Police Report -- November 30, 2006

Published on Thu, Nov 30, 2006
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November 27: While on patrol an officer was contacted by a motorist who reported a possible motor vehicle collision on I-5 between the truck route and exit 274 southbound. The officer checked and found a vehicle had spun off the roadway and struck the cable barrier coming to rest disabled in the fast traffic lane. Blaine officers assisted the Washington state patrol by taking the information necessary for a report and getting the vehicle removed.

November 27: A business in the 9900 block of Canada View Drive reported a customer left a mess and possibly stole an item when they departed. A report was taken for information purposes.

November 27: Passersby reported a stalled blocking semi-truck northbound on SR 543 near Boblett. An officer located the vehicle and contacted the truck driver who was in the process of chaining up their big rig. The truck was able to proceed north a short time later.

November 27: A citizen called to report having had several near misses with vehicles leaving the Pacific Highway port of entry property at 8th Street, where traffic has been routed to the back entrance due to construction on SR 543. The citizen noted there was no stop sign for people exiting the lot and she and her husband had both encountered vehicles that had entered 8th Street without stopping. The U.S. General Services Administration was notified of the complaint. They stated they would evaluate the problem and work on a resolution.

November 26: Police were notified that two subjects attempted to use false identification to rent a room at a motel in the 200 block of Cedar Street and were turned away. The subjects left the motel immediately and no valid identification information was available. Officer searched other motels and did not find the described vehicle.

November 26: Officers were advised of a semi-truck blocking traffic in the 100 block of Pacific Highway in front of the Duty Free. Officer located the truck in question and found that the truck was stuck in the snow on the east side of the roadway. No tow trucks were available in the U.S. or Canada. The truck was not blocking all lanes and northbound traffic was still able to travel north. Officer set flares for traffic safety.

November 26: Officers were advised that a large tree had fallen across power lines, completely blocking H Street east of Harvey. Officers directed traffic until city public works could cut the tree up enough to allow vehicles to safely pass. Puget Sound Energy was notified of the power lines problem.

November 26: Officers responded to the 300 block of Alder Street regarding a 911 hang up call. Officers made contact with the subjects living there who appeared to be intoxicated. The female half told officers that she tried to make a long distance phone call and must have dialed 911 by accident. No problem reported or seen by officers.

November 26: Officers were asked to check on a family who were reported to be at a restaurant seeking shelter after their vehicle had broken down. Due to a number of other weather related problems it took an officer more than an hour to arrive, and by then the family had departed.

November 26: Officers were dispatched to the harbormasters office on Marine Drive to assist the fire department in reference to a problem with a boathouse. On arrival officers found that the harbormaster’s office had the matter well in hand.

November 26: Officer was dispatched to Bell and Peace Portal Drive because the railroad crossing arms were locked in the down position. Officers directed traffic until Burlington Northern could arrive and fix the problem.

November 26: An officer was advised of a power line down in Semiahmoo. Blaine city light was contacted and responded to the snow related tree problem, which was compromising the power line.

November 26: Officers directed and re-directed traffic around two fully loaded tractor truck and trailer combos that had become stuck on hard packed ice/snow on the hill leading south from U.S. Customs Pacific Highway point of entry. After the drivers chained up their trucks, they were able to continue south unimpeded.

November 26: An officer on patrol found tree limbs, weighed down by snow, completely obstructing one lane of travel on Semiahmoo Parkway. The officer contacted Blaine public works. A official was dispatched to cut the limbs.

November 26: A business in the 100 block of 12th Street reported finding a small suitcase and bag of clothes under an outside bench on the business property. An officer impounded the items pending possible owner identification.

November 26: Blaine police received an anonymous call regarding a possible domestic in the 500 block of 8th Street. Upon arrival officers made contact with a couple who stated that they had just finished a rousing video game that got out of control. No assault took place. The couple stated they were going to bed. They were warned about future noise … from the video game.

November 26: An anonymous resident reported juveniles throwing snowballs at the windows of an apartment complex in the 600 block of A Street. An officer arrived shortly after and patrolled the area. No one was in the area and the officer cleared after several minutes.

November 25: A person reported the loss of a firearm at a business about one and a half years ago.

November 25: An officer responded to a complaint of a dog barking incessantly in a neighborhood in the 200 block of 4th Street. A dog was located in a backyard and inside a kennel. The owner was contacted and asked to ensure their dog no longer barked. They complied and brought their dog inside. The officer then cleared the scene.

November 25: Officers conducted traffic control in the 1200 block of Mitchell Avenue while Blaine city light repaired a live electrical line that had fallen on the street due to the snowy weather conditions.

November 25: Blaine officers assisted a displaced Camano Island family with referral information for social services. A local church provided a week’s motel stay for the family, along with food. The family will be seeking assistance from various agencies in Bellingham on Monday.

November 25: An officer was dispatched to a reported theft of a stereo and equalizer from an unlocked vehicle parked in the 500 block of E Street. The officer was not able to identify suspects at this time.

November 25: A resident in the 9000 block of Harvey Road asked an officer to stand-by at a home while he picked up some belongings. The officer contacted the other party, who preferred to bring some items to the office for the requesting person.

November 25: A parent reported the theft of her son’s bicycle by another juvenile. Case under investigation.

November 25: An officer investigated a gas theft of $20.14 in regular unleaded fuel at a gas station in the 300 block of 3rd Street. The clerk was unable to get a description of the vehicle other than a red compact pick up truck. The vehicle headed towards Canada and the complainant called police an hour after the loss. No suspect was identified.

November 24: An officer was contacted by a Mitchell Street resident who reported barking dogs at a nearby house. The officer attempted to contact the dog’s owner but found no one home. The officer will continue to contact the owners about the problem.

November 24: An officer was dispatched to a reported one-car accident in the 2000 block of Yew Avenue. On arrival the officer found the vehicle but the driver and occupants were gone. The officer contacted the driver at the fire station on Odell Street. The driver told police she had accidentally driven into the ditch. Her daughter was a passenger and was evaluated for a possible broken nose. The driver will be cited for allowing child to ride without a seat belt.

November 24: A spouse in the 1000 block of Georgia Street called police concerned their better half might be suicidal. Police strenuously searched for the spouse until the caller made contact with the missing person and was able to determine they were not at risk for harming themselves.

November 24: An officer was contacted by a business owner in the 1000 block of B Street who complained about construction crews parking heavy equipment on a city street, making it hard for his own builders to bring supplies to his property. Officers are investigating.

November 24: CBP officers contacted a driver whose license was suspended and found he was in possession of an illegal switchblade knife. Blaine officers arrested the driver and impounded the weapon as evidence. The Bellingham resident was cited with a mandatory court date and released from the scene. The vehicle was impounded.

November 24: Blaine police were dispatched to the Peace Arch port of entry regarding a subject who was in possession of a small amount of marijuana. U.S. Customs authorities will be charging him through their department for the violation.

November 23: A parent requested Blaine police document a violation of a court ordered parenting plan. The parent was unable to pick their child when allowed to do so according to the plan. A report was made and the parent plans on seeking correction on this matter through the court system.

November 23: An officer recovered a set of Washington state license plates reported stolen to Seattle police on 11/09/06. The plates were switched to a vehicle operated by an innocent driver who did not realize their own plates had been stolen until Customs officers stopped them at the Peace Arch port of entry. The driver will be reporting their license plates stolen when they get back home to Seattle.

November 23: A citizen reported a subject parked at the rear of the Blaine Library staring at a wall. They believed the person was acting suspicious. Officers contacted the driver and found he was working on, and admittedly staring at, a laptop computer.

November 23: A passing motorist requested police to check the welfare of a woman walking on a city street. The woman appeared distraught. An officer checked the woman’s welfare and determined that she did not need or want assistance.

November 23: A man reported that his car was taken by a friend without permission. The friend was arrested by WCSO for warrants while occupying the subject car. The victim did not want the theft of the car pursued criminally. An officer assisted WCSO by obtaining written statements from the victim and his friend.

November 23: An officer observed an adult standing by a vehicle stuck in the mud on Bell Road. The man reported that the driver had run away from the vehicle. The man was ultimately arrested on four outstanding county warrants.

November 22: A Blaine officer investigated a two car non-blocking collision on SR 543 and H Street. No one was injured and a state collision report was completed.

November 22: Blaine officers assisted a transient in finding temporary shelter.

November 22: A motorist reported that the traffic light on the off-ramp at I-5 northbound at milepost 276 was remaining green - not changing. An officer observed the light go through its cycles and did not observe a malfunction.

November 22: A business reported a lone woman standing on a sidewalk screaming profanities. An officer contacted the transient female and provided her transportation to lodging at her request.

November 22: A business reported a woman needing assistance. An officer checked upon the welfare of the woman and she declined police assistance.

November 22: A business reported a woman walking in the roadway. An officer checked the area but the woman had already moved out of the street.

November 22: A person in the 900 block of Peace Portal Drive called about an abandoned vehicle parked on a city street for weeks. An officer contacted the owner of the vehicle, advised them of the pertinent ordinances, and asked for compliance.

November 22: A Blaine resident contacted an officer and relinquished two firearms they no longer wished to retain. The weapons were taken into custody and placed into impound for disposal.

November 21: Officers received a fireworks complaint in a residential area. The activity had ceased before officers arrived.

November 21: While on patrol an officer found a tree falling over into the roadway in the 900 block of Peace Portal Drive. A vehicle had struck the tree, but the car and driver were no longer around. Public works responded and removed the road obstruction.

November 21: An officer received a call from a parent whose child overheard information possibly related to a sexual assault. The incident is under investigation.

November 21: A Peace Portal business called police to report an unwanted person on their roof. Officers found a man and his son transiting the complainant’s roof in order to make repairs on a neighboring business. Not wanting their own roof to be compromised, the calling business asked the gents to leave their roof and officers assisted in ensuring a peaceable departure.

November 21: An officer was dispatched to a report of an unwanted adult at a business. On arrival the officer found the visiting transient had already left and was now at US Customs nearby. The sojourner did not want police assistance but did feel the need for medical attention, so fire department medic unit responded to evaluate her health.

November 21: An officer was dispatched to a reported hit and run at the intersection at D and 6th streets. He found it was a collision, but not a hit and run and both drivers were contacted. Investigation found one driver had failed to yield the right-of-way to the other and had no insurance to cover the costs resulting from the two cars occupying the same point in space. The driver is being cited for the infractions. No one was injured.

November 21: An officer was dispatched to the middle school to contact a student who was in possession of a set of brass knuckles. The youth admitted bringing the item to school to give to another student. Police are giving the students a chance to work the matter out with the school. A report was completed for information and monitoring.

November 20: The Dias Island highway patrol alerted U.S. Customs that a driver was weaving his way south to the U.S. border. U.S. Customs and protection officers contacted the very intoxicated driver and called Blaine police. A Blaine officer confirmed the driver was impaired. The driver was arrested and cited to Blaine Municipal Court.