Police Report -- September 07, 2006

Published on Thu, Sep 7, 2006
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September 5: Construction workers called police when an intoxicated male passed out near an extremely busy highway. Officers arrived and aid was called. Officers then transported the subject to detox.

September 5: While on patrol, an officer noticed a red eight foot by four foot folding unattached trailer left along the street with a “free” sign on it on C Street. Further inspection revealed that the VIN number had been removed and no other identifiers were located. Crown Towing impounded the vehicle, pending a possible registered owner reporting the trailer lost or stolen.

September 4: Officers responded to a residence in regards to an argument between a boyfriend and the grandfather of his girlfriend. It was determined the grandfather was questioning the possible physical abuse of a child in the home. It appears the child was bitten by a dog at a barbecue the previous day. Officers investigated and interviewed all those involved. Case under investigation.

September 4: Officers stood by with an intoxicated Blaine resident until North Whatcom Fire & Rescue personnel arrived. The resident was transported to St. Joseph Hospital for further evaluation and detox. Officers, with the assistance of a border patrol agent, took personal belongings and a bicycle to the resident’s home.

September 3: A business in the 9500 hundred block of Semiahmoo
Parkway reported two men got into a fight, but the parties were now separated. Officers arrived and met with the two men and the reporting person. Both men said they had hit each other, but neither one wanted to pursue a complaint against the other. Officers cleared after the men went their separate ways.

September 3: A transient who had hitch hiked from Oklahoma, and who was denied entry into Canada, asked an officer for public assistance. The man was advised that there were programs for assistance available about 20 miles south of Blaine. He was last seen walking south.

September 2: The Whatcom Housing Authority requested a welfare check at an apartment in the 700 block of E Street because someone reported hearing water running inside for a few hours. Officer arrived and contacted the renter and determined it was not running water, but a broken fan up in the attic. The housing authority said they would fix it in the morning.

September 2: During patrol an officer came across a vehicle parked behind a closed business in the 1700 block of H Street. The vehicle was occupied with one person in the driver’s seat. A bunch of papers and trash were also observed under the vehicle. The driver was contacted, and he said he was just working on his vehicle. Records checks revealed the Blaine resident had two outstanding warrants for his arrest. The man was taken into custody on the warrants. It was later determined the papers underneath the vehicle belonged to him and he was subsequently charged with littering.

September 2: A local restaurant reported that someone had left without paying their bill. A waitress was able to obtain the license plate of the car as it left. The owner of the vehicle was contacted. She admitted to not paying the bill but claimed that the incident was a misunderstanding. She resolved the issue with the restaurant.

September 2: A person reported that three kids were throwing plates and glasses on the street and sidewalk near his house. Officers contacted the involved juveniles. Due to the repetitious nature of police contact with these same juveniles, littering charges will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for review.

September 1: Dispatch reported a suspicious person in the 1700 block of H Street, wearing all black clothing, was walking around a business complex and looking into windows on the building. The person was also seen walking through the parking lot and looking into vehicles. Officers arrived and contacted a man near the business who fit the description of the suspicious person. The man said he had just been walking around looking at stuff and he was now headed home. Officers found no evidence a crime had been committed and cleared with no further incident.

September 1: An officer received a report of a small child in an unattended vehicle in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive. The person in control of the vehicle (the parent of the child) was contacted. The parent was advised of the complaint. He had gone into a business to pick up a food order. It was determined that no crime had been committed.

September 1: A woman reported receiving two unwanted e-mails and a package from a stranger. The man had indicated that he lived in Blaine. At this point of the investigation, there has been no crime. An attempt is being made to identify and contact the male to tell him to cease contact with the woman.

August 31: Cost Cutter reported a woman was attempting to pass a possible counterfeit $100 bill at their store. The female was identified, and the bill was impounded. The woman said she got the bill from the Bank of Montreal when she cashed her pay check. This report will be sent to the U.S. Secret Service for follow-up.

August 31: A person reported that his girlfriend had kicked his car during an argument, causing slight damage to the left front fender. He wished to have her charged with malicious mischief. The girlfriend reported later that he had actually been the one to damage the car. The case will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

August 31: Flaggers located in the 900 block of SR543 reported a semi-truck driver who failed to stop at a flaggers stop sign. The flagger identified the driver, and the officer took a report. The incident will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review of charges.

August 31: A local restaurant reported a patron was refusing to pay for his meal. The man, a transient who was recently deported from Canada, ran up a $40 bill and then stated he did not have any money. He was cited for theft of services and released.

August 30: A business reported that a semi-truck (trailer) had struck a light pole at very low speed while turning on a private road. There were no injuries and no damage to the semi-truck. The light fixture atop the pole was knocked off (dangling by wires) by the impact. The truck driver’s Washington driver’s license was clear and valid, and no citations were issued.

August 30: During a routine inspection of a vehicle Customs and Border Protection Officers found a firearm that had been reported as stolen almost 15 years ago. The person in possession of the firearm claimed to have purchased it at a gun show after the date it was reported stolen. The weapon was seized by officers.

August 30: An officer mediated a civil matter regarding an ex-
employee still in possession of company owned equipment and a vehicle. The owner was on scene and took the property without incident.

August 30: A citizen reported a noise complaint regarding a carpet cleaning service doing work at a vacant residence in the 2000 block of Dodd Avenue after 10 p.m. The cleaning service was contacted and determined to be doing emergency work to a home that had flooded. They were allowed to continue their work, and the complainant was advised of the situation.