Police Report -- February 01, 2007

Published on Thu, Feb 1, 2007
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January 30: A resident called to report a recurring noise problem in the 1100 block of Harborside Drive. An officer arrived and also heard the noise. When he approached the residence the noise stopped, but the noisemaker declined to answer the door. Multiple past warnings to the resident have gone unheeded and criminal charges are forthcoming.

January 30: Officer was dispatched to the Boys & Girls Club regarding a threat made by a youth to a staff member. Officer contacted the suspect boy and his parent about the complaint. The boy was trespassed from the club until further notice and warned that any future inappropriate behavior could result in criminal charges.

January 30: A business owner came to the police department to complain about a customer giving her a bad check for the second time. The owner was given information for forwarding the check to the prosecutor’s check diversion unit.

January 29: While on patrol officers noticed a man standing on the side of the road yelling at a woman he was with. Officers separated the pair; the woman insisted she was fine and declined police assistance.

January 29: Officers responded to a report of a semi tractor trailer blocking a roadway. The driver failed to negotiate a corner on Hughes Avenue and Yew Street near I-5. His trailer became stuck and blocked most the Hughes Avenue roadway. The truck driver left the area. He was later located in the southbound #2 lane of I-5, where he had been struck by at least one vehicle. WSP responded and investigated the pedestrian collision.

January 29: A resident in the 600 block of 9th Street reported someone entered his attached garage and stole $1,305 worth of power tools.

January 29: A person reported his MP-3 player was stolen while he was at school. The player was valued at $170. There are suspects at this time.

January 29: A person reported his iPod was stolen while he was at school. School administrators located the person responsible and recovered the iPod. Officers arrested the 15-year-old suspect and then released her to her mother. 

January 28: An employee in the 400 block of Marine Drive reported her purse was stolen from her workplace while she was busy. Officers searched for but could not find the two teenage customers who the victim thought might have been responsible. Total loss was estimated at $700.

January 27: Officers received a complaint about a person practicing the drums in an apartment building in the 600 block of A Street at 11:30 p.m. As the practice was disturbing the sleep of a lot of neighbors, the drummer agreed to stop for the night and resume at a more reasonable hour.

January 27: A resident in the 500 block of 8th Street reported that two young boys continue to harass her by throwing pine cones at her residence. An officer contacted the boy’s parents and advised them of the complaint.

January 27: While on patrol an officer observed a group of people congregating in the roadway on 4th Street north of D Street. Two of the males in the group were moving in a manner that indicated a fight was brewing. As the officer approached the group to determine what was going on they separated with people running in different directions. A number of involved people were contacted and identified.

January 26: Blaine officers responded to a report of loud music in the 1100 block of Harborside Drive. Officers made contact with juveniles and one adult who had been drinking. One subject resisted arrest and another juvenile known to officers fled inside the residence and was not apprehended. Two were arrested and released to parents. Report forwarded to juvenile and adult prosecutors.

January 26: A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer found a small amount of marijuana and a used pipe in a vehicle at the inspection area. The driver admitted to possession of the controlled substance for his personal use and to using the pipe to smoke the marijuana. The man was cited into Blaine municipal court and the items were impounded as evidence.

January 25: Blaine police responded to a report of a dog bite in the 700 block of G Street. The young victim had minor injury to his face and the dog was found to have current shot records provided by the owner. Notifications were made to all involved in the status of the shot record. No charges filed. Case closed.

January 25: A business owner in the 400 block of 8th Street reported the theft of a four-foot garden bench and damage to two entrance lights at his business. Repairs are estimated at $274. The incident was documented.

January 25: Officers responded to a report of juvenile trespassers in the 800 block of G Street. Upon arrival the officers were able to ascertain that the four juvenile females were truant from Blaine middle school. The students were returned to school, where authorities will take administrative action.

January 25: The city received an anonymous complaint through the mail from a writer who complained about the signage on a Harrison Street roundabout. The concern was forwarded to public works who is responsible for street signage.

January 24: A speeding motorist failed to stop for a flagger as directed and ran into her stop sign. The flagger was not injured. The driver yelled profanities and drove off. The road rage incident was reported to the police. The report will be sent to the city prosecutor for review.

January 24: A child in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive reported her mom’s boyfriend had beat up her brother and was not supposed to be in the house because of a no contact order. An officer attempted to locate the boyfriend, but had negative results. The officer placed the two children into protective custody and turned them over to Child Protective Services. Charges have been forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

January 24: A property owner in the 1300 block of Bayview Court reported that a tagger sprayed graffiti with red and black paint on a new stained wood fence. The paint cannot be removed from the fence and five sections of wood panels will have to be replaced. The repairs are estimated at $1,000. The incident was documented

January 24: Officer received a report from a person who said while she was parked at a friend’s house someone had taken two small wallets from her car. There are no suspects.

January 24: A person called police when they saw a group of juveniles slapping mailboxes and looking in windows of cars late at night. As officer’s arrived and contacted one subject, the other’s fled on foot. With the help of Border Patrol all were caught and delivered to their parents.