Police Report -- November 17, 2005

Published on Thu, Nov 17, 2005
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November 14: Officer stopped a vehicle in the 600 block of Mitchell Avenue with an obstructed windshield and found that the driver could not provide proof of ownership, the registration had expired in 2004 and the driver had no vehicle insurance. The driver was cited into court for several offenses.

November 14: Officers stopped to help a disabled driver in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive. While assisting the person officers learned the person was suspended for an alcohol offense and was required to have an ignition interlock but didn’t. The person was cited for the offenses and the car was impounded.

November 14: A person in the 300 block of 6th Street called police when two unknown males tried to break into his house. They were yelling at him that they were going to assault him. Officers responded but the suspects had fled in an unknown vehicle. The victim was not injured nor his home broken into. Officers were not able to locate the suspect, as they had no vehicle description.

November 14: The police were notified by a fisherman that someone had stolen approximately $900 worth of crab pots of his from the 200 block of Marine Drive. No known suspects at this time.

November 14: Child Protective Services requested an officer to make a welfare check on two students who were not in school. The children were not home and had been picked up by the mother to visit their out of town father. Authorities were advised.

November 14: An officer was dispatched to a report of two juveniles trying to pull down a stop sign at Peace Portal Drive and Blaine Road. The subjects were gone when the officer arrived and there was no damage to Blaine city property.

November 13: A resident in the 700 block of E Street complained about a group of young people who followed her home and parked their vehicle briefly in an alley. The teens left before officer arrived. Extra patrol was provided to the area.

November 13: Officers were dispatched to a residence in the 500 block of C Street in reference to a custody dispute involving two kids. Officers were not able to prove that one party had legal guardianship and advised the complainant to call if the other party showed up. It was also reported that the party coming for the kids may be armed with a weapon for protection.

November 12: An officer stopped a motorist for a traffic violation in the 600 block of Peace Portal drive and discovered the driver had a suspended drivers license for driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor and was currently in the same condition. The driver was given field sobriety tests, arrested and cited to Blaine municipal court.

November 12: Blaine police responded to the 9500 block of Semiahmoo Parkway regarding an activated fire alarm. The officer was advised that a centerpiece caught fire from a candle also on the table, however was quickly extinguished by the waiter with no damage to anything but the centerpiece. Officer stood by until the fire department arrived, then cleared.

November 12: The police were called by an anonymous person who reported that several children were playing football in the parking lot at their complex in the 600 block of A Street and were striking parked vehicles with their football. The children were located and advised to move to an area that did not include parked vehicles. They complied and the officer left. Officers checked the vehicles and found no damage.

November 12: Officers received a report of a person demanding money from customers in the parking lot of a local business in the 1700 block of H Street. The person was also reported to have frightened the clerks at another nearby business. Officers located the man, a transient, and were able to determine he was aggressively panhandling. Statements were obtained from the clerks and the man was trespassed from the area.

November 11: A person called police when they saw an elderly man walking in the middle of the street in the 1200 block of Mitchell Avenue. They were concerned because it was dark and a busy street. Officers located the person who was then on the sidewalk. The person said they were transient and on their way to Lynden. They agreed to stay out of the street.

November 11: While on patrol in the 500 block of C Street an officer observed an unlawful towing situation. Upon stopping the vehicle, officer found the driver to be without a valid drivers license. Further check found both vehicles expired. Drivers could not produce proof of insurance or registration. Drivers were cited and released.

November 11: Officer received a call from a mother in Montana who asked police to check on the welfare of her son who tried calling her earlier in the day. The mother was worried something was wrong. Officers contacted the son and told him to call his mother.

November 11: A person in the 1100 block of Harrison Avenue called to report that there were several noisy teens playing in the street near her residence. Officers checked the area but no one was located. Officers left without incident.

November 10: A resident in the 300 block of Alder Street reported his 1991 Mercury Sable was stolen from a parking lot behind his apartment. An officer completed a stolen vehicle investigation. The vehicle was recovered hours later by police. One male was arrested and booked into WCSO jail.

November 10: A Border patrol officer spotted a suspicious vehicle with expired plates by the border. A Blaine officer stopped the vehicle and discovered the driver had a suspended drivers license. The driver was cited to Blaine municipal court for the driving violation.

November 10: Officers responded to a 911 hang up call in the 8600 block of Wood Duck Way. Officers arrived and found a small child had been playing with the phone.

November 10: WCSO requested mutual aid for a report of a vehicle versus pedestrian collision. Officers arrived and discovered it was an ongoing neighbor dispute. One person was transported by medics. It did not appear that the person was struck by a vehicle.