Police Report -- January 11, 2007

Published on Thu, Jan 11, 2007
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January 9: Officers stopped a car after learning its registered owner was suspended from driving in Washington. The 34-year-old Blaine driver was arrested and issued citations for the violations. Their car was impounded, and they were provided a ride to their residence.

January 9: A school official reported to police officers that a fight had broken out inside a gymnasium between attendees after an evening basketball game.  Two 18-year-old Blaine men and a 16-year-old Blaine teen were located and arrested for possession of alcohol by minors, disorderly conduct, and disrupting school activities.  Involved witnesses and a victim positively identified the suspects and provided statements. The arrestees were transported to the police department where criminal citations were issued to both adults and a referral to the juvenile prosecutor will be sent for the juvenile.  A parent came to pick up the teenager and the adults were released with a mandatory court date.

January 9: Blaine police assisted U.S. Customs with three subjects who were suspected of being involved in organized shoplifting. The suspects have been refused entry into Canada. Investigation revealed the suspects were in possession with shoplifting booster bags and items that appeared to have been stolen. The items were booked into evidence as found property when none of the people present would attest to ownership. Subjects released pending investigation.

January 9: Officers stopped a motorist in the 500 block of 5th Street after learning their privilege to drive had been suspended. They were arrested, cited and released with a court date.

January 8: A citizen came to the office to report that his daughter’s silver Schwinn mountain bike was stolen from a friend’s house during an evening over the winter break.

January 8: Blaine officers were asked to attend at the U.S. Customs truck route crossing for a Canadian in possession of a personal use amount of drugs. Assistance was provided and CBP handled the matter. Officers cleared without incident.

January 8: A Semiahmoo resident reported their vehicle was prowled while it was parked overnight in the family’s driveway. About $260 in property was stolen from the unlocked vehicle.

January 8: Officers responded to a fight in progress between couples at a residence in the 1700 block of Peace Portal Drive.  They interviewed witnesses, investigated the scene, and arrested a 31-year-old Blaine man for domestic violence assault.  He was booked into jail.

January 8: While officers were investigating a domestic violence call in the 1700 block of Peace Portal Drive they discovered that a witness to the event had an outstanding warrant from Bellingham Municipal Court. The subject was arrested and booked into jail.

January 8: Officer on patrol observed a traffic violation at SR543 and H Street. The driver could not produce insurance and his Utah driver’s license was found to be suspended due to his failure to appear in court in Washington on a traffic violation. The 27-year-old Utah driver was cited and released with another mandatory court date. His vehicle was impounded to Crown Towing.

January 7: A customer left her wallet containing $250 in the ladies restroom of a business in the 300 block of D Street and found it was missing when she returned two hours later.  About 10 people used the restroom and no one turned in the wallet to the business.  The loss was documented.

January 7: A person reported a senior motorist driving erratically, crossing the centerline and fog line.  Officer contacted the driver and determined she was not under the influence.  A recommendation for driver’s license re-examination is being submitted.