Police Report -- March 15, 2007

Published on Thu, Mar 15, 2007
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March 14: Officers responded to a domestic dispute between two roommates in the 900 block of Alder Street. Following an investigation, one person was arrested for assault and booked into jail.

March 13: An administrator from the Blaine middle school called to report a male subject was causing a disturbance and would not leave the campus. Officers arrived, but the suspect had fled the area. Officer attempted to locate the suspect, but had negative results. Case under investigation.

March 13: An officer stopped a person that he knew to be driving with a suspended license. The driver was arrested for DWLS. A subsequent K9 search revealed a small amount of suspected marijuana and three glass pipes with suspected marijuana residue. The driver was arrested and issued criminal citations for the violations and then released. The vehicle was taken from the scene by a licensed driver.

March 13: A person reported she accidentally left her wallet at a local store the previous night. She realized the mistake in the morning and called the store to see if they had it. The store reported they had found her wallet this morning, but there was no money in it. An unknown suspect(s) had stolen $378 in cash from the wallet.

March 12: A person reported he found a bike in his front yard a few days ago and he has no idea who it belongs to. Officer impounded the 18-speed Mongoose bicycle as found property and attempted to locate the owner, but had negative results.

March 12: Officers received a report that an individual had brandished a knife during an argument. Officers arrived and discovered a 14-year-old boy had brandished a 2-inch folding knife during an argument with his older sister and two other individuals. No one was hurt during the incident. The boy was arrested and booked into juvenile detention.

March 12: Officers responded to a report of a car prowl in progress in the 1700 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers arrived and found it was the owner of the vehicle.

March 12: An anonymous person reported she was walking her dog when she came across a rottweiler running around the streets. An officer located the dog, but was unable to capture it and unable to locate the owner. The humane society was contacted and informed of the rogue canine.

March 12: A person reported a former employee has been withdrawing money out of his bank account without his authorization. Case under investigation.

March 12: A person in the 600 block of F Street reported three of her tires were slashed the previous night. This is the second time the tires were slashed within four weeks. Case under investigation.

March 12: A person in the 400 block of 6th Street reported finding a little girls’ Rallya bicycle in their back yard a few days ago. Officer impounded the bike and attempted to locate the owner, but had negative results.

March 12: A business reported a tractor trailer pulled into their parking lot and struck a light pole. An officer arrived and found no one to be injured. The officer recorded the truck driver’s information for a traffic collision report.

March 11: A person requested assistance with a civil standby while he retrieved some of his personal belongings from the house where his estranged spouse lives. An officer stood by while the man removed his belongings.

March 11: A report of a loud party at a residence in the 1300 block of Blaine Avenue was received. Officers could not locate a party but did determine that another tenant’s TV was loud and could have been mistaken for a party. The complainant did not wish contact with police.

March 11: While on patrol, an officer saw a trio of young juveniles (about 12- to13-years old) walking at 1:15 a.m. While speaking with the trio, it was found that the parents probably did not know where their children were. Phone calls were placed and the juveniles were released to adults.

March 10: A runaway report was obtained from a parent. The family had been in telephone contact with the 15-year-old girl, but she would not tell them where she was and would not come home. The girl attended school the following day, and her mother was notified of her whereabouts.

March 10: Officers were called regarding a vehicle that had taken a wrong turn onto the front lawn of a private residence in the 700 block of D Street. Officers determined the driver was lost and had taken the wrong turn while looking for the U.S. immigration office. The California driver called AAA to help him remove his stuck car from the lawn. Officers cleared with no further assistance needed.

March 10: Blaine police stopped a driver suspected of driving while suspended and confirmed that he was in fact DWLS 3rd. The driver could not produce proof of insurance, was processed at the scene and released. His vehicle was released to a licensed driver.

March 9: Officers were advised a small group of young females believed they were being followed by a man in a car. The group called 911 and hid near the elementary school until an officer could arrive. While talking with the group the car again drove by. The vehicle and occupants were contacted when they pulled into a gas station. The car was occupied by two teenage females who were simply out cruising and were not even aware of the younger children.

March 9: A woman was arrested on an outstanding domestic warrant issued by the Blaine municipal court. She was apprehended when arriving for a meeting with her probation officer. The woman was booked into jail without incident.

March 9: Officers responded to a report of 10 people fighting near a residence in the 900 block of Cedar Street. Police found only two people had actually been in a fight stemming from an ongoing dispute between two groups of young adults. Racial epithets were voiced during the incident but the victim declined to assist in an investigation. All parties were warned about disorderly behavior and two suspects were released to a parent for the night.

March 8: An Idaho law enforcement agency requested Blaine officers to assist in the apprehension of two felony fugitives. Two separate addresses were checked with negative results.

March 8: Officers were dispatched to a home in the 1000 block of Mitchell Avenue to take a report on damage done to a vehicle. The vehicle owner also related that he was assaulted by the female who had damaged his vehicle. An officer on patrol stopped the vehicle which contained the female suspect. Following an investigation, she was issued a citation for the assault, malicious mischief and was then released.

March 8: WCSO requested assistance with a verbal dispute between a father and his 18-year-old daughter. The Blaine officer arrived and kept the peace until the deputy arrived.

March 8: Officers checked on the welfare of a juvenile male who was threatening suicide. Upon arrival officers found out that the juvenile’s family counselor was enroute to counsel the family during this crisis.

March 8: Blaine police were notified by a Seattle resident that someone had stolen her Washington license plates (front and back) from her vehicle. It is unknown exactly where in Blaine that this occurred. License plates were entered into the computer as stolen and a report was filed.

March 8: An officer contacted an adult female who became stranded in Blaine and was walking home southbound on the shoulder of I-5. The female was given a written warning for walking on the freeway and was then transported home by the officer.

March 8: An officer stopped a vehicle with expired license plates tabs in the 1100 block of Hughes Avenue and found the driver to be DWLS 3rd. The driver was processed at the scene and given a mandatory court date. The driver was also given an infraction for no proof of insurance, expired license plates and a defective windshield. The vehicle was released to the driver’s father.

March 7: Blaine police responded to the 400 block of F Street where an assault had been reported. Officers made contact with juveniles involved and were told that a pillow fight had gone wrong and a slap was issued by one of the parties involved. The victim did not wish to pursue charges.

March 7: Officer stopped a vehicle in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive and found the drive to be DWLS 3rd. The driver could not provide proof of vehicle insurance. The driver was arrested, processed and released with mandatory court appearance. The vehicle was released to a licensed relative.

March 7: A business owner in the 600 block of 14th Street complained about a customer’s interaction with female employees. The owner prepared a no trespass order and a Blaine officer served it. The customer understood that he would be arrested if he returned to the business.

March 6: This office received a referral from the Bellingham police department regarding a sexualassault that may have occurred in the Blaine area. The incident is under investigation and officers are attempting to determine the actual location of the incident.

March 6: An officer confirmed a level three registered sex offender (high risk to re-offend) may be moving from the county to the city of Blaine in March. A new risk - level three notification bulletin will be published if and when the offender moves to Blaine.