Police Report -- February 22, 2007

Published on Thu, Feb 22, 2007
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February 17: An officer was contacted at the police station by a man who wanted a power stat card for a neighbor who was in the dark. While helping solve the utility issue, the diligent officer was able to determine that the resident who needed power wasn’t asking for assistance in person because he had outstanding tickets. With continued diligence, the officer soon discovered that the person who did come to the police station had a felony warrant outstanding for his arrest. 
Realizing that a jailbird in hand was worth two in the dark, the officer arrested and booked the 50-year-old Blaine resident into a cell where he could contemplate his situation under proper lighting.

February 17: A man pumped $58 of gas and left without making any attempt to pay for the fuel.  The incident is under investigation.

February 16: An officer was dispatched to a call from a resident in the 600 block of F Street after someone cut the rear tires on her car and stole a Dell Inspiron laptop from the vehicle. Officers investigated and searched the area for suspects, but did not locate the thieving vandal. The case is under investigation.

February 16: An officer contacted a highly intoxicated gentleman in a business parking lot.  They found that he was waiting for friends to return so he could get back into their car. The friends arrived and poured their poor friend into the back seat.

February 17: Officers are investigating a motor vehicle theft after a resident loaned his pickup to a friend and it was subsequently stolen and left stripped in Bellingham.  No arrests have been made yet, but suspects have been identified.

February 17: While on patrol, an officer came upon a semi-tractor and trailer combination that had fallen off Odell Road. A tow company was called and successfully returned the truck to the road from whence it came.

February 16: Officers arrived at a residence following a reported 911 hang up call at the home.  They found an attentive parent teaching their youngster how to use 911. Both mom and the little one received an education about just how well the 911 system works. 

February 16: The sheriff’s office advised that they had probable cause to arrest a person in Blaine who had committed a domestic violence assault in the county.  The suspect refused to answer the door at his home. A search warrant was obtained and executed, and the assault suspect was arrested and booked into jail.

February 16: An officer responded to a minor, non-injury collision on the truck route and assisted the drivers with the exchange of information. The officer discovered that one driver had a suspended and revoked driver’s license and no ignition interlock as required. The driver was cited for these criminal violations and for two other traffic infractions. 

February 15: An officer received a second hand report of a foul odor in the 600 block of G Street. Police found no immediate health threat and referred the problem to building and codes. Inspectors contacted a resident in the area who identified the stench as the material he’s sprayed on his lawn to repel bladder compromised canines.

February 15: Shortly after his wife left the house, a resident came outside to visit his mailbox. He saw that his spouse had been stopped by police nearby for a traffic violation, so he peddled his bike over to see what was happening.  He discovered that his spouse was driving on a suspended drivers license, at just about the same time that the police were discovering that the wife was also in possession of methamphetamine. The husband was not able to provide much assistance, because he was wanted on a warrant of his own for a criminal traffic violation. The couple ended their evening after Valentine’s Day together, being booked into Whatcom County Jail.

February 15: An officer assisted a resident with a mental health problem. The person was provided transportation to the triage center in Bellingham.

February 14: The Blaine police received information about a possible sex offense. The victim declined to assist in an investigation at this time.

February 14: An officer was called to the high school for a drug possession offense after a 17-year-old student was found in possession of a small amount of marijuana and prescription medications in a plain bottle. The drugs were impounded, a case report was prepared for the juvenile prosecutor, and school officials will also be addressing the issue.