Police Report -- May 03, 2007

Published on Thu, May 3, 2007
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May 2: A 5-year-old child woke early, got dressed and decided to walk to his dad’s work, but decided not to file a flight plan with mom. The child was intercepted by a concerned jogger who took the child home and contacted police. An officer was able to locate the youngster’s home and contacted mom. The parents will install added childproofing to deter future adventures. There was no indication that the mortified parents were neglecting the child.

May 1: Citizens found two boys bicycles on an empty lot in the 1000 block of D Street and brought the bikes to the police department. The mountain bikes will be held for safekeeping and hopeful return to their owners.

May 1: Blaine officers were advised that a front license plate was stolen from a car that had been parked at a business in the 300 block of 3rd Street on April 29. The rear plate was removed by the owner, and the license plate number was entered into national databases as stolen.

May 1: A business in the 1600 block of H Street reported that a person stole a Blaine skate park donation box from the checkout counter. The exact amount of money in the box was unknown, but was believed to be between $60 and $100. The thief was caught on video and is known to police. He is being sought.

May 1: Blaine officers responded to the 1700 block of H Street on a report of two subjects possibly using stolen credit cards to obtain cash. Officers located and detained one person and were able to confirm he was not involved. The second subject left the area and was not located by police.

April 30: Officers investigated a two-vehicle non-injury collision. A vehicle on Semiahmoo Parkway braked hard to avoid a dog which ran across the road, and the braking car was struck by the vehicle which was right behind it. A notice of infraction will be issued to the violator for following too closely.

April 30: Blaine police responded to the 1300 block of Peace Portal Drive regarding a malicious mischief report. Sometime on the evening of April 29 someone entered private property and scratched pictures into brand new window patio doors on two condo units. Damage was estimated in the thousands of dollars. Police are investigating and recovered evidence at the scene with the help of the property owner.

April 30: A person reported that their foster child had broken into his parent’s bedroom and stole about $15 in change. The parents wanted to assist in a criminal charging, in order to teach consequences to the youth. All information was sent to the juvenile prosecutor’s office for review.

April 30: A sticky disagreement between two young ladies boiled over at Burger King when teenager A poured a milkshake over teenager B’s car. Officers located and contacted the pouree – she expressed remorse and agreed to disagree more civilly in the future.

April 30: A passerby reported seeing a motorist at a car wash possibly brandishing a handgun. Officers contacted two men and found that the weapon they were waving about was actually the car wash air freshener nozzle. It looked more like a taser than a pistol actually, but was certainly worthy of a call to police. One of the men contacted had two outstanding warrants. The 21-year-old Birch Bay resident was arrested and booked into jail.

April 29: Officers were dispatched to a reported 911 hang up call in the 500 block of E Street. On arrival officer’s found an adult male inside the house had warrants for his arrest and a no contact order. Officer’s arrested the man and booked him into the Whatcom County Jail.