Police Report -- August 16, 2007

Published on Thu, Aug 16, 2007
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August 15: A person called 911 after a guest at his home became intoxicated and belligerent. The complainant advised officers that the suspect might have warrants for his arrest. Warrants were found in WACIC for the man. When police arrived at the house the suspect fled on foot for a number of blocks through yards, alleys and streets. U.S. Border Patrol was asked to assist in stopping the man, and did so. Blaine police arrested the highly intoxicated 23-year-old Blaine man for two Bellingham misdemeanor warrants for DV assault 4th and violation of a no contact order. The man was booked into jail for the warrants. A locate was sent to Bellingham police.

August 14: U.S. Border Patrol and CBP detained a man on an Amtrack regarding a Lewis County superior court felony warrant. Blaine police arrested the man for the confirmed warrant. The man was transported and booked into Whatcom County Jail. A locate was sent by U.S. Border Patrol. Case closed. 

August 14: An officer received a report from a citizen that a vehicle was driving behind her honking its horn. Officer contacted the suspected driver. The honker explained that he was upset with the traffic back up. The complainant only wanted a warning to be issued to the driver and this was done.

August 13: U.S. Customs notified Blaine police that a vehicle crossing into the United States was reported as stolen. Subject was taken into custody and transported and booked into Whatcom County Jail for possession of stolen property 1st degree. The 2005 Acura was impounded.

August 12: A complaint was received about a dog having been abandoned in the 4400 block of D Street without access to food or water. The complainant had provided the animal with sustenance. The matter will be referred to the humane society.

August 11: Blaine police assisted the Whatcom County Sheriff’s department with an arrest of a Blaine resident who was suspected of felony DV assault 2nd. The subject was taken into custody.

August 11: Homeowners in the 600 block of A Street contacted police and advised that someone removed items from their house while they were away. A car stereo, digital camera, Play station 2 and an iPOD Nano were stolen in the burglary/theft. Case under investigation.

August 10: While on patrol an officer found a transient couple sleeping inside a storage shed on property owned by the federal government in the 100 block of B Street. The property was clearly posted “do not enter.” The couple were given directions to a place they could legally camp for the night.

August 10: A parent in the 600 block of E Street asked to file a report for record purposes because neighbor boys keep harassing her son. The mother said that this time the child was riding his scooter down the street, when a neighbor boy cursed at him.

August 10: A Blaine police officer stopped a driver who was suspected of driving with a suspended license in the 800 block of Odell Road. The officer confirmed that the driver was in fact DWLS 3rd even though the driver claimed to be an innocent second party. A Department of Licensing photograph confirmed that the driver was the registered owner and was suspended from driving. The driver was charged with DWLS 3rd, obstructing and failing to cooperate with police. The driver was processed and released with a court date.

August 9: An anonymous caller reported there was someone crabbing illegally at the dock on Marine Drive. An officer arrived and contacted a group of teenagers who had two crab pots in the water. They said they thought the crabbing season was open. Officer advised the person with a fishing license the crabbing season did not open until next week. The suspects pulled their pots and apologized.

August 9: A pedestrian contacted the Blaine police to complain about the poor driving habits of a delivery driver. An officer found the delivery driver and spoke to him about the complaint. The matter is under investigation.

August 9: Officer was dispatched to a report of a dispute between a landlord and tenant in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive. The landlord would not allow the evicted tenant to retrieve two cats left in the residence. An officer contacted the landlord who allowed a friend and the officer to retrieve the cats from the residence. The cats were given to the owner.

August 9: An officer was dispatched to a home in the 500 block of F Street on a report of malicious mischief to a vehicle. On arrival an officer contacted the complainant who said as he was leaving the library he observed two young boys running from his vehicle. The complainant said he then noticed berries and a white milky substance on his vehicle. The complainant was not able to identify the boys.

August 9: A woman came into the police department to report that she left her purse at Cost Cutter by accident and when she went back to retrieve it, she couldn’t find it. An officer was dispatched to the Cost Cutter store to assist in the hunt. The search party was unable to locate the purse. The woman later reported she had located her purse at home.

August 9: A taxi driver notified Blaine police that two people hired him in Seattle to drive them to the Canadian border. Upon arriving near the customs port of entry they took their bags from the cab and ran away without paying their $500 bill. US Customs agents prior to their escape obtained identification. With the help of Border Patrol agents, the two Mexican nationals were found hiding on Marine Drive, and arrested for theft. They were released with a court date.

August 9: Officers were dispatched to a possible vehicle prowl in progress in the 400 block of Peace Portal Drive. On arrival an officer contacted a couple that were just getting off work and talking by their cars before leaving. No crime had occurred, but given the number of thefts from vehicles recently, the call was appreciated.

August 8: 911 call of an unresponsive dog in a car parked at a local business on a warm afternoon. An officer contacted the dog and its owner. The Chihuahua was quite lively and defensive of its territory. No crime. Case closed.

August 7: Officers received a request to check on an elderly resident living alone. Officers responded and found the woman to be in good health and quite articulate. The woman duly chastised the officers for interrupting her evening and they were cleared without incident.

August 7: A person called to report that someone had accessed her checking account on-line and had stolen money. Her bank had already been notified and was investigating. Report for information purposes.