Police Report -- May 18, 2006

Published on Thu, May 18, 2006
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May 16: A report was taken to document the activity of a person who was exhibiting mental health problems. The person was harassing employees of a landscaping company at a new construction site in the 1300 block of Peace Portal Drive.

May 15: While on patrol, an officer observed a traffic violation. The juvenile driver was subsequently found to be driving with a suspended intermediate license. The driver was arrested, cited and released to their parents. The vehicle was also driven home by a parent.

May 15: A truck driver called police to report a road rage incident. The truck driver was driving slowly as he had never been to Blaine before. As he was preparing to turn into a parking lot a car passed him on the left nearly hitting the truck. The other driver stopped, got out and made threats to harm the truck driver. Officers spoke to the other driver who admitted to making the threats. He was upset because he was late for work and thought the truck driver was going slow to mess with him. He realized he made a mistake and the truck driver declined to assist in a prosecution of the offending driver.

May 15: Blaine officers were dispatched to check on the welfare of a woman in a room at a motel after she called the crisis line to advise that she was feeling suicidal. A Blaine officer transported the woman to St. Joseph Hospital so she could speak with a mental health professional.

May 15: A boat owner’s dinghy was removed from a storage rack at a marina and found upon the deck of another boat in the marina. Police documented the act of telekinesis The dinghy owner and Port of Bellingham are resolving the matter civilly rather than criminally. Case closed.

May 15: Officers responded to a 911 domestic violence call regarding a woman who was suffering from a variety of issues including alcohol and drug intoxication. The out of control woman was initially screaming profanity and smashed a vase in front of officers but then became unresponsive. She was transported to the hospital by a medic unit. A report of the incident was referred to the prosecutor for review.

May 15: Officers responded to a report of a vehicle prowl in the parking lot of a gas station. Upon arrival, an officer observed a man inside a vehicle who was recognized as a transient from out of the area. With the assistance of Border Patrol agents, officers arrested the male for vehicle prowling and transported him to the police department. He was issued a criminal citation for the offense and released as the jail had no room.

May 14: An officer was dispatched to check the welfare of an elderly Bellingham man who was hitchhiking in a residential area and appeared disoriented. After contact, it was determined the male had plans to travel into Canada, but was stuck in Blaine for a couple of days as he could not make a bus connection. The man was not reported missing or endangered. Officer helped the gentleman contact a friend to pick him up.

May 14: Officers received a call of a burglary in progress in the 1000 block of Mary Avenue. The suspect had forced his way into a former girlfriend’s house. The man refused to cooperate with officers and ultimately he was arrested for residential burglary (DV) and resisting arrest. The suspect was booked into the Whatcom County jail.

May 13: Officers were dispatched to the 1400 block of Harrison Street where it was reported a man in a motorized wheelchair was damaging parked vehicles. The responding officers were unable to locate the suspect but received sufficient information to identify him. A total of five vehicles were damaged and the total amount to repair the damage should exceed $1,000. Under investigation.

May 13: A person called police to report horses blocking an alley in the 800 block of Blaine Avenue. Officers contacted the owner of the animal, who said they would make sure their animals stayed out of the alley. It appears the animals may be corralled in violation of Blaine animal codes. Under review.

May 12: A person reported an assault that had occurred at a business in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive. Arriving officers encountered an out of control subject who was yelling and screaming. The subject was ultimately transported to St. Joseph Hospital to be seen by a mental health professional. Upon arriving at the hospital, the subject assaulted a nurse and the officer who had transported him. He was booked into the Whatcom County jail.

May 11: Officers kept the peace between a motel owner and a pair of guests while the guests checked out. The guests had stayed in a room with two service dogs without the motel owner’s knowledge of the dogs’ presence. Both parties were unhappy with each other. The dog owners had a prescription for the dogs. No further dispute between the parties occurred during the officers’ presence.

May 11: A parent contacted the police department to complain about the manner in which school officials handled a simple assault between students. An officer spoke with the middle school vice principal and found that the matter had been handled in an appropriate manner and the incident did not warrant a criminal investigation.

May 11: An officer was dispatched to a residential cul de sac where an aggressive dog was reported to be running loose. The responding officer followed the animal home and spoke with a person at the house informing them of the problem. The dog had gotten out of a gate that had been poorly closed.

May 10: A resident reported his former landlord created a scene at a business which the resident was visiting, then left before officers arrived. The resident asked for assistance in contacting the landlord to advise him to stop the harassment.

May 10: A resident reported a man who had been previously trespassed violating that instruction by returning to housing authority property,This has been a chronic problem with this suspect coming, who comes to the complex trying to contact relatives. An area check was conducted by officers and the subject was not located. The complainant said they would call 911 when the suspect returns.
May 10: Officers were advised of a person near the CBP railroad inspection station, taking photographs. The individual was contacted and it was determined that the British Columbia resident was taking pictures of passing trains. No criminal acts were committed.