Police Report -- May 25, 2006

Published on Thu, May 25, 2006
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?May 22: A complaint was received from a business in the 400 block of Peace Portal Drive concerning a customer who stopped payment on a check for over $1,000, possibly as a means of committing a theft of service. Under investigation.

May 21: Officers received a call of a domestic violence incident in progress at a motel. A window was broken during the altercation. A 40-year-old Lynden area resident was arrested for domestic violence malicious mischief third and booked into Whatcom County Jail.

May 21: A person in the 1100 block of Harrison Avenue reported $150 was stolen from her purse while it was in her house.
The resident suspected that children who are friends of the family might be to blame. Officer contacted a youth who denied taking the money.

May 21: An officer mediated a dispute between two neighbors who are having problems with children trespassing on property, throwing rocks and glass on the yard and being disorderly. Both agreed to stay away each other’s property and the children were advised to do the same in order to not get in trouble.

May 21: A business operated reported someone entered the premise after it closed for the day and stole $70 in cash from a bank bag. No damage was done to the premise and no other property was taken.

May 21: A person reported a loose dog was barking at him. Officer arrived and contacted the owner of the canine, who had placed the animal back into the bed of the pickup from whence it had jumped.
The owner apologized and reported dismay that his pet, which is very friendly, would misbehave by leaving the vehicle. The owner was advised of animal control and leash laws.

May 20: Dispatch advised that an anonymous caller reported a train has been blocking the Hughes Avenue intersection for 30 minutes.
Dispatch checked with BNRR: the train crew reported they had to pick up 20 cars in that area, but they were getting ready to head north. Officer checked the intersection and found the train was no longer blocking. Officer contacted the train dispatcher and determined there would be no more delays.

May 20: Officers were asked to check the welfare of an individual sleeping in a vehicle in a business parking lot in mid-afternoon. Officers contacted the man and called for medical aid to evaluate his condition.
The disoriented Blaine resident was transported to St. Joseph Hospital for evaluation. A pistol was recovered from the car and impounded for safekeeping.

May 19: A resident heard possible gunshots as car passed his house and called police.
Officers stopped the car and its five occupants. They found that the vehicle was backfiring and there were no weapons in the car. The resident was advised of the officer’s findings.

May 19: A person reported hearing loud screaming and a possible domestic dispute occurring in a nearby apartment. Officers arrived and contacted a resident who said that her child had been crying, but no domestic problems were occurring. Officers confirmed that there did not appear to have been a physical confrontation.

May 19: The police department received several reports of a coyote trotting down a residential street in the 800 block of D Street.
Officers contacted the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and learned that the coyote’s behavior was not out of the ordinary for the time of the year. It is possible that the young coyote’s home was disturbed by the recent constructions projects in the area. Officers are exploring options for relocating the animal if necessary.

May 19: The parent of a 12-year-old middle school student reported that her son was assaulted by another 12-year-old while at school.
The incident was investigated; the school administration was contacted and information about the incident was exchanged. School officials were aware of the altercation when it happened and are following up on the matter.

May 19: A business owner in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive requested an officer be present when he advised a patron to not return to his property because the man repeatedly caused trouble.
Officer arrived and witnessed the business advise the patron he was no longer allowed on his premises. The former patron said that he understood and would not return.

May 19: Officer received a report of a possible shoplifting in the 1700 block of H Street. Upon arriving, they found that witnesses observed a man leave a store then pull items out of his clothing that might have come from the store.
No one inside the store actually witnessed a theft, and when interviewed outside, the man did not have any store property with him. No further police action was taken.

May 19: A person reported that his dog was trapped in the waters of Drayton Harbor, tangled in rope. A helpful boater at Blaine harbor volunteered assistance and a rescue operation was launched. In the meantime, the dog owner was also able to get help from a boater in the Semiahmoo Marina area.
The dog was rescued and everyone returned home wet but happy.

May 18: A homeowner in the 300 block of 6th Street called police when two subjects refused to leave his property.
The homeowner was concerned because the subjects made veiled threats to him and he had heard that one of them possessed a gun.
The two suspects left when they saw the homeowner calling police. Officers located the suspects and warned them to stay away from the homeowner.