Police Report -- June 22, 2006

Published on Thu, Jun 22, 2006
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June 21: A young male labrador retriever without a dog tag wondered into a resident’s yard in the 9700 block of Vista Terrace and refused to leave. The K-9 was fed, given water, and turned over to a Blaine police officer. The Whatcom County Humane Society was called and the pet was taken to the shelter.

June 19: Officers checked the area for two males with backpacks who were seen possibly prowling a vehicle on Peace Portal Drive. The Seattle residents were contacted shortly after and found to be trying to get home after being turned back from Canada customs. No crime had occurred and they were apparently only admiring the vehicle. The officer provided a courtesy ride to a nearby gas station so they can arrange for transportation back home.

June 19: A resident in the 1600 block of Madison Avenue observed two strangers standing in the dark and looking at his house from the street. The adults ran away when he spoke to them. An officer contacted the Blaine resident and her friend and found they were out for a night walk. The two said they did not want to get into a discussion with the resident about what they were doing, so they left without answering his questions. The two were advised of the complaint and the incident was documented.

June 18: While on patrol, an officer observed a traffic violation in the 2000 block of Peace Portal Drive. Through a subsequent investigation, the Blaine resident was found to be in possession of marijuana. They were arrested, cited, and released at the scene with a mandatory court date.

June 18: U.S. Customs reported they were questioning two minors who were in possession of alcohol and marijuana. Officer arrived and arrested them for the offenses. The 20-year-old was released after receiving a criminal citation and the 16-year-old was released to her parents.

June 18: An officer arrested a Bothell resident for possession of marijuana under 40 grams at the Peace Arch port of entry. The subject was arrested, cited, and released at the scene with a mandatory court date.

June 18: An officer responded to investigate a parenting plan violation. A father attempted to return his children to their mother, however she drove off without explanation. It was determined that no official plan was ordered by the court and could not be enforced. The complainant took his kids back to his own home, and will follow up with court later. The officer then cleared the scene.

June 17: Officers responded to the Peace Arch border crossing to investigate a possible attempted rape. Officers determined the incident occurred in Canada and notified RCMP. Officers transported the victim to Canada customs.

June 17: A business asked police to speak to two people sleeping on their property in the 300 block of 3rd Street and ask them to move along. Officers spoke to the people who gladly left. They had been denied entry into Canada and were waiting to get a motel room.

June 16: While traveling westbound on H Street, a car was struck by a semi-tractor that was emerging from a driveway. No one was injured. The damage to the car was estimated at $700.There was no visible damage to the truck.

June 15: A flagger reported to police that a motorist had intentionally disobeyed the flagger’s stop sign and entered a roadway in the 1200 block of D Street, where heavy machinery was in operation. An officer identified the flagger and motorist. Statement forms were provided to both. Case status is pending until the return of the statements.

June 15: Blaine police were dispatched to check on a woman who had been talking about doing herself harm. An officer spoke with the woman and her husband and learned that they were discussing their marital problems. The woman admitted that she was a little depressed, but provided assurance that she would not harm herself.

June 14: Officers attempted to locate a juvenile female who had been overdue to come home. An exhaustive search was conducted by officers and Border Patrol agents of areas frequented by the juvenile. Friends were also interviewed, and determined she left with an friend who was unknown to the parents. The juvenile was entered into WACIC/NCIC as a runaway and patrol emphasis for the runaway was not done until morning. The girl was found (safe) by law enforcement personnel the next morning and returned to her parents. The runaway was cleared from WACIC / NCIC.

June 14: An officer was flagged down by a resident in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive who was reporting a violation of a protection order. The female suspect was contacted and stated she was talking to her son after he had gotten off a bus when her ex-boyfriend approached her. The victim left the area and could not be located to give a statement.