Police Report -- June 15, 2006

Published on Thu, Jun 15, 2006
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June 13: Two truckers engaged in a pushing contest after becoming frustrated over a perceived incident of queue jumping in the northbound commercial truck traffic line-up. Police calmed the men, who declined to have the matter pursued criminally.

June 12: Officers mediated an argument between sisters who had become tired of living together. Apparently the younger juvenile sister is upset over being “bossed” around. The mother arrived home in the middle of the argument and took control of the situation. When everything had calmed down, officers cleared without further incident.

June 12: An officer responded to a report of a juvenile who threw a rock at a car. Upon arrival, officers found the victim had left the scene. There was no victim to report any damage; however, a juvenile suspect was found. Attempts to contact the parents were unsuccessful, and a resident watched over the 12-year-old until a parent arrived. The officer spoke to the parent about the incident and about the benefits of leaving contact information in case of an emergency. When the parent had custody of the juvenile, the officer cleared.

June 12: A neighborhood resident reported finding scratches on the hood of her car. It appeared to the vehicle owner that a cat had caused the damage within the past three days. There are no suspect cats in the matter and no known witnesses. The information report was forward to Animal Control.

June 12: A flagger working SR-543 reported a commercial truck driver having violated the flagger’s instructions. The trucker proceeded through traffic lanes in violation of the flagger’s verbal commands and sign. The truck was stopped by police. The driver and truck were identified. The truck driver will be cited by summons into Blaine Municipal Court for the criminal offense.

June 11: Officers were asked to attend the Peace Arch port of entry where a man was being detained. During the secondary inspection it was discovered that there was a warrant for his arrest and that his privilege to drive in the state of Washington had been suspended. He was arrested and transported to the Whatcom County Jail.

June 9: A concern citizen contacted an elderly disoriented man driving in circles in a parking lot. Police were called to assist and located a family member who picked up the gentleman and his car. Arrangements were made to ensure the driver’s future safety.

June 9: A citizen called police after seeing a man taking pictures of two small girls on a street downtown. The photographer fled the area when accosted. Officers located the girls and confirmed that they had not been harmed. Case under investigation.

June 9: A business owner reported a young boy damaged several pieces of merchandise with a pair of scissors he found in the business. Officer contacted the six-year-old suspect and counseled him on his actions. The boy’s guardian promised to make arrangements to pay for the damage.

June 8: A person reported a shoplifting at a business. Two packages of developed photographs were taken. The suspects attempted to steal a case of beer, but dropped it and ran when they realized the clerk had spotted them. The suspects left in a vehicle and were not located by police.

June 8: A person called to report that her daughter was being held against her will at another person’s house. Further investigation revealed that the person was the temporary custodial parent of the daughter and that the daughter did not wish to leave that location. The reporting person was advised no crime was being committed and no one was being forcibly detained. A CPS investigation is in progress. Report for information purposes.

June 7: Police received a report of a traffic cone pattern in a construction zone on Peace Portal Drive which was causing south and northbound traffic to converge head-on. Officers found that construction workers had forgotten to move the cones back after moving equipment in the area. No collisions occurred and the problem was fixed.

June 7: An officer investigated a hit and run collision involving two vehicles on Peace Portal Drive. One vehicle rear ended another parked vehicle and left the scene without appropriate notifications. There were witnesses to the collision and the suspect vehicle was identified. Case under investigation.

June 7: Two boys, five and six years old, took an excursion by bicycle on the streets of Blaine without an adult escort. They were seen window shopping in a hardware store by an alert resident who called the police. The five-year-old traveler’s bike broke down on the journey and was in dire need of repair, so officers gave the weary travelers a ride to their respective abodes. Their caretakers were more than happy (and a tad upset) to see the boys arrive safely home via police escort.

June 7: An apartment complex resident in the 600 block of A Street reported that a neighbor was playing music extremely loudly. An officer responded and could hear the music from one to two city blocks away because the stereo owner had placed her speakers in an upstairs window facing the outside common area of the apartment complex. The officer gained the music lover’s compliance in turning down the stereo at the time.