Police Report -- February 08, 2007

Published on Thu, Feb 8, 2007
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February 6: A Blaine officer observed a vehicle with a horizontal crack across the windshield and ran the plate. It was then discovered the registered owner had a suspended driver's license. The driver of the vehicle matched the physical description of the suspended driver, so a traffic stop was initiated. The driver was identified as the suspended party and was arrested, processed, and released. The vehicle was impounded.

February 5: A person reported someone spray painted graffiti on the side of his apartment building in the 400 block of Peace Portal Drive. There are currently no suspects to the vandalism.

February 5: An officer placed an abandoned vehicle notice on a vehicle which has not been moved for over a week in the 100 block of 6th Street. The license plate has cancelled registration and the new license plates that should be on the vehicle are not displayed.

February 5: An officer recognized a Blaine resident who was driving his vehicle on a city street as someone who was known to have a misdemeanor warrant. The vehicle was stopped and the driver arrested for the warrant. He was also found to have suspended driving privileges and was cited.

February 5: An anonymous person reported an abandoned vehicle parked along the street for about one week. An officer located the owner and asked him to move it. The owner said he would have it moved. Officer still left a 72 hour notice on the front windshield of the vehicle, so it could be towed if not moved as promised.

February 5: An officer saw a male subject attempting to hide in the doorway of a Blaine school building at 1 a.m. Three juveniles were contacted, including two 13-year-old females. The parents were contacted and all juveniles returned home. No damage was found.

February 4: Officers responded to a report of a possible vandalism occurring at a business in the 1700 block of H Street. Upon arriving, no suspects were located. Graffiti was found in semi-fresh paint on the back of the business. The vandalism was documented.

February 4: Officers were dispatched to a report of someone hitting the side of a house in the 600 block of F Street and then knocking on the door. Officers checked around the residence and found no one in the area. Officers checked with the complainant who said she thought someone may have thrown several small rocks against her house.

February 4: Officers were dispatched to a reported alarm in the 8000 block of Goshawk Lane. Officers contacted caregivers at the residence and determined they did not have the proper code. The alarm company will be contacted to resolve the problem.

February 3: An officer was contacted by a resident in the 9000 block of Allan Street who said a neighbor’s dog has been barking for about an hour. The officer contacted the dog owner who agreed to put the dog inside the house.

February 3: Police received a report of a 911 hang-up call at a residence in the 1200 block of Runge Avenue. A call back to the residence indicated “static.” Officers found the residence to be secure. A concerned neighbor contacted the officers and advised them that the resident was out of the country.

February 3: Officers were dispatched to the 1000 block of H Street for an adult male who had fallen. Officers stood by and monitored the patient until aid arrived.

February 2: Officers were advised of a subject who was allegedly placing harassing phone calls to friends in Kansas from an address in the 600 block of A Street. Officers made contact with the Blaine resident who denied placing the calls.

February 2: Officers responded to a report of an assault that had taken place near a phone booth. Officers located the parties 10 minutes later and learned their verbal dispute was over. They were having lunch and did not need police assistance.

February 2: Officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Peace Portal Drive regarding a female subject screaming at passing cars. An officer made contact with the transient female and convinced her to take a ride to the mission. The subject was transported without incident.

February 2: A parent complained about two ethnic cartoon pictures placed on her son's desk at school. Two students admitted their role in the incident and were disciplined by the school. A Blaine officer investigated the incident and found all of the guilty parties had apologized for the harassment, drawings, and inappropriate remarks. The victim and his mother requested no further action.