Police Report -- March 22, 2007

Published on Thu, Mar 22, 2007
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March 19: A person reported that his iPod had been stolen from an unlocked locker at Blaine high school. The iPod was valued at about $300. There is no suspect in this case.

March 19: A person reported a 7-year-old boy was causing a disturbance at a local kids club. An officer arrived and attempted to communicate with the young boy, but he refused to say anything and would not listen to anyone. An officer contacted the mother and asked her to come pick up her child and she did.

March 19: A person reported a teenage boy broke a railing at the skate park on purpose. The case is under investigation. 

March 19: A school official reported she saw a vehicle driving fast through the rear parking lot of the Blaine high school. A student told the school official to whom the vehicle belonged. An officer attempted to locate the vehicle, but it had already left the area. The vehicle returned at lunch and picked up a student. School officials requested police try to locate the driver of the suspect vehicle and have them trespassed from school property. An officer attempted to locate the driver, but had negative results.

March 19: The guardian of a 15-year-old boy reported having been assaulted by the teenager. The man stated he was not injured, but he did feel intimidated by the boy. The boy was located by officers, arrested for DV assault 4th degree and booked into the juvenile detention facility.

March 18: A person reported he parked his tractor trailer in the truck stop parking lot a few days ago and when he came back he noticed someone had backed into the front of his truck. There are no known witnesses and no suspect information was available at time of report.

March 18: An officer was on routine patrol when he noticed a vehicle commit a traffic violation. The officer stopped the vehicle and determined the driver had a suspended driver’s license. The 41-year-old driver was arrested for driving while license suspended in the 3rd degree and his vehicle was impounded. 

March 17: An officer was contacted by a business employee who wanted to report that a man had just been at her gas station and attempted to give the employee three counterfeit $20 bills. The employee refused the money and she was given good bills in exchange. The employee was not able to provide officers with enough suspect information for follow up. 

March 17: Dispatch reported a non-injury, non-blocking vehicle collision at the corner of 3rd and Martin streets. Officers arrived and contacted both drivers and recorded their information. Officer determined vehicle No. 1 failed to yield to vehicle No. 2. The driver of vehicle No. 1 did not have insurance and his driver’s license was suspended. The 20-year-old Oregon man had his vehicle impounded and was arrested for driving while license was suspended.

March 16: WSP investigated a collision on I-5 near Ferndale and one of the vehicles contributing to the collision was noticed in Blaine by one of the occupants in the collision. The occupant notified WSP who in return asked for Blaine police assistance to identify the driver of the other vehicle. An officer did identify the driver who admitted to being involved with the collision and admitted to leaving the scene. The driver was detained until WSP arrived.

March 16: An officer was contacted by an individual who wanted to report a hit and run that occurred the day before. The man reported the suspect had backed into his vehicle while it was parked in front of a local business. When he attempted to contact the other driver regarding the incident, the suspect exited his vehicle and began calling the victim names and attempted to engage him in a fight. The suspect then left the area without exchanging information with the suspect. A license number was obtained from the suspect vehicle and an investigation is being conducted.

March 16: Two individuals were caught riding a Blaine school bus with another student. The individuals, who were in the company of a Blaine student, were not school students and had caught the bus to Blaine for a job interview. The Blaine and Bellingham residents were contacted by an officer and they were given trespass warnings at the request of school officials.

March 15: During patrols, an officer observed smoke coming from the back of a business in the 200 block of D Street. Further investigation determined that a large dumpster next to the building had caught fire. The fire department was summoned and the officer was able to extinguish enough of the fire with a nearby garden hose to pull the dumpster away from the building. There was no damage to the building. It is unknown how the fire started. The owner of the business was contacted and advised of the incident. 

March 15: Officers were notified that an unknown male had opened a mailbox that did not belong to him in the 200 block of Cherry Street. The unknown person saw that he was being watched by a resident in the area and he quickly fled on foot. An area check was made, but the individual could not be located.

March 15: Officers responded to a Blaine residence for a reported domestic disturbance. Upon arrival the officers met with the female complainant who stated that her husband struck her in the head with his fist. The victim had obvious injuries to her head. A 37-year-old man was booked into jail on domestic violence charges.

March 15: Blaine middle school called and requested an officer in regards to a student who had brought two pocket knives on campus. The student was spoken to about the offense. A parent arrived on the scene and the boy was released. The school is handling the incident internally.

March 15: The WCSO requested Blaine police assistance in detaining a suspect of a domestic violence incident that occurred in the county. The person of interest was located and turned over to a sheriff’s deputy for their investigation.

March 14: Officers were dispatched to theft complaint where a patio chair was stolen from a front yard of a private residence in the 1500 block of D Street. Officers contacted the owner and took a report. No suspects at this time. and extra patrols were provided.

March 14: Officers were asked to intervene in a dispute between a juvenile male and his guardian. A threat was reportedly made to one of the involved parties. The case was referred to the prosecutor’s office for review. 

March 14: A school official reported that there had been a fight between two students on campus. The case was investigated and assault charges are being forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

March 14: A person called police when they saw an older white vehicle driving slowly through a neighborhood in the 2100 block of Bayview Avenue. They thought it was suspicious because the driver had a flashlight and was shining it at houses. Officers responded and saw a vehicle leaving the area at an extremely high rate of speed. Officers were not able to catch the vehicle. Officers checked the area and everything appeared to be ok.