Police Report -- February 02, 2006

Published on Thu, Feb 2, 2006
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January 30: An officer on school zone patrol observed a teenager on the school grounds who had been trespassed from the campus. The officer contacted the 13-year-old, arrested him for trespassing, and transported him to his residence to his parents where he was also warned for being a juvenile in possession of tobacco.

January 29: The Semiahmoo Resort hotel reported trouble with a guest. Officers attempted to calm the guest without success and ultimately had to arrest her for disorderly conduct. The 59 year old Seattle resident refused to provide officers with the information they needed to process the citation: she was also charged with obstructing a public officer and transported to Whatcom County Jail.

January 28: Police were called when some patrons of a restaurant overheard what they thought were inappropriate remarks by an adult customer to a young girl. Officers contacted the pair, and found the lady was 21 but looked much younger. The man was a friend and no crime was committed.

January 28: Customs and Border Protection officers reported they were interviewing a man who was in possession of marijuana. The traveler denied owning the pot even though he was the only person in the vehicle and the marijuana was found in his luggage. Blaine officers commended him for his creativity and cited him for possession of a personal use of marijuana.

January 27
: Complainant reported her 11-year-old son was punched in his face by an 11-year-old girl whom he had teased. The parent did not want to pursue an assault complaint, but did want to file a report for record purposes. The young lady was provided information on the alternatives to physical assault.

January 26: A parent complained that her son is being harassed by another student as he walks home after school. The school counseled the aggressive child. The information was shared with school patrol officers. The offending student may face charges if the harassment continues.

January 25: Officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in a residential area. The vehicle was contacted after officers observed its driver commit a traffic violation. During the contact officers found that two of the car’s occupants, Blaine residents age 20 and 23, had egged two cars. That vandalism is being investigated and a report will be forwarded to the city attorney for review for charges of malicious mischief.

January 25: A police officer responded to a report of a customer smoking in a tavern in the 600 block of Peace Portal Drive in violation of the new statewide ban on smoking in public. No one was smoking in the premises when the officer initially arrived, but upon seeing the officer and learning why he was there, the customer purposefully lit and began to smoke a cigarette in front of him. The officer obliged the patron by initiating a civil infraction notice to cite the patron for smoking in a public place.

January 24: Two vehicles were involved in a collision in the 1000 block of State Route 543. One driver claimed that a third vehicle struck him from behind, causing him to strike the vehicle in front of him. Officers investigated, but were unable to find any evidence supporting the driver’s claim. The rear section of struck vehicle received slight damage. The striking vehicle sustained a broken license plate frame. Report for information purposes.

January 22: While on patrol officers saw a man and a woman yelling at each other. The couple was known to the officers from previous contacts. Officers interviewed both parties and determined their altercation had been only verbal in nature. The two went their separate ways and agreed to stay away from each other for the rest of the night.

January 21: Officers were contacted by a man who wished to report having been assaulted while patronizing a local tavern in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive. The complainant did not wish to have the suspect arrested but did want the police to tell the man to apologize for his actions.

January 21: Officers were dispatched to a fight in the high school parking lot off Boblett Street which was reported to involve a large group of girls. An officer arrived and contacted the girls and learned that the cheerleaders were “decorating” the vehicle of some of the basketball players in celebration of the night’s win. There was no fight and no crime.

January 21: Officers were dispatched to a call of a suspicious bag left at Semiahmoo Resort. The hotel staff were concerned because the bag was left unattended for some time. Officers checked the bag and determined its contents were not dangerous in nature. Hotel staff placed the bag into their lost and found.

January 20: U.S. Customs called police after they detected the odor of alcohol on a driver at the port of entry. Officers interviewed the 30-year-old California resident and determined he was not legally intoxicated. The man decided to sleep in his car for a couple of hours anyway, just to be safe.

January 20: A citizen reported a transient had built a shelter and started a camp fire behind a business in the 1300 block of H Street. Officers contacted the male transient and shut down his campsite. He was offered a bus token so he could get to the Lighthouse Mission, but he declined to take the bus. The officer also offered him a ride there, so he would not have to take all of his things on the bus, but he declined that offer as well. He did, however, agree to pack up his camp and leave the business property.

January 20: While on patrol an officer noticed an open door to an abandoned residence in the 1300 block of 4th Street. Further observation inside showed empty beer bottles and trash, indicating someone may have been there recently. A building search was conducted and no one was found inside. Officers cleared without any further incident and the building inspector was notified.

January 20:
An officer was contacted by a citizen in the police parking lot. The man told the officer he had taken an overdose of prescribed medications and was in need of an ambulance. Aid personnel were called, and the man was transported to St. Joseph Hospital.

January 20: Officers were contacted by a Birch Bay resident who said his daughter had not returned home from school and was possibly in the Blaine area. Officers conducted a search for the missing girl and took a missing person report for entry into the national law enforcement database. The girl was located a short time later at a friend’s house. An officer stood by with her until her parents arrived to pick her up, and while waiting he took the opportunity to express to her the importance of keeping her parents informed of her whereabouts.

January 19: A school district employee reported damage to grass on the school grounds. It appeared the suspect(s) drove up over the curb and made ruts in the wet grass by driving in circles. The school district is in the process of estimating the damage and will provide police with a statement detailing the cost of repairs. The suspect(s) have not yet been identified, and police are investigating.

January 19: Officers contacted an extremely distraught woman in the 300 block of H Street who appeared to have mental health problems. The woman was provided a ride to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

January 19:
Officers were dispatched to a report of a person bothering customers at a business. On arrival officers contacted a transient who was hanging around the business. The man said he was trying to get into Canada but had been denied entry. He was asked to leave the business, and he did so without incident.

January 19: An officer was contacted by a citizen who reported damage to his property in the 1700 block of H Street that was caused by a hit and run driver. A witness saw a semi truck and trailer hit a sign, causing major damage, and then leave the area without reporting it. The witness was able to get a license plate number off the trailer. The company was identified and contacted, and they have agreed to pay for all damages caused by their driver.

January 18: An officer investigated a complaint about a man who had been loitering near the school grounds and learned the man had violated a no trespassing order. A criminal citation for trespassing was prepared and submitted to the city prosecutor for review and issuance by summons.

January 18: Officers responded to a report of a child screaming loudly in the 700 block of A Street and discovered a father was teaching his 15 year-old son how to wrestle. An officer interviewed the boy and learned he was yelling because he was excited by his lessons and the effort it took to get out of his father’s holds. They were advised of the complaint and agreed to keep their voices down.

January 18: Officers received a report an altercation occurring in the area of Salishan Park involving multiple individuals. Officers arrived and found a large group of people loitering in the area. Several of the individuals, who appeared to have been involved in the fight, ran from the police. Numerous individuals, mostly juveniles, were contacted and identified. Most were uncooperative however, and officers were unable to determine exactly what had occurred.