Police Report -- April 12, 2007

Published on Thu, Apr 12, 2007
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April 9: Officers were dispatched to a neighborhood dispute involving several children in the 500 block of E Street. Officers contacted all parties involved and their parents and negotiated an assurance that there would be no further problems.

April 9: Officers were dispatched to the 1800 block of Peace Portal Drive regarding a gas drive-off from a service station. A license number was obtained and the suspect driver was contacted. She had not realized that her credit card transaction had not been completed and will contact the gas station in the morning to make arrangements for payment

April 8: A person called to report an assault. An officer responded and determined that the events all occurred outside the city limits. The person was referred to the Whatcom County sheriff’s office.

April 8: A 12-year-old boy lost control of his bicycle, hit the curb, fell, and sprained his wrist. The boy refused medical aid and was given a ride home by police officers. The boy’s mother thanked the officer for helping and proceeded to treat her son’s injury.

April 7: A neighbor called to report that children were removing glass bottles from a recycling bin near an alley and smashing them on the ground. An officer contacted the juveniles, warned them about the dangers of breaking glass, and contacted their parents so that the mess could be cleaned up.

April 6: A complainant reported that two days ago he had been knocked off his feet by another person who had ran past him outside a store, breaking the complainant’s bottle of wine, valued at $5 U.S. The store replaced the bottle of wine without charge and the person who suffered the fall had no other complaints.

April 6: Officers responded to a report of smoke near 5th and G streets. An officer arrived in the area and found a pile of newspaper and magazines smoldering in an alleyway in the 400 block between F and G streets. An officer extinguished the fire with a garden hose loaned by a resident and the remaining garbage was moved off of the alleyway. The incendiary refuse owner was not identified. 

April 6: An officer was dispatched to a report of a pit bull running loose in the 600 block of 12th Street. On arrival the officer found the pit bull and its owner and warned the owner of the city’s leash laws. The owner promised to keep the dog inside the house or restrained.

April 6: An officer was dispatched to a report of dogs barking in the 300 block of 11th Street and confirmed the cacophony upon his arrival. The officer contacted the property owner where the dogs were staying, and issued a warning for the violation.

April 6: A 16-year-old boy made an inappropriate comment to a school bus driver, then refused to exit the bus when instructed to do so and caused a disturbance. The student received a written order prohibiting his presence on school property and school buses. A parent was notified to meet his son off campus. Police investigated and submitted a report on disorderly conduct to the juvenile prosecutor for review and charting as appropriate.

April 6: A young man accidentally pumped $1.61 more gas than he had the ability to pay for. He advised the clerk that he was short of funds and promised to return with the money. The clerk copied the driver’s license number and contacted police, who in turn contacted a parent. The bill was promptly paid and no further police action was requested.

April 6: Passersby called police with concerns about a possibly intoxicated man walking along the tracks in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers contacted the gentleman: he was sober and taking a break from working on a nearby construction project by collecting small tree limbs from along the railroad tracks.

April 6: An officer checked on the welfare of a truant student at the request of the middle school administrators. The student was located in Birch Bay with a parent and was all right. Mom called the school to update them on her child’s status.

April 5: This office received a form documenting the impound of an unauthorized vehicle which had been left on the property of a local company. An informational report was completed to documented the incident.

April 5: A pest control business reported the loss of 14 bait stations from two commercial buildings in Blaine. The loss was estimated at $210.

April 5: Officers received a complaint about barking dogs in a neighborhood. The pet owner was contacted and provided police with a detailed account of the limited nature of the auditory intrusion. No further complaints were received.

April 5: Officers investigated a two-car hit and run collision in the 1000 block of 4th Street. The suspect was located and issued a citation for hit and run and a notice of infraction for improper backing and fail to show proof of insurance. 

April 5: A merchant received a counterfeit U.S. $20 bill from a customer and notified the police. The customer received the bill in Canada and had no idea that it was fake. The counterfeit bill was forwarded to the U.S. Secret Service with a copy of the customer’s statement.

April 5: A 14-year-old boy threw a temper tantrum when his mother refused to let him go to the skate park and punched a hole in the kitchen wall. Officers calmed the young man down, advised him of his rights, and received his confession on why he lost his temper. A domestic violence report was submitted to the juvenile prosecutor with counseling and curfew recommendations.