Police Report -- January 12, 2006

Published on Thu, Jan 12, 2006
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January 7: Officers were asked to attend the Blaine middle school cafeteria where a group of boys were disrupting a dance. Prior to the arrival of the first officer one of the boys in the group assaulted a student. The 15-year-old suspect had been previously trespassed from school district property, and he was subsequently arrested for criminal trespassing, burglary, assault and disrupting a school activity. He was transported to and booked into juvenile detention. The victim’s injuries were attended to by North Whatcom Fire and Rescue personnel.

January 6: Officers responded to a report of suspicious circumstances at a residence in the 700 block of G Street. The resident had called 911 to report hearing loud banging on a window and what sounded like glass breaking. Officers arrived and found a window broken, but no suspects in the area. An area check was conducted with negative results. Officers cleared pending any further information.

January 5: A man in the 1000 block of Adelia Street contacted the police department to report his ex-wife was violating a no contact order by harassing him with phone calls and by coming to a home where she knew he was and knocking on the door while yelling profanities. The woman left prior to the arrival of officers. She appeared to be at her residence, but she refused to answer the door when officers attempted to contact her. The matter will be submitted to the prosecuting attorney for review of charges.

January 5: Officers were dispatched to check on two men who were observed taking large anchors out of Marine Park. An officer contacted the men and learned they manufactured the anchors and had taken them to the park to take publicity photos before selling them on-line. No crime had occurred.

January 5: Officers responded to a report of a physical domestic dispute at a residence in the 600 block of C Street. Officers learned a mother and daughter were arguing over the usage of a computer. The argument was determined to be only verbal in nature.

January 5: An officer noticed what appeared to be a non-handicap person using the handicapped parking in the 1700 block of H Street. Officer made contact with the person and found the placard she was using belonged to a deceased individual. The driver was given traffic infractions for using the placard fraudulently, parking in a handicapped parking area without proper placard, and expired registration over two months. The placard was confiscated and booked into evidence.

January 4: Officers contacted a 19-year-old man who was walking on the north side of H Street and yelling at students at the high school across the street. The man had been recently released from jail and was unhappy about his experience there. The man was identified, warned about his behavior, and sent on his way.

January 3: An officer received a report of a suspicious person riding his bicycle in a dark place near closed businesses in the 1200 block of Fir Avenue. The person was contacted by police, and he said he was riding his bike around and thinking about an old friend.

January 3: A 15-year-old boy reported having been assaulted and his backpack urinated on by another student. The assault was allegedly in retaliation after the victim reported the incident with his backpack to school officials. Officers are investigating.

January 2: A parent reported to police that her son’s extensive Pokemon card collection was taken from his backpack at the Blaine middle school before Christmas vacation. Each card in the binder collection was inside protective sheets and some cards came directly from Japan with Japanese lettering. The collection was worth well over $2,000. The woman was able to provide officers with possible suspect information, and a 12-year-old boy was arrested for the theft following an investigation. The suspect distributed the cards among his friends, but his parents are attempting to recover them. The case will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

January 1: A person in the 400 block of 9th Street called police after seeing what may have been a hand reaching through their garage door window in an apparent attempt to unlock it. She saw the hand when she entered the garage and turned on the light. The hand immediately disappeared and she thought she heard someone running away to the south. Officers and border patrol agents checked the area thoroughly for over half an hour. No suspects were located.

January 1: A person called police when they saw a man and a woman yelling at each other in the 900 block of Cedar Street. Officers arrived and learned the two were a couple who were in the process of separating. The man had confronted the woman and her new boyfriend. An argument ensued, resulting in a shoving match between the two men. It was determined no domestic violence crime had occurred, and none of the parties involved wished to pursue charges.

January 1: A person entering the U.S. through the Peace Arch port of entry was issued a citation for possession of about 2.1 grams of marijuana. The 19-year-old Mercer Island resident was released with a mandatory court date.

January 1: Officers responded to a report of an unoccupied motorized wheelchair stuck in the mud in a remote location. Officer attempted to verify ownership, but was unsuccessful. Due to the conditions, officer was unable to remove the chair from its location.

January 1: Officers were asked to assist a woman by checking on her boyfriend who was extremely depressed and may have taken too many prescription pills. The man was transported to St. Joseph Hospital by members of North Whatcom Fire and Rescue so he could receive appropriate care and counseling.

January 1: An officer learned that an owner of a vehicle had a suspended license and outstanding warrants. The vehicle was stopped and the officer found the driver was the registered owner. The driver was arrested for driving on a suspended license and two warrants. The car was impounded, and the 38-year-old female driver was booked into jail.

December 31: Blaine police were dispatched to assist a father whose car doors had automatically locked before he could get his five-month-old child out of the car seat. Crown Towing was kind enough to dispatch a driver to unlock the vehicle.

December 30: Officers responded to a report of an unconscious woman lying on the floor of a business. An officer arrived and monitored the woman’s condition until aid personnel arrived.