Police Report -- September 14, 2006

Published on Thu, Sep 14, 2006
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September 11: An officer assisted a WSP trooper at the scene where an oversized load on a semi truck hit the eastbound left turn traffic light on H Street at the intersection of SR 543. The light broke from the pole and fell to the ground. The trooper notified DOT to respond to repair the light and handled the collision. The Blaine officer conducted traffic control until the vehicles had cleared the scene.

September 11: Blaine police department office received a phone call from a Tsawwassen, B.C. resident experiencing a mental health emergency. Information was gathered and forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency for follow-up and assistance.

September 11: An officer investigated a two-vehicle non-injury collision. A tractor/trailer rig backed into a passenger car while at an intersection. A notice of driving infraction will be issued for improper backing.

September 11: An officer investigated a complaint of harassing telephone sales calls. A man representing himself as a non-profit, charity collector called several times in an effort to force the complainant to give in and donate money. While the officer was on scene, the solicitor called and the officer spoke to him. When the officer identified himself, the caller disconnected. The complainant believes the calls will stop. The officer documented the incident in the event the phone calls continue and criminal enforcement is needed.

September 10: Officers investigated a forced entry burglary to a residence in the 500 block of E Street. It appeared that some food was stolen and items moved around the house. The burglar(s) apparently entered by slicing a hole in a screen window covering and then forcing the window open wide enough to gain entry. Under investigation.

September 10: A teenager selling candy for a school program reported that she was robbed of her earnings by two teenage boys who ran past her, grabbed an envelope of money and fled into nearby woods. An extensive area search was conducted by Blaine officers and Border Patrol agents. Several juveniles playing in the area were contacted, but none matched the description given of the culprits.

September 10: An anonymous passerby reported witnessing a small child sitting on top of a large pile of dirt and blacktop along Marine Drive, and expressed concern for the child’s safety as no one appeared to be supervising the child. Officers searched the area on foot; no child was located.

September 10: An officer checked the area for two boys and two girls seen walking together along the beach at Blaine Marine Park. An anonymous caller reported the group of kids were disturbing birds in the avian sanctuary offshore by yelling and throwing large rocks. The kids had left the area when officers arrived; foot patrol was performed through the park.

September 9: Officers were called to stalking incident in a residential neighborhood. A woman reported that a former boyfriend was calling and harassing her, causing her to fear for her safety. The resident will be seeking a protection order and officers are investigating the stalking incident.

September 9: Dispatch reported a person lying in a roadside ditch next to a bicycle in the 700 block of H Street. Officers arrived and found the man was suffering a medical emergency and needed assistance. The fire department arrived and treated the man for his injuries. He was then transported to hospital.

September 8: A person in the 500 block of E Street reported that her unlocked car was prowled during the night while it was parked in an apartment complex driveway. Her car stereo and several compact discs were stolen. Under investigation.

September 8: A property owner in the 100 block of 12th Street reported that a construction company abandoned a large tank on the caller’s private property without permission, and damaged the asphalt in their parking lot. Officers recommended the property owner to seek civil recourse. Complaint is under review.