Police Report -- May 10, 2007

Published on Thu, May 10, 2007
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May 9: A CBP employee saw an elderly woman fall while walking out to a car in the parking lot. The employee reported that it appeared the woman had received a fractured wrist and/or arm. Aid personnel were called to tend to her injuries. An officer also responded to the area to assist until aid units arrived.

May 8: A juvenile reported receiving threats from a classmate through MySpace. An investigation revealed an ongoing dispute between the two teenagers that had previously resulted in a suspension from school. The victim did not wish to pursue criminal charges, but asked that officers contact the suspect and ask her to leave the victim alone. The suspect was contacted by police and warned about her behavior. She agreed to stop bothering the victim.

May 8: A person in the 500 block of F Street reported that her bicycle was stolen about five days ago. There are currently no suspects in the theft of the red and blue specialized bike.

May 8: A person reported that her purse and all of its contents had been stolen. The woman left her purse outside under a table while attending a meeting at her place of employment. After the meeting ended she discovered her purse had been taken. There are no known witnesses to the theft at this time.

May 8: Blaine police were notified that an individual had grabbed miscellaneous items from a business in the 1700 block of H Street then fled from the store. Officers conducted a thorough search of the area with the assistance of Border Patrol agents, but the suspect was not located. The suspect is believed to have committed at least one other similar crime in a nearby jurisdiction on the same day.

May 8: A Semiahmoo resident in the 5300 block of Canvasback Road reported the theft of three, brass sidewalk lights from her front yard about two weeks ago. There are no known suspects or witnesses in this matter. The case is closed pending further information.

May 7: Officers were dispatched to the 200 block of B Street by an alert Border Patrol agent who discovered a woman slumped down on the front seat of her car. Officers dispatched aid for the woman who was having a diabetic emergency. Aid arrived and the woman was released after treatment.

May 7: Blaine police was notified of an active juvenile warrant for a student at the middle school. Police made contact with the 14-year-old girl. She was arrested and transported to juvenile detention.

May 6: A resident reported having been contacted by two children who were out alone and asking for directions to the Greyhound Bus. The boy and girl reportedly between the ages of 12 and 14 were not located despite the efforts of both Blaine officers and U.S. Border Patrol agents.

May 6: Officers saw a person driving who was known to have a suspended license. Officers stopped the vehicle and arrested the driver. A search of the vehicle was conducted: needles, methamphetamine pipes and other paraphernalia were found. The vehicle was impounded and the 33-year-old Blaine woman was booked into jail.

May 6: Blaine officers were dispatched to a residence in the 400 block of B Street where NWFRS were attending to a patient who said his injuries were a result of having been assaulted the previous night. Officers spoke with the victim regarding his injuries and obtained suspect information. Attempts are being made to contact the suspect.

May 6: Officers responded to the U.S./Canadian border crossing for a subject who was found to be in possession of steroids. Officers interviewed the person and took custody of the suspected drugs. The case will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

May 6: Officers took a vehicle prowl report from a resident in the Salishan neighborhood. The victim reported that his truck had been gone through, but nothing of value had been taken. Officers did a neighborhood canvas and discovered 16 more vehicles had been ransacked in about a 10-block area. At the time of the report no stolen items had been discovered by the victims. During the canvas one couple reported having seen two persons wearing dark clothing and hooded sweatshirts walking in the area in the early morning.

May 5: A resident reported several intoxicated teenagers were in the alley near her residence. Officer's arrived and located nine teenagers in an apartment. Seven of the teenagers were taken into custody for being in possession of alcohol and one of them was also arrested for furnishing the alcohol to the minors. The teenagers were released to their parents.

May 5: Officers responded to a report of drunken juveniles by a residence and discovered an underage party in progress. A 19-year-old man was found in violation of a no contact order and was arrested without incident. He was later booked into jail. Several impaired juveniles were also arrested and processed for minor in possession.

May 4: An officer responded to a complaint from a port security officer that an impaired driver was leaving the pier. An officer located the vehicle and stopped it as it was leaving the area. The driver was contacted and found to be impaired. The 50-year-old Blaine woman was arrested and processed for the offense.

May 4: A homeowner contacted the police department seeking advise on how to best deal with a golfer who entered his private property in the 5400 block of Quail Run to retrieve a ball. The homeowner felt the golfer was unresponsive to his request to respect his right to restrict people from coming onto his property uninvited. A report was taken to document that the golfer had been told not to trespass.

May 4: Dispatch reported an anonymous person was going from door to door at a motel asking someone to call 911 because someone was bleeding. Officer's arrived and contacted two male subjects in front of the motel. Both subjects were highly intoxicated and one had a little blood on his mouth, but he and his friend would not say how it got there. The man with the cut lip refused any medical attention. Officer discovered the other man had a local warrant for his arrest. The man was taken into custody and booked into jail.

May 3: Officers observed a pickup truck in the 400 block of H Street with two young men standing in the bed of the truck as it was driving down the road. The driver was issued an infraction for intermediate license violation. Passengers were released to walk the rest of their destination after a verbal warning.

May 3: An officer stopped a car in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive after learning the registered owner did not have a license. The driver was arrested and a search of the vehicle was done. A marijuana pipe with residue was found in the car. The driver was processed and released with a court date.

May 3: Officers were asked to check the welfare of a Blaine middle school student who had missed most of the week at school. Officers contacted the individual and their parents. The parents were advised of the truancy laws and they took their child to school.

May 3: Officers were dispatched to the Blaine post office for the findings of a suspicious substance found in an envelope. Officers arrived and Hazmat was dispatched, which upon arrival concluded the suspicious substance was actually non-threatening.