Police Report -- June 07, 2007

Published on Thu, Jun 7, 2007
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June 5: An officer was contacted by a teenage girl who reported someone had just assaulted her by throwing a rock, which hit her in the arm. A teenaged boy was contacted and interviewed. A case report was completed and forwarded for prosecutor’s review.

June 4: Blaine Police were asked to assist CBP officers at Peace Arch port of entry regarding a woman who was driving on a suspended California drivers license. Officers transported the driver to a motel and the vehicle was towed by U.S. Customs.

June 4: Blaine police were advised of a cat problem in the 300 block of 5th St. A resident reported that neighboring cats were becoming a nuisance on the complainants property and were not receiving proper care. An officer and animal control visited the residence which the suspect felines called home, and found the cats all healthy. The complainant was advised of ways to deter the cats from trespassing in his yard.

June 4: A citizen came in to the police department asking for assistance in purchasing gasoline to get to a shelter in Bellingham. The individual was issued a one-time Salvation Army voucher to a local gas station.

June 4: Officers responded to a report of a fire in a garage in the 600 block of D St. On arrival officers found residents had observed a small amount of smoke in a garage. Officers secured the scene until fire personnel arrived and investigated. No damage occurred.

June 4: Police were notified of harassing telephone calls being received by a resident in the 600 block of Bayview Ave. The suspect was identified, contacted and interviewed. A report is being referred to prosecutor for review and charging.

June 4: Police were advised of an abandoned vehicle in the 700 block of Cherry Ave. Officers checked the vehicle and found that it was not listed as stolen. Officers are attempting to contact the owner: the vehicle was tagged and will be impounded if not removed.

June 4: An officer assisted the Washington State Patrol by checking I-5 southbound for garbage on the roadway. Officer checked the freeway but nothing was found on the interstate.

June 4: A citizen walking in the 200 block of G Street found a passport on the sidewalk. He brought it in to the police department, the owner of contacted and retrieved her property.

June 4: Officer was contacted by a citizen who found two marijuana cigarettes abandoned in a bathroom at a business. The drugs were impounded and destroyed.

June 3: A concerned citizen who unintentionally set off an alarm on a vending machine called police to confess his crime of frustration. The citizen was reportedly attempting to defend himself from an act of theft, and set off the alarm while trying to convince the machine to hand over either some product or the five dollars it had stolen from the victim. The vending machine had no visible injuries, so no crime other than the theft of money by the machine was apparent.

June 3: A business called police to report an abandoned vehicle that had been left parked for three weeks. Officers could not get in touch with the registered owner. The vehicle was marked and if it is not removed within 72 hours it will be impounded.

June 3: While digging in her backyard a woman uncovered a piece of jewelry, a partial jawbone, and a tooth. Police were contacted and took custody of the fragments. Forensic analysis revealed that the bone and tooth were definitely not human, and were most likely from a bear. Extensive speculation as to how a jewelry bedecked bear met its demise amid the rhododendrons is underway.

June 3: A mother requested assistance in locating her eight-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son, when they failed to return home from the skate park at a designated time. The children were located as they were on their way home. They had realized it was time to go home when they saw that it was getting dark.

June 2: An officer investigated a report of a suspicious vehicle parked next to a power switching station gate and found a young couple with a vehicle that needed a jumpstart. A friend arrived with jumper cables, they got their car started continued on their way.

June 2: Officers responded to a hit and run in the 1300 block of Boblett St. The passenger side mirror of a parked truck had been struck by the end of a trucks trailer. A witness gave officers the name of the suspect truck. They were able to contact the truck driver, who was unaware of the collision and drove back down from Canada to resolve the issue.

June 2: A resident called police because they saw a suspicious man who was walking near two kids and then ran into the woods. Officers contacted a transient who was camping in the area and ensured that he was leaving. No crime was committed.

June 2: Officers stopped a car for speeding. The driver apologized for the speeding, but in the process of the contact, officers learned that the motorist’s driver’s license was suspended due to prior DUI convictions. The 23-year-old Bellingham resident was also required to have an ignition interlock device, but did not. She was arrested and her vehicle was impounded. She was released after processing.

June 2: A property owner called police after finding that a coin box at his rental property had been damaged by someone trying to steal its contents. Officers were advised for extra patrol.

June 2: A person reported finding a camera in the street. The camera was placed into police evidence until the owner can be identified.

June 2: A resident called police after finding a girls bicycle in bushes near their home. Officers placed the bike into property storage pending return to its owner.