Police Report -- March 08, 2007

Published on Thu, Mar 8, 2007
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March 6: A mother reported she received a call from her daughter at home who reported that her younger brother and friends were smoking marijuana in the family home.
An officer responded to the home at the owner’s request and arrested three juveniles for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia as they attempted to flee out the back door of the residence.

March 6: Dispatch reported a hit and run collision at a gas station in the 1800 block of Peace Portal Drive. An officer located the suspect vehicle as he was enroute to the gas station. An officer confirmed the suspect vehicle was the one that hit another vehicle at the gas station. The driver indicated she did not know she had hit a vehicle. The driver was escorted back to the gas station where information was exchanged. The damage was minor.

March 5: A Seattle resident reported he loaned a boat trailer to a friend two years ago and the friend never returned it. The individual has made several attempts to contact his friend to get his trailer back, but has had no luck. An officer contacted the man who had the trailer and asked him to get a hold of the owner of the trailer. The man said he would give him a call.

March 5: A resident reported she was walking home from school when a truck driver started to talk to her from his truck and then asked her if she wanted some company. The individual called police to report the incident after getting home. The case is under investigation.

March 5: A person reported she discovered someone had hacked into her computer and used her accounts to purchase items on different internet accounts. The case is under investigation. 

March 5: A resident reported she and her husband are in the process of a divorce and he continues to enter her home without permission. The individual does not wish to pursue the matter criminally, but wanted a report filed for record purposes.

March 5: A person reported he parked his vehicle at a friend’s house a couple months ago and when he came to pick it up his stereo was missing. There are no suspects.

March 4: Officers responded to a report of a verbal domestic dispute in the 500 block of 8th Street. Officers arrived and spoke with an upset mother who was trying to get several children to bed. No crime had occurred. Officers cleared without incident.

March 3: Officers were dispatched to a report of suspicious activity involving two vehicles on Ludwick Avenue. On arrival officers contacted both parties and found they were husband and wife. It was found that the wife was bringing lunch to her husband who is a long haul truck driver. 

March 3: A clerk in the 8700 block of Semiahmoo Parkway reported that a 6-month-old puppy without tags entered the business and did not want to leave. An officer notified the humane society of the dog’s location and the it was given a home for the night.