Police Report -- August 10, 2006

Published on Thu, Aug 10, 2006
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August 8: An officer was dispatched to the 1200 block of Hughes Avenue to take an assault report. The incident began when two men got into an argument after one approached a relative of the second about the exhaust from a car idling near the reporting party’s home. The matter is under investigation.

August 8: A person in the 600 block of Peace Portal reported a man spending a large amount of cash in Canadian coin in a business. Officer made contact with the man and found that he owned coin vending machines in Canada and was on his way to a cash exchange business in Blaine.

August 8: Officers stood by with a customer and the employee of a gas station, after there was a dispute over the amount of money paid for gas. An agreement was settled and found that all money was received. Due to the customer’s aggressive nature, they were asked by the manager to not return to the property.

August 7: A woman requested a welfare check of a Blaine resident, advising she was a friend of the man and felt he might be having problems. An officer contacted the gentleman out walking: he was fine and seemed quite coherent. The man declined all assistance offered by the officer.

August 7: Officers were dispatched to a residence in the 1400 block of Harrison Street where it was reported a physical domestic dispute was occurring. The suspect left prior to the arrival of officers and was located approximately a block away. It was determined that the involved parties were not in a domestic relationship. Neither party wished to pursue any assault charges. A warrant for the arrest of one of the involved parties was discovered and that Bellingham resident was arrested and transported to the jail.

August 6: Officers contacted three subjects in a vehicle inside a city park after closing and found that they were smoking marijuana. One adult was arrested, cited and released with a mandatory court appearance. Charges will be forwarded for possession of marijuana on two juveniles.

August 6: An officer responded to an assistance call at a residence and discovered a 14 year-old boy had assaulted a relative and damaged a portable DVD player by throwing it out a door. The young man was booked into Juvenile Detention.

August 6: While on patrol, an officer observed a traffic violation. It was determined the driver was DWLS/R 3rd Degree, had two misdemeanor warrants, and was in felony possession of a Schedule V controlled substance. The driver was subsequently arrested and transported to Whatcom County jail for the offenses.

August 4: Person reported finding a man trespassing on his property in the 1700 block of Fern Avenue. Officer arrived, confirmed the crime and arrested the Birch Bay resident. A search of the vehicle after the arrest uncovered a quantity of controlled substance, and investigation revealed the suspect had burglarized an outbuilding on the property in addition to committing the trespass. The man was booked into the Whatcom County Jail.

August 4: An officer responded to a complaint that a barking dog was locked in a van on a hot day. The car was parked in the shade with windows open. There was a full bowl of water in the vehicle. The dog’s owner checked on Sparkie while the officer was present and the dog was healthy.

August 4: A motorist reported seeing a child sitting on the hood of a moving car, and said they thought the child might have been hit by the car on D Street near I-5. Blaine officers and Border Patrol agents checked the area and did not find the vehicle or child. The reporting party was contacted and advised; they advised it was possible the child and the driver were just playing.

August 3: An officer assisted a person by removing a (live) kitten from her car’s motor compartment. The kitten was uninjured.

August 3: An officer documented the theft of the “Puffin Place” street sign by Drayton Hillside gate 2. The sign is valued at $200.

August 3: A resident reported that an adult relative was missing and had failed to return home. An officer located the missing man by calling his cell phone, and discovered he was in fine condition and at a golf tournament. No information was available on his score.

August 3: Officers received a call of a possible domestic dispute in the street in a residential neighborhood in the 9700 block of Vista Terrace. Investigation revealed that an argument had broken out between a two family members, and no physical violence occurred. The pair were counseled about Washington’s laws on domestic violence and disorderly conduct.

August 3: An officer responded to a verbal domestic dispute in the 9700 block of Vista Terrace Drive, and upon arrival observed a vehicle leaving the scene. The driver of the car tried to evade officers by leaping from the car and running away. The 25-year-old Birch Bay resident was captured and arrested for DWLS 3rd degree and for being in possession of marijuana.

August 2: At the request of a passerby, an officer checked the welfare of an unresponsive woman in a laundromat in the 700 block of 3rd Street. The lady was found to be peacefully napping and not in need of assistance.

August 2: An officer observed a man collapse on a city sidewalk and found that he was highly intoxicated. Medical aid was called to the scene and the man was transported to the hospital by EMS.

August 2: An apartment complex owner in the 1000 block of Mitchell Street reported a window was broken by someone throwing a golf ball. It is unknown if the damage was intentional, and the golf ball shooter was not identified by police. The apartment building owner will be following up with the parents of neighboring juveniles who may be responsible.

August 2: An officer checked the area for a black Scion with Oregon license plates that disobeyed a flagger’s commands at a construction site. The vehicle owner was not identified or located: it appeared that the driver might have traveled into Canada.

August 1: A guardian came to the police station to report a 14-year-old in their care had run away and stated a concern that an adult man might be communicating with the child for immoral purposes. The runaway was entered into the system and officers are investigating.

August 1: A person saw two men arguing in the 1200 block of Mitchell Avenue and feared it could escalate into a physical altercation. Officers, agents and WCSO deputies responded due to history at the residence. They found that the incident stemmed from an ongoing domestic dispute but today no crimes were