Police Report -- May 31, 2007

Published on Thu, May 31, 2007
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May 30: Residents on Garfield Street reported a dog barking incessantly in the neighborhood for several days. Officers confirmed the disruptive barking, and located a caretaker for the pet who agreed to take care of it and insure it was quiet. The report was also forwarded to animal control for continued patrols by their office.

May 29: A citizen reported seeing a vehicle strike the curb in the 400 block H Street then limp to 6th and H Street where it parked. Officers contacted the motorist and after investigation arrested the 43-year-old driver for driving under the influence of alcohol. The vehicle had sustained two flat tires and a broken mirror when the officers located it, and over two dozen beer cans were found in the passenger compartment. The driver stated she did not drink.

May 29: WCSO arrested a juvenile in the 200 block of Milhollin on Point Roberts for residential burglary. The juvenile was escorted by the U.S. Coast Guard to Blaine where Blaine officers took custody until a WCSO deputy arrived from Bellingham to transport the youth to jail.

May 29: A person reported he received a phone call from a teenager who said his mom had struck him with an object. Officers determined an argument had occurred in the home and the young man had been struck with a cord, leaving a red mark. The youth was placed into custody while the incident is investigated.

May 29: Officers responded to the 3100 Block of Haynie Road to assist WCSO units at a reported burglary scene. Five suspects were contacted, and found to be friends helping the resident move out.
May 29: This office is investigating a nuisance residence in the 1200 block of Mitchell Avenue that has been the source of numerous incidents of disorderly conduct and petty crime.

May 29: A person reported he saw a man shooting an air gun. An officer located the subject who he stated that he was attempting to scare wild birds that kept invading his yard. The officer advised the resident he was not allowed to fire pellet guns within city limits. The resident was not aware that wild birds are protected by state game law and injuring or killing them is a serious violation.

May 28: A resident in the 600 block of F Street returned home to find a door to his house had been forced open. There was no sign that anything inside the home had been disturbed. Damage to the door was estimated at about $25. There are no known suspects or witnesses to the burglary.

May 28: Blaine police were notified of a vehicle vs. property accident in the 100 block of 14th Street. A truck driver had backed over a transformer box and caused extensive damage to several electrical lines supplying that part of the city. City crews were called out to repair the damage.

May 27: While on approach to a commercial intrusion alarm, an officer observed a vehicle in the area traveling at a high rate of speed. The man took evasive action to attempt to conceal himself from police. Upon stopping the driver it was learned that the man’s privilege to drive in the state of Washington had been suspended. He was taken into custody and booked into the county jail. The alarm turned out to be false.

May 26: Officers were advised of a gas and dash of $66 worth of gas from the Shell station in the 1800 block of Peace Portal by a man driving a white Mercedes. The suspect vehicle was not located.

May 26: An officer was asked to attend the Peace Arch Port of Entry where CBP officers were detaining a Sedro Woolley man who was in possession of marijuana. The officer issued a citation to the subject for the violation.

May 26: An officer was asked to attend the Peace Arch Port of Entry where CBP officers were detaining a Bow, Washington man who was in possession of marijuana. The officer issued a citation to the subject for the violation.

May 26: An officer contacted a highly agitated transient that had just put out a small cooking fire on the beach. The transient said he was on his way out of town with one million dollars he obtained from the city. The transient’s identity was confirmed and his egress out of the city limits was not delayed.

May 25: An officer was dispatched to a report of a fire on the sidewalk in the 100 block of 6th Street. On arrival the officer found a small piece of smoldering paper that had been lit on fire. The officer checked the area but found no one in the area that would have been involved with starting the fire.

May 24: A resident in the 2200 block of Seaside Drive discovered two diamond necklaces and a diamond pendant with a total value of $5,900 had been stolen from her bedroom dresser. The case is under investigation.

May 24: Blaine police were advised that a one-year-old juvenile child had been abandoned by her mother. The child was initially left with an aunt. When the mother did not return as originally promised, the aunt reported to police that she was unable to care for the child long-term. The child was placed at the paternal grandfather’s home in Birch Bay and CPS was notified.

May 24: Officers were dispatched to a motor vehicle collision on Bell Road at Runge Avenue. The driver of the vehicle was subsequently arrested for suspicion of driving while under the influence.