Police Report -- August 09, 2007

Published on Thu, Aug 9, 2007
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August 6: Information was received concerning damage done to a Maple tree in Kilmer Park by youngsters who were reported to be attempting to build a fort. The tree will need to be replaced at a cost between $1,000 and $2,000.

August 6: Brentwood police department (California) forwarded a copy of their case report to Blaine police. A Brentwood resident alleged that a Blaine company had used her identity to charge $1051.71 worth of time on the Psychic Hot Line. There is no such known company in Blaine (incorporated or unincorporated). An informational report was generated. Case closed pending further information.

August 6: A security guard observed suspicious barrels and a taped box in the water at the Blaine Marina and thought they may contain drugs. Blaine officers and U.S. Border agents investigated and discovered a makeshift-floating device tied up to the dock. It was a clever creation, but contained no contraband.

August 5: An officer was conducting routine traffic enforcement and stopped a motorist for a stop sign violation and found the driver had a suspended license. Ultimately the 28-year-old Bellingham driver was arrested for several offenses. The vehicle was towed and the violator was released.

August 5: A person reported that he heard voices coming from an apartment in the next door to him in the 600 block of A Street, which was supposed to be vacant. Officers arrived to investigate and two of the intruders fled out a window. Officers found a remaining burglar hiding in a closet inside and located the two runners a few blocks away. It appeared the teenagers had broken into the vacant apartment to drink.

August 4: Blaine police investigated a motorcycle accident vs. cat in the 1900 block of H Street. The driver tried to miss the cat and crashed. Minor damage to motorcycle and driver sustained minor injuries to his leg. Neither driver nor cat was cited. A state collision report was completed.

August 3: A family returned home from vacation to find that there young daughter’s shiny pink and silver 18-inch girl’s bicycle had been stolen from their porch on Cherry Street. The bike has not yet been turned in to police. Officers were advised so they could watch for the bike.

August 3: Officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and arrested the driver for driving with a suspended license. Officers searched the vehicle incident to the arrest, and located methamphetamine in the car. Investigation lead to Blaine officers obtaining a search warrant for an apartment in the 300 block of Alder Street where the illegal drugs were purchased. Police executed the warrant; uncovered additional drugs packaged for sale, and arrested the occupants. Four Blaine residents ranging in age from 26 to 29-years-old were booked into jail.

August 3: A suspicious phone call was received by a subject in the 8900 block of Semiahmoo Parkway on his cell phone that discussed weapon purchases, motel room rentals and credit card problems. A report will be forwarded to the FBI.

August 3: A person complained of a little boy riding a loud motorized mini-motorcycle in the streets, on the sidewalks, and in the church parking lot near 600 G Street. Officers located the 11-year-old flying down the middle of G Street on the gas-powered scooter. Officers stopped him, impounded the bike under city ordinance and turned the youth over to his mother.

August 2: A U.S. Customs officer checked the train manifest and located a man that was traveling a protected person in violation of a valid no contact order. The order was confirmed. Blaine officers investigated the incident, observed the violation, arrested the man and transported him to Whatcom County Jail without incident.

August 2: A resident called to report that a teenage driver was spinning his tires, accelerating and driving way too fast in a residential alleyway off the 1000 block of Mitchell Street. When neighbors confronted the aggressive driver, the teen reportedly retorted, "This is a free country." Officers located the young motorist and reminded him it was indeed a free country, but the traffic tickets were anything but. Having realized that his privilege to drive was revocable, the young man apologized.

August 2: A businessman came into the police station to file a complaint against two boys who had put grass into the gas tank of his lawn mower. Officer located the two boys, who also confessed to stealing a machete while committing the vandalism. The two boys were arrested and later released to their parents.