting. An officer was able to broker a conversation between the two. From all appearances, the 94-year-old citizen’s batteries were well charged.

September 14: A U.S. motorist ran the Canadian border crossing from Point Roberts into Twassassen. He almost struck a Canadian officer and caused a traffic crash while fleeing Canadian police, all before running the U.S. border truck route crossing into Blaine. A Blaine police officer found the subject on SR543 and attempted contact, but the driver fled southbound onto I-5. Blaine officers were able to stop the suspect’s vehicle near milepost 274 and took the 39-year-old man into custody without incident. His car was impounded and he was booked into jail for felony eluding. Information was provided to Canadian officials and U.S. border officials.

September 14: A father came into the police department to report that his 15-year-old daughter may arrive in the Blaine area from another state via bus without his permission. The father wanted the local law enforcement agency aware of the incident. The father had spoken to an attorney and he will also contact WCSO as that he lives in their jurisdiction.